12 Days of Anime #8: Blogosphere adventures

I am going to apologize ahead of time because this post has almost nothing to do with anime. 😦 No, this post is about a few memorable moments that I had during my adventures in the blogosphere this year.

I also apologize for the very late posting. This should have been out at most 1.5 hours ago. I blame my Internet connection.

I actually wanted to publish tomorrow’s post today, but that will take more work and I spent all of today playing Civ 5. 😦

Anyway, enough moping around, let’s go on a meta recall!

When it comes to the blogosphere, I’d wager that 2012 was my most involved year. I made a twitter account in February last year, but I didn’t really get active until like September 2011. I did a lot of tweeting this year and I also left a lot of comments (by my standards) on other peoples blogs.

So, a good amount of stuff happened this year, but I am only going to talk about 3 things in this post.

Joe’s Podcast

I don’t know if maybe I am just imaging things, but 2012 felt like the year of the podcast. Everyone and their grandmother tried their hands at making podcasts or streams. Some people succeeded with moderate success while others just made one or two and stopped.

I still don’t know why exactly podcasts and streams got so popular this year. Maybe everyone was inspired by e-sports but due to a lack of gaming skill, they had to resort to anime streams instead? Or maybe there is just something nice about being able to speak your thoughts instead of smashing a keyboard with your cold fingers? (My fingers are very cold right now for some reason.)

Anyway, the blogosphere’s strange ways aside, there were a lot of podcasts this year and I got to feature in one!

Joe started a podcast where him and some guests talked about anime and stuff. I asked if I could be a guest and lo and behold:

(Link to post)

I was a guest on the 10th episode.

It was quite fun and memorable!

More so than the podcast itself though, it was memorable because it was my first time. I had never talked to anyone on the internet before (well, non real life aquintances), let alone been part of a podcast! So, yeah, just by that alone it was quite a moment.

The podcast itself went pretty well. Well, we had audio issues because all of us had lackluster equipment and probably not the best internet connections either. Nonetheless, it was quite fun. By this time, Joe had already gotten into the swing of things as a host. Landon is Landon and therefore he is awesome. Boss Lady Kyoukai is the boss of Metanorn, so she was already very experienced in the whole podcast business.

(I was actually pretty scared before the podcast because my co guests were well known, famous people!)

Classy Anime

This adventure also involved my voice! But, it involved my voice in a more intimate, more private fashion. Yes, I am talking about a Skype call.

Skype group calls (like SCCSAV) have become very commonplace. Many of the bloggers I know attend at least one or two of them per week. I am not really sure exactly how many people are involved in SCCSAV, but Vuc has 165 listed in his Twitter list.

That’s a lot of people. Granted, only a very small portion of them attend any given call, but still! The fact that a such a large community could thrive because of Skype calls is very interesting and rather cool.

Anyway, sorry for divulging, but this adventure has nothing to do with SCCSAV. In fact, I am not even a member of SCCSAV (maybe someday, I will ask if I can join, but not now). No, I am talking about the Classy Calls.

The Classy Team consists of a bunch of anibloggers who wish to collectively watch and blog classy anime using intellectual blogging techniques. That is to say we watch classy anime (like Queen’s Blade and Horizon) and use intelligent blogging techniques (like arbitrary bible quotes) to make sense of it all.

One of the most memorable moments if not the most memorable moment from Queen's Blade.

One of the most memorable moments if not the most memorable moment from Queen’s Blade.

(I stole that screencap from Draggle…I should probably stop doing that.)

The core members of the team are Draggle, Redball, John Sato and Foshizzel. Everyone else is just a mercenary who comes and goes depending on whether they have the resolve that day to handle truly classy anime. I to, was a mercenary. I only sat through a few class and contributed to a very small number of posts, but it was still fun.

You see, unlike a conventional anime skype call that you hold with fellow anime fans, I consider the classy call to be a bit different because I actually know the people I am talking to quite well. At the very least, laughing at large bouncy boobs and holy poses feels like I am laughing among a group of friends and not just fellow anime connoisseurs.

Did that make sense? I hope it did.

p.s. Go check out the classy anime blog. We post posts there.

Anime North 2012


Anime North 2012 marked a very special occasion. It was the first time I met fellow internet anime fans in person. Let me very quickly describe my initial encounter with my comrades:

We were told (by the great Krizzlybear) to meet in a Japanese restaurant at like 12. Unfortunately, being the dunderhead that I am, I arrived a good 20 or so minutes late (the line for the convention registration was very long). I arrived at the restaurant and quickly located Krizzly. The table was full. I did not recognize a single person other than Krizzly.

So, there I am, awkwardly standing there because there are no seats waiting for someone to notice me. When I did get noticed, I tried to introduced myself.

Hey, I am Reiseng.




(Apparently, people tell me that I have a really quite voice. My VOICE IS NOT QUITE, your ears just suck!)

At that point, I attempted to flash my name card (that had Reiseng scribbled on it). Orange was the only who sort of recognized me (and she was able to do so without either of us having talked talked on Twitter before).

After that awkward introduction, I scoured the restaurant and stole a chair from somewhere that I had to squeeze in between some folk. Fortunately, the guy sitting to my right was Bob so after that point, conversation became somewhat easy.

Then a group of us spent the rest of Anime North seeing stuff together. It was a lot of fun and I ended up spending quite a bit of money.

Hopefully, if I get the opportunity again next year, I won’t make such a bumble at a simple introduction.


Most Memorable Moment

Aniblog Tournament

Now, I had a blast this year meeting everyone that I did and I am truly grateful for it all. But, the aniblog tournament was by far the most exciting blogosphere related thing that happened to me this year.

I vaguely remember when the first tourney was happening. I missed it because I wasn’t a blogger back then, but it got me riled up for this one. So, I was naturally looking forward to competing in this tournament. I wasn’t very popular back then (I am only slightly more so now), so I also wanted that short moment in the spotlight. Unfortunately, like many good things in life, the tournament fell right at the end of my exams.

Well, that was unfortunate. On top of that, the school term had been very busy so I had not written very many posts at all. That is why, I tried very hard to squeeze out 1 or 2 extra posts before the tourney started. I really didn’t want people from the tourney to come and only see ugly Weekly Shonen posts on the front page. I really did not want that.

Having written very few actual posts, the night before the tournament started, I wrote this most important post. Then I went to sleep. Or did I finish that post on the same day as the tourney. I don’t remember. Anyway, the important point is that for some reason or another, I made that post, made a comment on the tourney page and left it unsupervised while I did some exam stuff.

Then a few hours after the tourney had started, I checked the polls in a computer lab at my school. I was shocked.

People were voting for me.

And it is not like I only got one or two votes, me and 8thsin were neck to neck. After almost a year and a half of blogging, it finally felt like my menial efforts were being validated or something. Then I checked the comments on that tourney post.

I was blown away. There were so many comments. I could not believe it and a lot of them promised to subscribe. That made me very happy.

The rest of my match is history and frankly, it doesn’t even matter all that much.

After my match was over, the most exciting part of the tourney for me was over, but the tourney still had quite a few surprises left.

There were of course some very genuine fights. Draggle’s posts on his opposition were hilarious. The fight between Metanorn, Baka-Raptor, “Ambivalence & Ambiguity” and Avvesione was intense and full of fun, playful mocking posts. But, there was also a lot of drama.

The drama, oh the sweet, delicious drama.

There was drama over the harsh critiques Dark Sage threw at people. There was drama over poll fixing (eventually lead to a hiatus in the tournament until a new solution could be devised). There was drama over double voting. There was drama over the possible conflict of interest between the creator of the new poll sight and Metanorn (as the same guy designed both sites). Oh, there was so much drama. I feel sorry for the people that got swirled around in the middle, especially the staff.

Poor Master Scamp. He only wanted to have a fun tournament that encouraged a playful competition between anime blogs, but noooo! It’s no surprise he stepped down at the end.

We will see what happens in 2014. Will there be another tourney? Will Lord Reiseng still be around for said tourney? Who knows!


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  1. #1 by Gregory Edwards (@Gooney121) on December 22, 2012 - 5:04 pm

    You should stick around until the next tournament, I want to vote for your blog again, yo!

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 22, 2012 - 8:37 pm

      Thanks Gooney!
      (for the vote in the past, and the potential vote in the future!)

      I think I will still be around, though I doubt the tourney will be. 😛

    • #3 by draggle on December 28, 2012 - 11:30 pm

      Stick around… just as long as you don’t try to heal my blog, ahahaha

      • #4 by Reiseng on December 29, 2012 - 2:26 am

        You don’t want my buttocks to point towards your blog? Fine, I will just go heal someone else. 🙂

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