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I suppose this post is a sequel to my 11/11/11 11:11 post from last year which in turn was a sequel of sorts to my 10/10/10 post of year before.

I don’t believe that nice numbers in dates have any special meaning, superstitious or otherwise, but it is always nice to take a breather and appreciate these “special dates” for what they are. They are discrete moments in time that will never come by again….just like every other date or time, but these ones are shinier and more eye catching. In my humble opinion, we should take advantage of these shiny discrete moments in time and look back at stuff that lead up to said moment.

12/12/12 is a bit special not only because it won’t happen again for another 100 years, but because a similar date has been occurring once every year for the past 12 years. Every year since 2001, we knew that we could look forward to a shiny date like this, but now, we can’t anymore.

So, we should take this moment and look back at what we as individuals (or collectively as humanity) did in the past 12 or so years.


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These past 12 years are pretty much all I can remember from my life. I was only 8 in 2000 and while I certainly have some memories from before than, most are muddled (due to my bad memory) and as such, I have no choice but to consider 2000-2012 to be the most important years of my life.

During these past 12 years, I have gone from being a 4th grader in Turkey to a 3rd year (kind of) university student in Canada. I have gone from being an obedient little kid who did all his homework to a lazy bum who never does his work on time (or at all if it can be skipped).

I have met a lot of people and since discovering anime sometime in early 2006, I have met many more online.

Ahh, anime. I vaguely remember watching Bionix on YTV and seeing Naruto for the first time. Convinced by my classmates, I started to watch the subbed releases with my brother and things have only gone downhill since then. Then sometime later, probably in 2007 or 2008, I discovered the blogosphere and yeah, met you folk. (If you want a bit more history, you are welcome to read this anniversary post.)

Unfortunately, I lack the time to make a more thorough look back (I really want to make a post about how technology and stuff has changed over the past 12 years, but I really don’t have the time, so I will save that for some other time), but I hope I have at least inspired you folk to maybe think about what you did over the past 12 years.

edit: I forgot to press the schedule button, so this only appears to have been published at the right time. Actual time published is 1:40 PM EST.


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