The use of Brains in JoJo 17.

JoJo episode 17 was a great episode. It took the classic “battle of brains” and showcased it in a spectacular, engaging manner.

Unlike his grandfather, Joseph relies on wit and quick thinking not ripple strength or iron will to win his battles. Throughout Battle Tendency, Joseph has used his wit to gain an upper hand on his foes and knock them down.

In episode 17, he attempted to use his wit once more, but what he (and the viewer) failed to suspect is that his enemy would do the same.

JoJo brain battle

An episode or two ago, we saw Cars as the lone philospher or thinker. He didn’t bind JoJo like Wham or ACDC, instead he chose to make the thinkers pose of to one side.

This relationship between Cars and the other two was further developed in this episode.

The episode starts of with Cars demonstrating a red ruby thing to ACDC. From the fact that Cars is the one giving the explanation, we are lead to believe that Car is the mastermind. He is the brains of this three man operation. The other two are brutes.

JoJo Cars Bishie

Cars is quite attractive.

ACDC even gets a nice big hole in his hand courtesy of Cars’es demonstration.

Clearly, ACDC is a brute.

Then Lisa Lisa explains to JoJo and Caesar that Cars was the one that made the mask.

Once more, Cars is the brain and clearly, ACDC is the brute.

Then JoJo encounters ACDC walking on top of spikes with complete disregard for the pain caused as they go through his feet.

Clearly, ACDC is a brute.

Then JoJo attacks ACDC. After a short exchange of pleasantries and Ripple-esque greetings, JoJo tricks ACDC and cuts off ACDC’s arm.

Clearly, ACDC is a brute.

Then ACDC starts crying.

Crying ACDC is moe or something.

Crying ACDC is moe or something.

Clearly, ACDC is a baby.


Then ACDC puts on his serious game face.

JoJo ACDC game face

So, now he is going to use his brute powers and overpower JoJo, right?



For a short while after ACDC gets serious, ACDC and JoJo engage in a battle of wits and psychology as they try to outsmart one another.

For me at least, this was quite unexpected, as I had built the impression that ACDC was just a brute. He might not be as smart as Cars, but he most certainly isn’t just a brute. He is a tactical genius on equal footing with JoJo. He didn’t just overpower JoJo. Whether it was out of a need for more entertainment or a desire to level the playing field, he attempted to outsmart JoJo and for a good portion of the fight, succeeded at it to.

At one point during the fight, ACDC even copied JoJo’s trademark dialogue prediction skit.

JoJo dialogue prediction

Eventually though, JoJo outsmarted ACDC and won the match.

JoJo Brain

or did he?

Other Notes:

  • As other folk have pointed out, it is kind of silly that JoJo would not notice a massive brain attached to his back. But whatever, I guess he was just tired or something.
  • This anime has often dealt with brains. The Mask stabs your brain unlocking your hidden potential. When he was about to die, Dio chopped of his head to preserve himself. There was probably some other stuff to that I am forgetting.
  • ACDC’s special ability was rather disturbing. This was possibly the most gross episode till now. The way ACDC had arteries coming out of his nails was somewhat cringe worthy.
  • Some of the stuff ACDC said like “Now I am going to use the openings I drilled into you to pour my burning blood into your body” had delicious innuendo.
  • I am glad that we now know a bit more about the masks. It seemed strange that the masks were made with the sole purpose of turning humans into vampires which were to be eaten by the pillar men.
  • I really like these three pillar men. They have interesting personalities and aren’t just villains for the sake of being villains. They couldn’t care less about humans, but they don’t go out of their way to harm people either.
I should cry more often.

I should cry more often.


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  1. #1 by Yerocha on February 8, 2013 - 8:32 pm

    There’s something of a running theme in Jojo where trying to out-think your opponent is more important than overpowering them. I’m not even sure if Joseph ever manages to completely surpass Lisa Lisa in terms of Ripple power, but it’s the way he utilizes it that sets him apart. It was never really clear until now, but that’s a big part of what makes the Pillar Men so formidable. They have both brute force and intelligence, so Joseph has to be even smarter to defeat them.

    • #2 by Reiseng on February 8, 2013 - 10:25 pm

      Yeah, I really hope JoJo sticks to emphasizing brainpower (for this part and perhaps any future parts to).

      It would suck if it degenerated into typical Shonen “I am more powerful than you” warfare. 😛

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