12 Days of Anime #12: JoJo

JoJo’s bizarre adventure is incredible.

Normally when a manga is adapted, the original manga fans all complain about how the adaption is not faithful or it sucks. Maybe it is because none of the anime only watchers complained, but I have not seen any complaints about JoJo as an anime. Yeah, there are some people that don’t like JoJo (like my brother–GASP), but they are few and far in between and more importantly, everyone seems to have at least some token of respect for this anime.

That is how good this anime is.

JoJo Joseph

Most memorable moments

Zeppeli’s Death

There are a lot of memorable moments in JoJo. I picked this one not because Zeppeli’s death was unexpected, but simply because of the nature of his death.

At the end of episode 6, Zeppeli realizes that he will die. As he comes to this conclusion, the music starts up, he prepares himself and we are presented with a badass ending. The way the music starts, the lighting, Zeppeli’s actions, all of it was excellent at building hype for what was to come.

JoJo Zeppeli 1

JoJo Zeppeli 2


Most of the viewers knew then that in all likelihood, Zeppeli would die but given what we have come to expect of our heroes, he would die a heroes death. He would die fighting the good fight.

JoJo Zeppeli 3


Zeppeli’s death was brutal. He was ripped in half.

The previous episodes had built Zeppeli up to be a great character and one whose death should have been awesome and awe-inspiring. But, instead we got to see him trapped in chains and then killed. See, if someone is killed defending someone else, then that’s a good death. He died defending someone. Similarly, if he dies from wounds post battle, then that to is cool because he won. Zeppeli was trying to help JoJo, but he was nowhere close to actually helping him.

He got ensnared in chains and from then on he became helpless. As his student was being choked on the other end, Zeppeli was being crushed and crushed until his body split in half.

It was gruesome. It was against everything Shonen stands for. And that is why it was incredible.

Fortunately, Zeppeli managed to redeem himself (and turn a tricky situation around) by transferring his remaining life force into JoJo and thus was able to assist his student after all.

Good stuff.

Joseph Joestar pulls out a Tommy

At the end of episode 10, Joseph leaves the restaurant he is eating at and meets up with Straizo (I am spelling it like this and not Straits because this is how it is written on Wikipedia…).

JoJo Straits 1 JoJo Straits 2

At first, you (the viewer) are apprehensive. “Does JoJo know that is Straizo? Does he know about vampires? Does he know just how dangerous vampires are? Will he be all right?” Then he confronts Straizo and calls him by name. Then our worries disappear. “Yes, JoJo knows Straizo. This will be a hard fight, but at least he knows who the enemy is.”


JoJo Tommy 1 JoJo Tommy 2

You don’t even have time to react. Before you know it, JoJo has already pulled the trigger and pumped Straizo full of lead. At that moment, all you can do is go “what…the…fuck”.

Oh and then you realize that Joseph knew about the dangers of vampires all along and he was nuts enough to face one alone in a crowded restaurant.

(I also love how Joseph used the grenades in the next episode. That was great.)

Other memorable moments

Round and Round we go

Snimaru has already covered this, so I feel bad for stealing it. Oh well.

Also notice how the sun's shade looks like a stake? Lovely.

Also notice how the sun’s shade looks like a stake? Lovely.

One of the best things about this anime is the way it uses the ending song(Roundabout). The ending song is not always used to great effect (often it is just used like a regular ending would be), but when it is used, it is most incredible.

The best example of all this is episode 2. Dio has somehow, thanks to the rays of the morning sun, escaped death at the hands of a vampire. As he lies there catching his breath, the music starts. It is a dragged out acoustic guitar intro and it is awesome. The music continues on for a good number of seconds before finally going into the ending animation as JoJo confronts Dio.

What a great scene.

A similar occurrence happened at the end of episode 6. The music started early and just blended into the ending as Zeppeli prepared for his final fight.

Roundabout is a great ending song and heck, both of the openings (especially the animation) have been great as well.

La Rose de Versailles

JoJo Rose 1

JoJo Rose 2

JoJo Rose 3


JoJo Dio

Dio is an incredibly evil villain. He kicks a dog. He cheats in boxing. He kisses a girl because he wants to anger JoJo. He burns a dog alive because he wants revenge. He tries to kill his adopted dad for money. He becomes a vampire. He does villainous things.

JoJo Dio bread

His evilness really makes him an excellent villain. Oh, Dio, we love thee (though I’d personally hate to meet him in person as I’d likely end up dead or worse, a zombie).

JoJo dresses up

JoJo dressup

JoJo’s “disguise” had me laughing quite hard. It was also really funny how he got offended when they Germans said he didn’t have a “fair” face.

Erina becomes a badass mofo

Erina 1

Prior to the timeskip, I don’t think anyone liked Erina. She was bland and boring. Then the timeskip happened and she turned into one badass grandma. I absolutely love how she handled that racism in the restaurant.

What a badass grandma.

What a badass grandma.

I also love the relationship between Erina and Joseph. Joseph really cares for her. It is very sweet.

Laser eye beams

JoJo Eye Beam

JoJo Eyebeam 2

JoJo Eyebeam 3

Brotherly Love

JoJo moe Dio

I have already covered this scene and what it means in greater detail , but I felt that it needed to be included in here as well. I personally thought that JoJo’s death was sad in a beautiful kind of way. He died hugging his brother and knowing how nice of a guy JoJo was, he probably forgave him for a lot to.

It was a tragic ending to a character that no matter how he tried, he never really could overcome his latent bad luck.


JoJo’s bizarre adventure has the absolute best poses.

JoJo Dio pose

JoJo Dio pose 2

JoJo Joseph Pose

Even the new guy on the block knows how to pose while EATING a fucking vampire.

Even the new guy on the block knows how to pose while EATING a fucking vampire.

JoJo pillar dude is all shiny.

I think I have covered enough moments. I really, really like this show. 😀


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