12 Days of Christmas #2: Space Pirates

Space Pirates Captain Marika

I just finished jotting down my list of expected 12 Day Posts. I made a last minute decision to publish a post on Space Pirates instead of my original plan (that post is now postponed till tomorrow). For this post, it was either Space Pirates, Amagami SS+, Sakamichi or Tari Tari. They were all anime that I never got around to finishing, but out of the bunch, I can remember most from Space Pirates, so clearly this was the right pick (Note: Apollon had some great moments to. That first episode was wonderful.)

I am ashamed to admit that I stopped watching Bodacious Space Pirates shortly after it aired. Okay well, by shortly I mean 12 episodes, which is a sizable amount of time. I heard that while the anime had its moments past that time, it kinda wasn’t all that good.

Regardless, I really liked the first couple of episodes of Bodacious Space Pirates and a few moments were memorable enough to stick with me. Out of all the 12 Day posts I am likely going to make, this is likely the “least” memorable.

Most memorable moment

Tactical Space Warfare

Space Pirates Glowy

Space Pirates got of to a pretty good start. People liked the heroine (at first anyway, apparently later on she became too much of a Mary Sue), they liked the concept of Space Pirates and the execution of it all, but it wasn’t until episode 4 and 5 or so that the full potential of this show was revealed (I say potential because I am not sure if it necessarily played out that way or not).

The “battle” against the enemy ship was one of the finest sci-fi battles I have ever seen. It wasn’t the fancy effects or some super Yang Wen level strategy per say that made it super special, it was the sense of realism that made it special.

Space Pirates

This was an actual space battle with actual space limitations. When most space battles are shown, the ships have one type of sensor that either works or doesn’t, all ships have magical lasers and space movement is hardly different from regular non space movement. That wasn’t the case in Space Pirates and this battle did an excellent job of demonstrating it.

The use of various different radars, the manipulation of said radars to gain a foothold was all well thought out and demonstrated in a commendable fashion. I don’t know if the tech speak  was total hagwash or not, but the technology was limited, could be circumvented and required the use of multiple different technologies to accurately assess the situation. This alone was leagues better than most sci-fi shows.

The realistic tech was only part of what episode 5 so great though.

The actual tactics employed, the swift decisions and the total defeat of the enemy was exhilarating and a joy to watch.

Other memorable moments

The whole space pirate adventure thing

The Bentenmaru is all set for adventure!

The Bentenmaru is all set for adventure!

It’s no secret that I love pirates. I love everything fictional pirates stand for. They are free, independent entities. They can do whatever they want, go wherever they wish and in general have a blast. The Bentenmaru and its high school captain did a good job of capturing that lovely pirate spirit. Sure, the pirates in this show are “legal” pirates and they have to put on shows to earn a living but they still seem to have adventures and it looks like so much fun! I want to be a space pirate to. 😦 (p.s. If you haven’t tried it, you should get Space, Pirates and Zombies. It is exactly what it sounds like and I really need to play more of it someday.)

This guy was a boss.

This guy was awesome, or well at least looked awesome.

Mouretsu Pirates - 11
Mouretsu Pirates - 11

Cheating in a fake fight

Moretsu Pirates - 6

Chiyaki’s antics

Mouretsu Pirates Chiaki Mouretsu Pirates - 07 Mouretsu Pirates - 09

The opening/ending songs

I might be grasping for straws here, but upon a second watch of some of the episodes, I have come to recall just how much I liked the op/ed, especially the ending. The ending is a great song.

Oh and I also really like the narrator’s voice.

I should really finish this anime someday. I am not kind of curious to see how it ended. I wonder if the original Light Novels are considered to be better or not.


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  1. #1 by Kai on December 21, 2012 - 3:30 am

    I like that Darth Vader lookalike dood too xD

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 21, 2012 - 7:47 am

      I actually hadn’t made that connection, lol.

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