Weekly Shonen: Bleach 527, Naruto 621, One Piece 699

I am so sorry this post is late. I blame Ni No Kuni. That is an acceptable excuse, right? Also, just to clarify, this is for last week’s Shonen. I have not read this week’s Shonen yet.

Passion solves all of life’s problems.


<obligatory ‘your father’ joke>

I have very little to say about this chapter. It is not that it was a bad chapter, or that nothing happened, I just have nothing to say. Let us split this chapter into two parts and see what we can say, shall we?

Part 1

I am not sure if Unohana is dead or not, but I don’t mind either way. It is not that I no longer care, it is that the story, in my opinion, would work well regardless of what happens to Unohana.

Kenpachi finally hearing the voice of his Zanpaktou was a pleasant surprise, though for many, I suppose it was expected. I wonder if are ever going to see him get a Bankai or if Bleach will end with him still on Shikai. For quite sometime, there was conspiracy theory that Yachiru Kusajishi was actually Kenpachi’s Zanpaktou. That theory was probably shattered with this chapter, but it is still possible that Kubo will pull a ‘twist’, though I think it is very unlikely.

Part 2

I guess Ichigo is going to go back, get some fundamental training, learn a few truths and then come back to the Soul Palace. I guess this is a good thing because it has always felt like Ichigo’s powers were shoddily piled on top of one another and not actually built from the foundation up.

I think this sums up Ichigo’s reaction quite well:


If you have been reading my Weekly posts, then you probably know that I don’t normally like battles in manga form. The scenes are confusing and all the action lines just makes things worse. Having said that, I really liked this fight.

I was wrong. I thought this was an earlier fight and the story would progress to eventually show their final battle, but as it turns out, this is likely the final battle. The flashback is instead moving backwards.

The fight itself was crazy or what’s shown of it anyway. I did not expect Madara to use Susano as armor for the 9-Tails. What I absolutely did not expect was the 1st Hokage entering Sage Mode and the hand monster he summoned.

Freaking boss man. I had no idea Madara and Hashirama were this strong.

Freaking boss man. I had no idea Madara and Hashirama were this strong.

That thing was so freaking cool.

As others have pointed out, there are lots of contrasts between Madara/1st Hokage and Sasuke/Naruto. An interesting difference though is that it would appear that while Naruto was always running to catch up to Sasuke, it was the opposite for Madara. Madara seems to have been behind Hashirama. I guess a good part of this whole revenge plot is him just trying to convince himself that he is stronger than Hashirama.

I do wonder though, what was it that made Madara turn so bad. I think he was a good kid once and even now, his intentions don’t necessarily seem evil. He is twisted sure, but he isn’t evil per say. Heck, Toby is probably more evil now.

I look forward to seeing more of their back story. I really hope Sasuke gets convinced to become good again and I really hope we get to see the 4 Kage fight Madara and Tobi.

Oh and the whole tie in with the skipping rock and Madara’s attack reaching the opposite shoreline was pretty nifty to.

Hashirama was a pretty cool kid.

Hashirama was a pretty cool kid.

One Piece

One Piece always has excellent cover pages, but this has to be one of the best ones yet.

One Piece always has excellent cover pages, but this has to be one of the best ones yet.

Here is a quick list of what happened:

  • Aokiji and Don Flamingo fight a bit. Don Flamingo runs away.
  • Aokiji talks to Smoker about how he is no longer a marine, but still holds the same values.
  • Aokiji claims Don Flamingo is a threat to Sakazuki’s new HQ.
  • The Wano country was really sad when their hero’s grave was robbed by Moria.
  • Monosuke takes a bath with Robin.
  • Monosuke snuggles up with Nami.
  • Monosuke gets to share a bed with Nami and Robin.
  • Monosuke is a dirty little kid and we love him for it.
  • Donflamingo gives up his title and his royal status.
  • The alliance between the Strawhats and Law is announced in the paper.
  • The alliance between the Kid Pirates, On-Air Pirates and the Hawkins Pirates is announced in the paper.
  • Don Flamingo gets a call from Law.

See, how much stuff happens in a single OP chapter? It is very OP.

The first 2 on that list are quite self-explanatory, but the the third one kind of stands out.

Aokiji had a massive fight with Sakazuki. Such a big fight could only have come out of a strong disagreement about how things should be done. And yet, Aokiji is looking out for Sakazuki here. I am not sure if he changed his mind, or if perhaps, he is incredibly mature and understands that in the end, him and Sakazuki share similar ideals. It is a very nice character touch.

On that note, I wonder what kind of shady things, Aokiji is doing. He is probably just trying to infiltrate the enemy pirates from the inside.

...this lucky brat....

…this lucky brat….

...this kid...

…this kid…

In this chapter, we learned that DonFlamingo is actually not born into royalty. He probably got the title through his Shichibukai powers. I wonder if most of his servants like the winged lady came before or after his ascent into royalty.

Oh man, that newspaper must have been some newspaper. 3 massive announcements all crammed into one paper. I bet it got the publishers a lot of money (if they get paid for this, that is).

I wonder if Law actually plans on being honest. I know Luffy is normally very honest, but Law is pulling the strings here, so I don’t know what will happen. We might get to see a battle between Luffy and Don Flamingo, or we might not. We shall see.


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  1. #1 by foshizzel on February 27, 2013 - 5:10 pm

    DAT Bleach chapter! I was so angry at Ichigo getting booted out because he failed and Renji wins? WTF? And the recent chapter was kind of more hating on Ichigo for me T____T

    OP 699: LOL That damn little kid! I was laughing so damn much, but the best part was Don Flamingo and damn you are right there is a lot of stuff happening in one single chapter? 700 left off with something epic~

    • #2 by Reiseng on February 27, 2013 - 9:53 pm

      Aww, I haven’t read the newest chapters yet, so I am sad to hear that the newest Bleach chapter has more Ichigo hating.

      Dammit Fosh, you are making it very hard for me to wait until Friday to read One Piece. 😛

      Oh and if you don’t care for the Naruto plot whatsoever, I recommend reading Naruto from chapter Naruto 618 to the current one. The plot leading up to them is silly and not important, but these past three chapters have been incredibly epic.

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