Weekly Shonen: Bleach 521, Naruto 614, One Piece 693

Hey, even I can be early now and then.

One Piece Awesome cover


This chapter was a riot.

The initial banter between Renji and Ichigo was funny, but the follow up abuse of Kon was even funnier. Then the two had their competition over food and Renji dropped a pearl of wisdom or two.




The ladies explanation of Gikon was a bit confusing but interesting nonetheless. I also found it cool how only people who create something really important can get promoted to Squad Zero.

All in all even though this chapter did not have too much stuff happen, the comedy and the presentation of it all made it a good chapter. This is further proof that even in Bleach, simple interaction between the cast is often times enough to have a good chapter.

I feel like I am forgetting something…OH RIGHT!



What is up with Bleach and these intense final pages? The guy who created the Zanpaktou is the featured character next time. This will be crazy and awesome.

A few people on forums have made a very interesting observation. Most of these squad zero guys seem to have had their devices modified/re-recreated by Urahara Kisuke. Kisuke remade the hot springs, he invented special artificial souls and he had the whole 3 day bankai method thing. Going by the trend, it is not hard to conclude that Urahara Kisuke has most likely modified the stuff made by all of them.

He also made the Hōgyoku.

Let that sink into your head for a second.

Urahara Kisuke is on par if not a step above with these Squad Zero folk.

Urahara Kisuke is a boss.


YES, more fuel for Naruto x Hinata. Neji is inside Naruto.

YES, more fuel for Naruto x Hinata. Neji is inside Naruto.

I will admit I liked the banter between Obito and Madara. It showed that:

  1. The 10 Tails is still not completely transformed.
  2. Madara needs to become a Jinchurikyou in order to control the beast. That is to say even the 1st’s powers are not enough to control the 10 Tails.
  3. Obito doesn’t trust Madara. He claims to not look up to him or anything and yet I can’t help but feel that Obito does in his own care for Madara. Madara was the old man that saved him and gave him power. Even if Obito doesn’t trust him, I can’t help but think he at least holds him in some regard. The two have an interesting relationship.

Now, onto the rest of the chapters happenings.

The ninja techniques shown were pretty cool, but they didn’t turn out to be all that important.

As for the big “twist”…


Neji’s death was not totally unexpected given this war setting. His death was also commendable. He died protecting a comrade and a friend. Actually, I don’t know if Naruto considered Neji to be a friend. I am sure if asked, he’d say yes, but that whole “WHY WOULD YOU GO THIS FAR FOR ME?” line was stupid as hell.

Naruto is a mature ninja who has seen plenty of fights and done many selfless things. A ninja like that who in theory thinks of Neji as his friend and comrade should not be questioning his sacrifice. Sure, Naruto could be shocked. Sure, Naruto could be all “Why” out of shock, but he should not throw the “THIS FAR FOR ME” part. That totally and utterly demeans any relationship that they were supposed to have.

In line with all that, I like how Neji’s headband just magically disappeared so we, the audience, could see his mark going away. I will admit however that it actually was nice to see Neji without that curse on his head. He looked peaceful.

Now, as for why I said “Sigh.

Even if this is a war (against 2 people and their pet), even if bad, unexpected things are meant to happen, Neji’s death was totally unnecessary.

Kishi killed Neji because he wanted us to cry.

That’s it.

I am not happy about that.

One my all time favorite characters was killed for no reason other than a potential sniffle or two.

I am not sad, just angry.

Okay well, I am a little sad, but only because Neji was awesome. This was really not necessary.

Okay well, I am a little sad, but only because Neji was awesome. This was really not necessary.

He was too handsome to die. Shakes fist at Kishi.

He was too handsome to die. Shakes fist at Kishi.

One Piece

One Piece Espada One Piece swirling One Piece Cannon

See, I told you Baby 5’s ability had potential.

She turned into a sword (called an ESPADA (HELLO BLEACH)) which was spun around by the other dude. Then she turned into a missile and was launched by a “cannon”.

It was all very cool and I want to see it animated.

Franky was also really cool. It seems like he is pretty strong now.

It was good to see everyone together again. I hope they get away safely and I hope they get Caesar to!

This chapter made me hate Don Flamingo.

I have come to see why Don Flamingo is such a big villain in the One Piece World. The entire spirit of the pirates in this show is that you are meant to protect your nakama and not to give them up when faced with insurmountable odds.

And yet, Don Flamingo is willing to sacrifice his comrades for revenge. That’s it.

This isn’t like Straw Hats and Robin in Enes Lobby where ditching Robin meant getting away from the government. No, in this case, Joker gets nothing out of ditching his nakama. He only gets revenge. He is the polar opposite of Luffy in this regard.

And yet, despite him being such a bad person, Monet is willing to sacrifice herself. No, not only is she willing, she took the initiative to do so and she even apologizes for destroying one of the SAD tankers in the process.

One Piece Monet

I salute her loyalty.

(p.s. Judging from “Young Master”, it would appear that Don Flamingo is some rich heir or something and Monet has been his servant since he was really young. The bond really shows here. I really like it. If she does die, I hope Joker sheds at least a tear or two.)


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