Weekly Shonen: Naruto 619, One Piece 698


There appears to be no Bleach this week, so I don’t have to blog it. Yay!



I am really enjoying these current happenings.
They make the 7 year younger me who watched the Chunin exam hokage fight so very happy.

All of this feels like a lovely throwback to that time.
Having said that, as some folk have pointed out, the personalities being displayed here are a bit contrary to those shown back then.
I don’t really care much though since I ended up liking the personalities being shown.

I especially like the First Hokage’s sillyness. He is very amusing.
His reactions to the existence of the 4th were great and his constant attempts to reason with his brother were execellent to. His reaction to Tsunade’s hokage-ship was also hilarious.
I also liked how the 4th referred to Orochimaru as Orochimary-san. It was a small thing but quite indicative of his character. The “Do not underestimate me Minato” follow up line by Orochimaru was great as well.

It is these little things, these little connections that I like so much about this manga.

I also really like how the constant Uchiha angst and craziness that we have run into this whole time can be explained by a rather bizarre (somewhat unrealistic) mental disorder.
Even though things like this might kill any character development the Uchiha got, I could not care less because:

  1. The Uchihas never really got great character development to begin with.
  2. It explains the overall trend and why so many Uchiha are batshit crazy so I am okay with that.

I also like how it is because they are so very loving. It is very silly and somewhat corny but interesting regardless.


I am looking forward to what the 1st has to say to Sasuke.

One Piece

One Piece crew

I like how Brook is asleep.

I felt sorry for the marines that encountered Don Flamingo. Poor guys didn’t deserve to be the subjects of Don’s anger.

I was also moderately surprised by his Emperor’s haki, but it is not too unexpected.

I liked how Smoker tried to hide the Strawhats. He might be a marine, but he isn’t selling them out that easily.

There were lots of nice little funny moments on the ship. I especially liked the little compliment/not-compliment that Chopper threw at Caesar. I like seeing the crew just talk around like this.
(Franky’s new hair is strange, maybe even atrocious.)

It looks like the Samurai and his son know of both Dressrosa and Kaidou. It would appear that the Samurai has a friend locked up in Dressrosa.

This arc seems to have a few parallels with the first arc of the Grand Line. In both cases, the Strawhats picked up a temporary crew member (and his/her pet/son) and in both cases, they travelled somewhere together.
I am going to wager a guess that the Samurai also needs help saving his home island and it probably needs to be saved from Kaidou.

It just a guess, but I think I am probably not too far of.

I guess that mysterious man we saw a while back actually was Aokiji. It is nice to see him and his entrance was quite badass.
I don’t think they will fight right now or even if they do, I think Don will run away. As strong as he might be, I can’t see Don Flamingo defeating the legendary Aokiji.


The icy badass returns.


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