12 Days of Anime #9: Binbougami-Ga

Binbougami-Ga was one of the funniest anime that aired this year. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say it was the funniest after Nichibros.

On top of the great humor, there were also some very heart warming moments.


Most Memorable Moments

Ichiko, Momiji and Ranmaru

Binbougami-Ga friends

It might be a bit strange of me to talk about friendship in a show that was best known for its parodies and funny skits, but let us do that anyway.

I loved how Ichiko and Momiji started of as enemies, but as the show progressed they became friends even though their goals were still very different. It is not like Momiji ever gave up on trying to get Ichiko’s fortune, nor did Ichiko hand over her fortune, but the two gained respect for one another.

Ichiko had many problems. The problems themselves were silly in terms of writing (lack of trust because of bullying as a kid, how cliche can you get?), but they were there and they needed to be fixed.

As Ichiko contemplated her various problems, Momiji would always interfere in some comedic manner and in doing so dispel advice. Of course, it took a lot of advice before someone as stubborn as Ichiko finally changed, but in the end, she did change and Momiji changed as well.

Okay, this bit of advice wasn't all that funny, but still!

Okay, this bit of advice wasn’t all that funny, but still!

Momiji came to like like some part of Ichiko and Ichiko in turn came to realize that life was far more interesting with Momiji around.

It was this quite, normally hidden, sense of compassion the characters displayed for one another that I really liked. Watching Momiji observe Ichiko from afar was like watching a wise old man kindly guide his grandson (I am sure Momiji is more than old enough to be a wise old man).

Similarly, it was great seeing Ranmaru’s love for Ichiko and Ichiko’s subsequent acceptance of said love.

The drama and sadness was a bit high, but friendship!

The drama and sadness was a bit high, but friendship!

I love a good bond and the bonds between these three girls were great.

Okay, I have no idea what i am trying to say anymore, but of course you guys came here for the funny moments (which were most awesome), so I have listed a few below!

Suddenly Death Note

This scene…this scene was incredible. After taking a bath, Momiji starts acting really nice and Ichiko obviously doesn’t beleive her kindness is genuine.
From that fear of betrayal, this most excellent parody was born.

It had me laughing when it aired and it still cracks me up now.

Ichiko’s mistrust of others is a really big theme throughout the show. I will admit that the background behind it was silly and totally unnecessary. But when said mistrust is used to construct an elaborate parody of an iconic scene, then the background becomes almost irrelevant.

Other memorable Scenes

North Star Parody

I need to watch or read Fist of the North Star someday. In the meantime, I am going to trust the folk that tell me this is a North Star parody.
Even without any knowledge of Fist of the North Star though, this scene was really funny.

The Tennis Match from hell

Actually, even before we got to the tennis match, the introduction to episode 9 was glorious.

Binbougami-Ga priest

The timing of that scene, the deliberate pauses and the police car at the end. Everything was perfect.

Binbougami Ga Prince

Binbougami-Ga Luffy

Binbougami-Ga One Piece 2

The bath house

Binbogami-Ga 3

The bath house episode was glorious. There is no better way to sum it up. From the hilarious pre-intro song about boobs to the actual naked boys encounter naked girls encounter. Everything was perfect. This was a truly marvelous episode.

Momiji’s various costumes and gadgets

Binbogami-Ga 1

Binbogami-Ga 2

I have to admit, Momiji had some escellent costumes and “tools”. Things like the large syring never failed to bring a smile to my face. Just as amusing were the little info clips talking about each gadget.


Binbougami-Ga Nadeshiko

I almost never caught Nadeshiko during her cameo appearances, but I love her haughty character and the cute butler throwing the Sakura leaves.

The Ending song

This was such a great song. And, not only was the song great, but the visuals were fantastic as well. This was a very memorable ending soon and easily one of the best this year.

And there were so many other great moments, but I couldn’t possibly write or remember all of them. Binbougami-Ga was a most superb anime and I am glad I got the chance to watch it.


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