OreShura episode 1: I regret liking this.

I regret liking this not because everyone hates it and is out to mock me, nor do I regret because the episode was bad. No, I regret liking it because I know this anime will totally destroy any expectations that I had after that first episode.

OreShura fabulous


OreShura Knight

Classic Chuunibyou

There were two things I liked in this episode.

The first thing I liked was Kidō Eita’s studious nature. I am used to MC’s that are blatantly plain and uninteresting or utter dweebs that fail at all non-otaku things. Eita at the very least is hard working. He has a goal in mind and he studies very rigorously in order to try and obtain that goal.

Being a hardworking student might not seem like a big deal, nor is it a terribly unique property, but it does enough to differentiate him from the glob of human goo that is the generic MC-tan. He even sort of inspired me to try harder next semester.

Oreshura Different Guy

The subtitle text is the important supplement for this post. The attractive girl in the background is an added, much welcome bonus.

The second and arguably more important thing that I liked was the potential romance. Notice how I said potential. There are so many ways the romance could be screwed up. They could skip any development and jump straight to the blushing and tsun tsun whacks to the head. They could alternatively show development through random slips and face in boob shots. They could do so many things to make the romance sucky, but I had hope that they wouldn’t.

Oreshura Embarassing

This part was embarrassing. I wanted to slap him for saying that in public.


Fortunately, our heroine did a great job of dispelling the awkwardness.



Lucky Bastard.

Lucky Bastard.

There is absolutely nothing original about a girl forcing a boy to be her “boyfriend”. It is a common trope that is played out again and again. (Interestingly enough, I have never encountered the reverse scenario. i.e. A boy forces a girl to be his girlfriend. Did that sentence give you the creep shivers? Don’t worry, I got them to.)

Anyway, despite the generic premise, there was potential here. I had hoped that given their similar viewpoints towards love and people in general, the two would get along. They would treat each other as people and not objects of affection.

Then, as their daily life dragged on and little developments happened here and there, their feelings for one another would grow. They would eventually fall in love with another. There would be a confession, a hug, a kiss and hopefully a “lived happily ever after”.

All would be right in the world of romantic anime. On top of that, Masuzu Natsukawa is pretty cute and attractive, so I naturally shipped her.

Then I read the complete title, “My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much” and I pretty much gave up hope.

Up until this point, I had pretty much neglected the existence of the childhood friend. Okay, so he has a childhood friend who most likely has feelings for him. Maybe she will decide to support him in his relationship. Maybe she will get jealous once or twice and then realize her place in the friendzone. Maybe she will instead be Eita’s confident; you know, the one person he can confide his worries in.

OreShura the enemy

The Enemy

I somehow even forgot about the other 2 girls introduced in the opening song.

OreShura op

Synchronized head tilt.

Subconsciously, I might have been hoping that the romance was still the most important thing, but there would be a little bit of background competition that could be dealt with in due time. Or, you know, the opening was a red herring designed to throw us off.

Unfortunately, learning the full title killed most of my hopes. Yes, it is still possible that Natsukawa could easily fend of any incoming attacks by childhood friends and co. Yes, it is still possible that any advances by the other characters will mount to nothing but childish humor. Yes, the anime might still end up being enjoyable. But, I now know the focus of the anime.

This anime will not be about the romance between Eita and Natsukawa. No, it will be about the conflict between Natsukawa and the other girls (especially the childhood friend). It will be about a bunch of cute girls fighting over one guy. You have no idea how sad this realization makes me.

OreShura competition

At least, he sort of knows what is coming.

I can’t totally blame OreShura for all this. It is just another Light Novel adaptation like most other anime these days. It is also my own fault for ignoring the signs (the “we have 4 horny girls” opening and the title).

Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to watch OreShura. It might still turn out to be quite funny and touching in its own way, but I am tired of all this.

I am tired of useless harems.
I am tired of useless, jealous childhood friends.
I am tired of useless competition.
I am tired of useless blushing and embarrassment.
I am tired of useless imoutos (they will probably find an excuse to introduce an imouto here to…).

I am so very tired of all these anime that light a glimmer of hope in my heart only to extinguish it with a bucket full of raw sewage.

OreShura wink

Oh, what could have been….

Sorry about the rant, but is it really too much to hope for a genuine romance that touches my heart and warms it to?


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  1. #1 by nazarielle on January 6, 2013 - 8:50 pm

    Haha, well, I knew coming in what I could pretty much expect. The name, that it was a light novel adaptation, the OP all scream silly harem antics.

    But I’m ok with that.

    There’s not going to be a conclusion to the harem, unless they decide to do an anime original end (because lord knows none of these light novel series ever actually end). As long as Natsukawa has a chance to be awesome, I’ll probably watch it. As long as it doesn’t try to pull some serious melodramatic bullshit out of its ass, I’ll enjoy it. I’d prefer the childhood friend stay out of it as much as possible… but with a title like the one it has, that’s probably not gonna happen.

    • #2 by Reiseng on January 6, 2013 - 9:00 pm

      Yeah, I really should have seen it as a harem right away. I blame my cold. ^_^

      I don’t like non-concluded harems, but yeah, they probably won’t go for an anime original end. That is slightly sucky.

      Yeah, I will keep watching it. I like Natsukawa quite a bit and I think she is entertaining enough for me to watch it.

      Hopefully, the childhood friend will give up after a few episodes…though I know that won’t happen. *Shrug*

      Thanks for commenting. 😛

  2. #3 by draggle on January 7, 2013 - 1:37 am

    Well, I’d rather have them fighting than being bestest best friends while they all hit on the same guy like most harems do. As long as it stays funny I’m happy. The other girls aren’t going to have a chance anyway.

    • #4 by Reiseng on January 7, 2013 - 7:09 pm

      Well, that’s true. It would be kind of boring if them all got along, had sleepovers (where they discussed their common love for the MC), etc, etc.

      I actually think the childhood friend and the girlfriend are going to end up as friends. The OP seemed to suggest that the childhood friend fears the other 2 girls more than the girlfriend.

      But yeah, I will probably be happy enough if it is funny….I just expected something different and was upset I didn’t get that. 😦

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