12 Days of Anime #1: Nichibros

Hello everyone. Sorry, but let’s start this post with some bad news (a Reddit thread). More bad news (another  Reddit thread). My condolences to the families of the victims and the victims themselves.

If you did not read my previous posts and have no intention of doing this, just know that the 12 Days of Anime is a blogosphere tradition (originally started by Canon-Chan, but now lead by Scamp) that involves writing 12 posts on memorable anime moments in the past year. The posts don’t have to involve anime this year and other than somehow showcasing your love of aforementioned moments, there are no other rules.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my complete anime collection at the moment, so screenshots will be hard to come by and I might forget a few special moments. I also have exams until the 17th, so yeah, expect posts of dubious (or more dubious than usual) quality.

Nichibros Nooo

Just like last year, I am going to try and make 12 of those 12 Days of Anime post thingies.

Just like last year, I plan on splitting them into “MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT(s)” and “Other memorable moment(s)“.

Just like last year, I plan on occasionally breaking my own rules.

Starting with this post.

Yup, I am such a bad boy.

Before it aired people were skeptical about the Daily Lives of High School Boys (better known as Nichibros). The promotional pictures were not really high quality and to some, Nichibros just looked like a “cute boys doing cute things in school” anime. That is to say it was the male version of the ever popular “cute girls do cute girls things at school” anime.

Then pre-release footage featuring some skits was periodically released on the web (officially, not a leak or anything). Then everyone’s opinion changed.

You see, the pre-releases (which would later be aired as part of the first few episodes) were hilarious.

Unfortunately, the anime had a slightly slow start. Most of the first episode had already been viewed in the pre-releases (I think this was also true for some of episode 2), episode 2 was not terribly funny and episode 3 was even less funny. Then episode 4 came along. That was a great episode. Then episode 5 came along. That episode was absolutely incredible.

People applauded and praised Nichibros for its satire and comedy.

Nichibros took the standard cute high school girls only do nice things trop and flipped it upside down by making high school girls vicious, mean and incredibly un-lady like. It took the standard “high school boys are perfect bishies” trope and flipped it by turning the high school boys into ordinary, slightly confused boys. That is to say, the high school boys in this anime were just that, high school boys. I have honestly never seen a better depiction (in terms of believability) of high school boys.

Nichibros Pony

But, I would argue that there was more to Nichijou than just the satire. Even, the moniker “Nichibros” (a very well thought out name coined by Vuc) should tell you that much.

So, yeah in this post, I won’t list a MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT simply because:

  1. I don’t have all the episodes on me and I watched this way back so my memory can’t help much.
  2. There were too many great moments to narrow it down just to one or two.

Memorable Moments

His president is in a fight and this guy asks for a BGM. God, I love this anime.

His president is in a fight and this guy asks for a BGM. God, I love this anime.

Being Considerate

More so than the satire and hilarious comedy, what I found most memorable about Nichibros was just how considerate the boys in the show were. I know that a part of the consideration shown was just for the sake of comedy/satire, but that doesn’t matter. The boys truly looked out for their fellow bro and they looked out for non-bros as well.

Nichibros Bully Nichibros Bully2

Seriously, the cast (especially the student council trio) was incredibly nice and it left a lasting impression.

The bromance

In Fujoshi circles, “bromance” often refers to a sexual relation between men (implied or interpreted), but I don’t like that definition. I prefer the original definition of bromance. That is to say a relationship where a guy looks out for his fellow guy. When I say the guys looked out for their fellow brothers, this is what I mean.

That video above should tug your heart string, at least a bit.

There are way too many examples of excellent bromance in Nichibros. Take the whole “pretend to be gangsters harassing Ringo” scene that the student council trio thought up in order to avoid embarrassing that poor boy who tried to save Ringo from them.

There was a skit where Yoshitake pretended to be an underwear thief in order to protect Tadakuni and Hidenori from Tadakuni’s imouto (granted he eventually told on them because they betrayed him but still!).

There was a skit where Motaharo gets his wallet stolen and Yoshitake and another dude help learn how to ride a bike. Sure, that scene was funny because the process of learning how to ride a bike meant that they let the thief get away, but it was the friendship demonstrated by Yoshitake in taking the time to teach him and the happiness shared by the trio when they were done that was truly touching. It was a great skit.

The whole back story between Hidenori and Yoshitake (in super hero form) was also quite the bromance.

Nichibro SuperHero

There were plenty of other great examples of bromance that I can’t quite recall and it was all lovely.

As an addition or maybe even a part of the bromance were the excellent role plays the guys did together. This anime didn’t feature a cast of boys who were constantly talking about girls or doing nothing interesting whatsoever, no these guys played games with each other and these games were infused with so much childish enthusiasm, I couldn’t help but get caught along.

Take the “Kick the can” game.

Okay, well perhaps the destruction of a friends mecha model was not the friendliest of things, but still! That energy while they are playing such a simple game is incredible and infectious. It is youthful, cheerful and just what I’d want to see in young boys who are starting to grow up but don’t want to totally grow up yet.

Nichibros was one big soup of friendship and brotherly love and good god did I love it for it. You know all those series that preach about friendship and how important it is? Yeah, despite all the emphasis, I don’t think any other anime comes this close to demonstrating what it means to actually be good friends.


Nichibros Ringo

Ringo was incredible. She was arguably one of the nicest girls on the show. Well, she still beat up people quite a bit (especially the boy student council prez), but as far as the girls in Nichibros went, Ringo was quite normal. What I liked most about Ringo was the amount of laughs her silliness (that normally came from being an air head) got from me.

Watch episode 4 (Ringo’s introduction) and you will see what I mean. Her needless desire to outdo the boys eventually culminated in that final battle between Ringo and the President. Oh lord, that battle. It was truly incredible.

I also really liked her relationship with the male student council trio. Even though, she was the airhead doing the stupid things and those three were normally the ones that had to help her out, she really did trust them and their interactions throughout the show were lovely.

High School Girls are Funky

Nichibros Funky Girls

I will admit that I didn’t like all of the High School Girls are Funky segments. They were again, great satire, but without the lovely attitude demonstrated by the bros in the regular segments, something felt missing. Fortunately, that missing feeling wasn’t all that evident because some of the segments were really funny.

Take the infamous high school girl power segment.”High School girls need to be stupid in order to be cute”, pffft. Hilarious!

The absolute best thing from the funky girl segments though was the back story involving Habara.

Good god, that backstory is incredible. I love how the repercussions of her actions and her attitude occasionally leaked into the present.

Literature Girl

I love that smile so much. It is evil, cheeky, cute and quite lovely.

I love that smile so much. It is evil, cheeky, cute and quite lovely.

Ah, literature girl, otherwise known as Yassan.

If there is one thing people will definitely remember from Nichibros, it is Literature Girl and her antics.

Her wild imagination, flair for the drammatic, grand notions of romance and clumsiness were demonstrated in the first episode (in a pre-air I think) and only built upon afterwords. How could anyone forget that first scene between Literature Girl and Hidenori. That one scene set up the rest of the show and almost single-handedly built all the initial interest in the show.

Feel like going on a minor nostalgia drive? Well, you are in luck, someone one Youtube was nice enough to compile all of the Literature Girl Scenes.

“The wind is troubled today”….I will do my best to forever remember these segments and their incredible dialogue.

Like some of my comrades, I to shipped Hidenori and Literature Girl. I can only hope that sometime in the future, she can properly express her feelings and the two get together. (I loved how she got jealous that one time someone else had a riverbank encounter with Hidenori. I also love how she worked really hard just to tell him that the guy accompanying her was a friend and nothing more. It was very cute.)

The Comedy In General

In episode 5, the main trio dubbed the interaction between some middle schoolers. Hilarious.

In episode 5, the main trio dubbed the interaction between some middle schoolers. Hilarious.

Like I said earlier, there were far too many scenes for me to talk about. This show was downright hilarious. In making this post, I spent a lot of time just looking up videos on YouTube and got hooked. I had forgotten just how funny this anime was.

It truly was the funniest anime in 2012 and one of my all time favorite comedies. Heck, maybe it was probably one of my all time favorite anime, period. I will really miss this show. Maybe I should read the manga, but I don’t know if it will be awesome without the incredible voice acting (watch the DragonQuest segment if you want to know what I mean).

Thanks for all the memories Nichibros. You were a true bro.

I want more Nichibros.

I want more Nichibros.


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  1. #1 by Cely_belly on December 15, 2012 - 4:36 am

    This anime takes me back….
    I forgot just how funny this anime was as well. Really funny moments although I wish Tadakuni had more skits, but Hidenori was my all time fave^^

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 15, 2012 - 12:30 pm

      I am personally happy Tadakuni didn’t have more skits. I didn’t find him to be as interesting as the others, but yes, Hidenori was great with his shenanigans.

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