Weekly Shonen: Bleach 523, Naruto 616, One Piece 695

Well, it was a nice break while it lasted but it looks like Weekly Shonen has started up once more and with that these posts to.

Aren't you glad to see me?

Aren’t you happy to see me?



I liked the first part of this chapter quite a bit.

I am not sure if all of this was explained before, but I am glad I got the explanation of how Zanpaktou’s form. Most Soul Reapers don’t already have a Zanpatou all defined for them. It is built up slowly thanks to their soul being slowly imbued into an Asauchi.


Kubo’s art is really scary.

I wonder what the dude meant by “Ichigo and Renji don’t understand their swords perspective.” I always thought you are meant to think of them as friends or partners, but apparently that is not the case or perhaps that is simple irrelevant to what is truly important.

Even though I don’t think the second part of the chapter was much of a disservice to this manga, I have some mixed feelings about it.

When the manga mentioned “prison”, I immediately got excited and thought about Aizen, but that wasn’t the case. Fortunately, I was more than pleased to see more of Zaraki and Unohana.

First, we learned two things:

  1. Zaraki knew Unohana’s true identity.
  2. Zaraki and Unohana had actually fought before. He didn’t respect her because she helped him out or something. They have even injured each other quite a bit.
  3. Unohana was one of the founders of Soul Society.

First of, kudos to the smart chaps that guessed that the lady in the picture was Unohana.


Okay, now on to Unohana herself.

She is a totally different person when her hair is not braided. (Interestingly enough, her braids covered that scar on her chest. I find that pretty cool.)

The Unohana shown in this chapter is crazy, even crazier than Zaraki and to be honest, I don’t really like that.

When Unohana’s past was revealed, I was shocked and in awe. Unohana was a badass, crazy sword master. But, I did not think she was this crazy.

I thought she was a sword user who might have enjoyed fighting because like the samurai in other fiction, it was an art form requiring dedication and work.

I was hoping that she’d be the kind of warrior who cut people down while pondering the meaning of life amidst the cherry blossoms.

The Unohana we were shown is a vicious criminal and her character is arguably more interesting by being so crazy, but I like it a bit less now. 😦

I know it is somewhat childish of me to say this, but I wanted Unohana to carry that elegant nature of hers into fights and destroy people while looking as serene as possible.

The last couple of pages kind of revealed a typical Bleach plot hole.


If it is going to cost a life, then what on Earth is the point of it all? I mean, sure if Unohana dies, then Kenpachi will end up a bit stronger, but so what! Unohana who is Soul Societies best healer AND best sword user will be dead. If Unohana wins, then Kenpachi will be dead.

There is no point to this.

I am sure that most likely they will both survive and hopefully Unohana will win and actually heal Zaraki (that would be a cool thing to see), but still….that monologue by Shunsui was a Bleach plot fail at its Bleachest.


Ever week when I read these three manga, I read them in a certain order. The default order that I almost always follow is: Bleach, Naruto and then One Piece. Sometimes, when I feel that a specifi manga’s chapter is going to be particularly bad, I read that one first. I also switch the order if I feel that one chapter is going to be super special.

It is a simple, save the best for last kind of thing. Recalling how much I disliked the last couple of chapters, I naturally placed Naruto as the first chapter to read.

The moment I saw the first page; I wondered if perhaps I had chosen wrong.



You know something is wrong when you are happy about seeing Sasuke again.

I was so tired of Naruto’s blabbering, Obito’s angst and everything else that was going on that I was very excited at the prospect of a chapter based around Sasuke.

So, imagine my disappointment when I found out that 1 page was all we would get of Sasuke and that that one page to would be about Naruto….

So, apparently now Naruto can change the Fox’es chakra into his own.

That’s cool and all. It makes sense. He first befriended the fox and now he is learning to properly use his powers.

You know what is silly though?

The fact that Naruto learned to do this in the middle of a heated battle courtesy of Shikamaru’s dad who explained it to him in like 2 minutes over a telepathic connection. Then you know Naruto does with his new found chakra? He replenishes everyone else.

I know this is just Shonen and arbitrary powerups and friendship is all expected, but this particular event was just stupid. It was so very silly. I don’t think I can even describe how silly it was, so I am not going to try.

Obito was as usual a little crybaby. I hate him.

Kakashi and Naruto’s combo speech about bearing the burden was kind of cool, though cheesy as hell.

I will admit that I liked the flashback Shikamaru had. It was touching and sweet in many ways. His dads last wish to hide porno was also kind of funny.

This page hit me quite hard.

This page hit me quite hard.

I could not care less about Ino and her dad. I never really liked Ino. I most certainly was not going to like her more when we had a half-assed goodbye scene featuring someone (her dad) that we had never really learned much about anyway.

One Piece

One Piece continues to be awesome.

There are 3 things I want to quickly cover:

  1. General Franky is super cool.
  2. Usopp and Nami are super funny and cool.
  3. Some mysterious person floats on the water.


General Franky and by extension regular Franky is really cool.

We already knew this, but that new massive weapon confirmed this.


Franky is awesome.

I am sure some girls think Franky is awesome to…but this is a running gag now I guess.

If I ever encountered Franky, I’d react just the way Usopp, Luffy and Chopper did.


I really liked how Usopp and Nami got a chance to show off. They were very cool.

I also liked how the crew had total faith in Usopp.

Awesome spread.

This page spread is so awesome. It is badass, exciting and funny to.

Nami’s lightning control technique is very interesting. She really learned a lot on that sky island. Well, we already knew that much, it is just super confirmed now.


When I first saw the guy floating on the sea, I immediately thought of Mihawk, but that makes no sense. Mihawk is neither clumsy enough to fall asleep like that, nor does he have any reason to go to Punk Island.

Another possible option is AoiKiji, but what reason could he possible have?

The last and perhaps most likely possibility is that it is a new character we haven’t seen before. Maybe he is someone from Big Momma’s crew. I guess we will see soon enough.


I could probably say a bit more about this chapter especially Law’s seat of heart thing, but I am tired and we don’t know much, so that’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.


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