Haganai Next episode 8 had two “FINALLY!” moments.

You know how sometimes when you are watching an anime episode, it will have a moment that makes you go “FINALLY!”? Well, you probably won’t say finally, but rather something more like:



*beep* this show for taking so long.

Okay, well you get the idea or at least I will pretend you do.

Anyway, Haganai S2 episode 8 had not one, but two such moments.

MOMENT #1: There is a limit to Kodaka’s density.


One of the constant complaints of the various folk watching this show is that the characters don’t even realize that they are friends.

The club was originally formed with the purpose of making friends, but it has been obvious since close to the beginning, that the club members are already good friends and yet no one in the show seem to realize this most basic, most obvious fact.

Given her super smarts and common sense (something most of the other characters are severely lacking in), it would be quite appropriate to assume that Rika was the first person to figure this out. She is also the best character in the show, so obviously she will figure out stuff first.

And given her delicious, pouting expression when Kodaka announced his desire to make more friends, it can be assumed that Rika already considered them all to be friends. In other words, Rika had realized something that the audience had known since close to the beginning. Haganai Rika is disappointed.

This was good, but this wasn’t the “FINALLY!” moment.

No, that moment came a bit later shortly after Kodaka asked Rika what was wrong:


This moment made me go:

*beep*ing FINALLY!


I personally think that Kodaka is a pretty good MC. Unlike most other harem MC’s, he has no desire to get in the pants of the girls (quite unfortunate for Rika though) and he has a good deal of common sense. His seemingly infinite denseness on this simple matter though was always his most annoying characteristic in my eyes, especially since he seemed to be more social than most of the other characters (with perhaps the exception of Sena).

That is why I was very happy to see that he already thinks of them as friends. He has just been not willing to admit it yet. I am not sure why he doesn’t think he is ready for something as simply as friendship, but at the very least, he knows he isn’t ready so I am happy.

MOMENT #2: Sena throws Yozura off of her high horse.


There are two reasons why I really liked this moment.

The first reason is quite simply that I got to see Sena diss Yozura and Yozura subsequently got upset.


Poopface Yozura deserves to be sad.

The second and perhaps less shallow reason is that I was getting very tired of Yozura’s constant obsession with her past relationship with Kodaka.

I  mean sure, after Kodaka left her, Yozura became a boring person and absolutely nothing worth noting happened in her life, but still!

In a harem, all of the haremettes are meant to enter the gladiator rink, bare everything and fight on even ground! It is meant to be a battle to the death and one that should not have childish childhood memories drama!

Okay, well, I will admit that in most harems, the “childhood friend I haven’t seen for a long time” almost always wins, but still!

So, anyway, even if I put aside my childish opinions on Yozura’s character, this moment was very important. It gave Yozura the kick to realize something that she likely already knew quite well. It was the moment that set her on her path to recovery and hopefully helped her realize that she can make friends in the current time to.

So, that is why I was glad that Sena (and subsequently Kodaka to) helped out Yozura. It was a moment that had to come sometime and while it took longer than I hoped, I am glad that it finally came.

p.s. As a total aside, I felt sorry for poor Sena when Yozura basically said that she’d be better of if Sena didn’t exist.

p.s. 2 Here is another picture of Rika I had lying around.



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  1. #1 by Highway on March 4, 2013 - 7:03 pm

    As much as I love Yozora’s character, I totally agree that what Sena, and then later Kodaka, said needed to be said. And I say that from the perspective of a Yozora x Kodaka shipper. There was no way she was going to be anything more than childhood friends with Kodaka if that’s what she considered most important. And that’s not what she wants. She wants to go out with him alone. She wants to “c’est si bon” with him (new favorite euphemism). She wants him to look at her for her. But then she would try to hold up 10 years ago, and all that would get her is him looking at her as that tomboy with the hat and the BIG LIE. The one that she never told him, even though he was there waiting to tell her that he was leaving.

    And I thought that as important as the ‘If you had never existed’ line was (and at the time Yozora said it, I didn’t think it was that important, just later after Sena reacted to it), the more important part was that the next day they were able to be friends again. And THAT’s also a huge part of making friends: you can have a blow up with each other, and then let it go past. Sena doesn’t hate Yozora by a long shot. Sena realizes that Yozora, even if she’s a rival for Kodaka, is her best hope for a girl friend. And I think Yozora realizes the reciprocal, and they both want to be the other’s friends. Just right now there’s the complication of Kodaka in the middle.

    • #2 by Reiseng on March 5, 2013 - 8:24 pm

      Yeah, Yozura really needed to get over her problems. If she didn’t then the show would have gotten stuck in a serious loop of angst. I am glad she is over it (or appears to be anyway).

      Yeah, it really is quite impressive how easily the anger dissipated, but then again, Sena’s best character trait (in my opinion) is precisely that. She doesn’t hold a grudge and is honest to a fault.

      Yozura should just forget about Kodaka and marry Sena. Then Kodaka and Rika could get together!

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