12 Days of Anime #6: Acchi Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi is a treasure trove of cute.

There really is no other way to describe it.

I don’t think there is any standard categorization for “cute/kawai”, but if there was, Acchi Kocchi would encompass a large set.

This show features cute girls doing cute things, but that isn’t all it features.

It also features cute boys doing cute things, but that isn’t all.

It also features cute boys and cute girls doing cute things together.

And that is where it excels the most.

In particular, there were some great moments between Io and Tsumiki. I don’t mean the running gags like the bleeding nose or the head pats (thought those were very cute), but there were scenes of genuine admiration and love.

Acchi Kocchi

It also had a very creative art styles. The arrows in between scenes and just the whole look of the anime was great.

Oh and at times, it was really, really funny.

Most Memorable Moments

Acchi Kocchi cat uppercut

It is hard to pick a most memorable moment for this anime. All most all of the genuinely funny scenes were equally funny and almost all of the cute scenes were equally cute. Fortunately, I managed to narrow it down to 2 scenes. Then I found more scenes and realized that I actually hadn’t been able to successfully narrow them down. So, let us just say that all of the good moments were almost equally good (this is a very consistent show).

Sakaki plays volleyball

The volleyball match in episode 5 was pretty good. There were some neat puns, some power play and all around typical Acchi Kocchi comedy. The moment that sold that skit for me and convinced me of this shows humour was Sakaki’s little volleyball accident.

Acchi Kocchi Volleyball

After watching this episode, I made sure to tell people to at least watch this show until episode 5 just to see this scene. It is so spontaneous and hilarious, you can’t help but chuckle. Video Link

I know it is not the funniest scene of all time, nor is the funniest scene in Acchi Kocchi, but I really liked it when I first saw it.

Sakaki’s death flag

In episode 9, Sakaki gets stabbed in the head by a flag made by Mayoi.

Acchi Kocchi - 09

Seeing him writhe in pain on the floor is really funny, but the real kicker comes a bit later in the episode.

Acchi Kocchi - 09 Death flag

Snowball fight

You have to admit, Mayoi’s automatic snow launcher is really cool.

Io is a cat person

Acchi Kocchi Tsumiki

Mayoi is a bear

This half episode is really funny.

Acchi Kocchi Bear


If you haven’t see it yet, you should go watch the Acchi Kocchi OVA (episode 13). After having not seen any Acchi Kocchi for months, the OVA was a refreshing addition to the anime. The episode was not much better than any of the ones that had aired, but rather it was just as good and that was enough. There were some great scenes.

Acchi Kocchi frozen banana nail

Acchi Kocchi Moses Acchi Kocchi Moses Acchi Kocchi Mayoi slip Acchi Kocchi Mayoi slip Acchi Kocchi Millenium

Okay, I could go on and on and find more scenes to talk about, but that would get tedius. So, let us quickly wrap up by talking about some of the memorable cast.


Acchi Kocchi Sakaki
Sakaki was almost always the poor sap suffering punishment (like in some of the above scenes) and his punishment was always hilarious. But, he wasn’t just a dumb character used like a pinata, the guy was really smart and was arguably the only one who could properly hold his own against Mayoi.


Acchi Kocchi Io

2012 was a great year for bishies but even amongst the legions of excellent bishies, Io stood out for his authentic, generous and sweet nature. He was always calm and collected and he had a heart of gold. There were a few moments where he said something really cool, but all in all, it was his respect for others and the simple interactions he had with everyone that won me over.

Awww, love.

Awww, love.12

His relationship with Tsumiki, while being mostly gags, did actually some depth and authenticity to it. There were some scenes that were “DAAAWWWW” worthy not out of cuteness, but just love…or something.

This valentines scene was very moving.

This valentines scene was very moving.


Christmas is right around the corner....

Christmas is right around the corner….


I think I should just scrap everything above and make this into a post on just Mayoi. Actually, back when Acchi Kocchi was airing/freshly finished, I had plans on publishing a post on Mayoi and her inventor ways. It is a shame I never got around to it.

I didn’t like Mayoi that much at first. She was loud, brash and compulsive and I tend to dislike those characters, but then she won me over.

Mayoi was hilarious with her over the top antics. She knew just what buttons she had to push and she didn’t hesitate in pushing them. Then when you paired up Mayoi and Sakaki, you got one of the best comedy duos in anime.

Now, while I appreciate Mayoi for all the great comedy she brought, there is a far more important reason why I like her.

The “Inventor” trope is a pretty common trope in anime and fiction in general. You have a character who by some science magic can invent cool things. These cool things are then either used for practical or comedic purposes.

As of late, cute girl inventors (like Rika from Haganai) have become quite common and the lab coat has become the inventor’s trademark outfit.

Mayoi is a cute girl who is an inventor who wears a lab coat. But, she is a bit more than that. Her inventions seem to have a far more authentic feel to them.

Normally the stuff inventors create exists just to move the plot along. There is very little actual thought put into it. Mayoi’s inventions are a bit like that but they seem to have far more thought behind them.

My favorite invention from her is the crepe stand from episode 9.

Acchi Kocchi Mayoi the inventor Acchi Kocchi Mayoi the inventor Acchi Kocchi Mayoi the inventor

She is writing software on that laptop that needs to be built…that’s how “realistic” her inventions are.

Acchi Kocchi Mayoi the compiler

I know that there are anime where there is far more tech information revealed, but this information is normally revealed through techno bable that is just there to sound complicated. Mayoi’s inventions don’t sound complicated and yet they sound feasible. Given the fact that at first sight, this is only a “cute people doing cute things” show, that is really impressive.

Mayoi also has a very earnest love for inventions. She wears that lab coat for a good reason. I love her so much.


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