12 Days of Anime #4: Tsuritama

Note: In keeping up with Toxic Muffin tradition, this post is late by almost 20 minutes and therefore published on the wrong day. We apologize for any inconvenience but we take our tradition of tardiness very seriously over here.

Tsuritama was an excellent anime. I predicted its excellence all the way back in my Spring preview and I was not disappointed. It had a quirky cast, some great character development, very creative art direction and great animation. It is such a shame that despite being incredibly well liked at the time of its airing, everyone seems to have forgotten about it now.

If you haven’t seen it, you probably should, if only for that great opening/ending.

Knowing all of that, it is such a shame that only do I lack the time for a long post (I need to pack and I am late publishing as is), but I lack the videos to take screencaps. Heck, I don’t even remember what happened anymore. Well, let us do our best to recall some excellent moments, shall we?


Most Memorable Moment

Yamada and Tapoica

yamada tsuritama

Source via Tumblr

This is not a moment per say, but admit it, these two were awesome.

Just the name and the way it is said:


was so incredible.

I am never going to be able to see the name Yamada and pronounce it any differently now.

On top of that, Yamada as a character was awesome as well. I can’t really think of any other Indian dudes in anime and I doubt any of them are as awesome as Yamada.

Yamada started of as a slightly wary, untrusting guy, but he grew and came to treat the others as friends. His character development was almost as pronounced as the other characters and in my opinion, it was far less annoying (Yuki’s constant mental breakdowns, Natsuki’s father issues and Haru’s naivete got tiring after a while).

Right towards the end of the show, Yamada figures out that his methodologies don’t coincide with DUCK’s. Both parties want to save the world, but Yamada actually knows how to do it properly and he wants to do it with his friends.

He abandons DUCK and does what he thinks is right. His decision to do so isn’t a light or easy one, but it is one he made without hesitation. That was great.

He also liked curry. Who doesn’t like curry?

Tapioca was also an incredible character. Yes, he was too cool to be a pet, he was a full fledged character! He was like the only character in the show who had no characater development but it was because he was already wise and had no need to grow up. We can all learn a thing or two from Master Tapioca.

Other Memorable Moments

There were a lot of great moments, but like I said earlier my memory is failing me right now, so I hope you folk are satisfied with just these few.

Yuki pulls his first fish

The crew were on a boat and our young protagonist managed to nag his first fish.

This was the start of Yuki’s improvement. He only grew in confidence from then on and realized what was important and what wasn’t.

He came out of his shy shell and slowly starting talking to people.

And it all started with that first fish.


tsuritama duck

Screencap shameless stolen from Dragle

The DUCK organisation was hilarious. From their weird “DUCK” greetings, to their costumes to their hair dryers, they were a very unique and memorable organisation.

Yuki’s wall of water

I am sure there is a better gif of this scene, but meh.

I am sure there is a better gif of this scene, but meh.

Not only was this scene an incredibly creative piece of animation, it was very symbolic. It represented Yuki coming out of his shell, or rather being pulled out by force. It was great.

Haru’s Alien-ness

Haru did some incredibly strange things during his short tenure on the planet. At the beginning, he sees nothing wrong with brainwashing humans using water and even a bit later on, he said some strange things.

I was reminded of it while reading Draggle’s posts, but there was a scene that I recall made me go “What the hell, did you just Haru”.

Kate had just fallen sick and got admitted to hospital and you know what Haru tells Yuki?

“It’s okay, everyone dies someday.”

Kate’s wisdom

[Commie-Fishing] Tsuritama - 01

Kate was a badass grandma. She wasn’t a badass in the typical “I can kick your ass” way, but rather, she was incredibly wise, calm and well natured. People often say that nice characters but I don’t think anyone found Kate to be boring.

Her little words of wisdom to Haru scattered throughout the series were crucial in Haru’s development and more importantly, his understanding of the human world.

I should really go and look up some quotes from her, she said some pretty obvious, but nonetheless inspiring things.

Oh and I wrote a bit more about Kate in a mothers day post of all things.

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  1. #1 by Kai on December 21, 2012 - 3:15 am

    The character developments in Tsuritama are great. Also to add, I also like the scene where Natsuki slapped his sister. Don’t misunderstand though, it’s not like I love seeing Little sisters getting slapped. I think that scene is quite the strong one, both characters lost themselves in a moment of rage but after recollecting themselves, both parties were able to understand each other some more and reconciled. I even wrote a whole post about those scene lol.

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 21, 2012 - 7:45 am

      I didn’t really like that scene because I don’t normally like that much drama and it felt a bit against the whole Tsuirtama “goofy” policy.

      Having said that, I can see why you’d think it was an important scene. It finally lead to Natsuki getting his act together and sorting out his life, which I suppose was kind of important.

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