12 Days of Anime #5: Random Good Luck

This post, unlike all the other 12 Day posts I have done, but like all the 12 Day posts everyone else has done focuses on only one moment, or rather a memorable episode.

If the title hadn’t given it away, this post is on Sengoku Collection episode 18: Four Leaves.

I watched the first or so episode of Sengoku Collection, but even though I didn’t mind it, I stopped watching the show. Then a while later, people on my Twitter feed were raving about episode 18 and how good it was. Given that Sengoku Collection is episodic, I figured what the heck and gave it a chance.

I was not disappointed.

Sengoku Collection Yoshitsugu

The episode started of with a dreary depiction. The excellent art style depicted a normally drawn girl living in a watercolor world. Her surroundings were alien to her and she to was foreign to them. She had a horrible job under a cranky boss with coworkers who didn’t care about her. She had nothing other than her cat and her room. Even the good bread was often sold before she got to it.

Sengoku Collection dreary

Then thanks to a random good luck, she got a letter. Then another and another. Each letter brought her out of her misery; each one granting that tiny little sliver of happiness that makes living bearable.

Sengoku Collection seed

Then came a chance, a chance to finally expand her borders and meet her friend. That chance was not random, it was brought up by hard work and painstaking labor.

That chance was destroyed by random bad luck.

Sengoku Collection Money

The chance destroyed, our protagonist found herself in a hole of misery. She could see no way out and the sudden stop in letters made her recently acquired fragile hope wither and begin to disappear.

Then another letter.

And another chance with the accompanying joy.

Sengoku Collection

Then tragedy.

And guilt.

Sengoku Collection hard work

Followed by one last glimmer of happiness at the thought that in the end, she wasn’t as alone as she thought and her actions had made someone happy.

Sengoku Collection tears



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