Weekly Shonen: Bleach 529, Naruto 623, One Piece 701




Oh Ishin.

Oh Isshin.

The explanation given by the sword guy actually made sense.

I mean all of the Shinigami were given a dummy sword when they started, so the fact that he wasn’t given one and yet had a Zanpaktou makes Ichigo quite strange and wack. So, yeah, he probably needs to figure out where his sword came from and shit.

(The fact that Zaraki stole a sword was also quite interesting.)

Now, see as much as I like hating on Bleach, as much as I don’t like the current plot developments, I can’t help but like flashbacks.

Despite all the needless abuse and nonsensical development, Kubo puts his characters through, most of the characters Kubo created are very interesting. This becomes quite apparent when you realize that you actually really enjoy learning about their pasts.

I love Bleach flashbacks. I love seeing the forces that drove our characters into who they are today and more importantly, I love seeing whom they used to be and how they have progressed over the years. I had no idea that Matsumoto was the Vice-Captain to Ichigo’s dad. That is very interesting. I also had no idea that Toshiro was the third seat Shinigami at the time.

That was very interesting.

I love how Matsumoto treated Kurosaki, or well Ishin Shiba (I guess he took on his wife’s name). Their relationship was the exact opposite of the relationship between Matsumoto and Toshiro. In the current era, Matsumoto is the lazy one and Toshiro is the hard worker. Well, he was a hard worker back then to, but it would seem she got lazier.

I love how Toshiro, despite being close to achieving bankai, feels that they are too weak to help their captain. It shows respect, but more importantly, it shows just how strong Shiba really was.

One of the more commonly disliked things about Aizen was how everything was part of his plan (well, I bet everything right now is still part of his plan). Having said that, we already knew that Ichigo’s birth or lineage was connected to Aizen somehow and I am glad that we will finally find out exactly how it is connected.

Man, I hate to say it, but it was good to see Aizen on screen. Aizen v.Glasses has to be one of the most iconic villains of all time. He is such a show stealer.

(Also, I am not sure about the original Japanese, but I don’t like the use of the word ‘demise’. It implies Aizen is dead, which is totally not true.)

This guy is one scary, smart ass motherfucker. I love him.

This guy is one scary, smart ass motherfucker. I love him.



I really have nothing to say about this chapter. It wasn’t a bad chapter, but nothing worth talking about happened.

Madara and Hashirama bonded a bit and then a fight between Tobirama/Hashirama’s dad and Madara’s bro/dad broke out.

I did not see that fight coming, but it is kind of an obvious plot twist when you think about it. I also did not think that Tobirama and Izuno would know each other, but apparently they do.

Now then, I wonder how Madara/Hashirama are going to stop this fight. I also wonder if the adults will end up dead as a result of this fight.

I liked the rock message exchange thing.

Oh and someday, I really want to see the 2nd Hokage fight a proper fight. He is/was a pretty badass dude. (The scene with him saying goodbye to the Third and Danzo is one of my all time favorite Naruto scenes.)

Note: No Naruto next week so I don’t have to blog it. Hurray!

One Piece

They said something about Don Flamingo providing weapons. Caribou is an island that is making weapons. Is this just a coincidence or is there some global war brewing? Either way it is pretty cool.

I also just realized (thanks to other people) that the Heart seat in the previous chapter was likely empty because it was meant to seat Law.

I wonder how Momonosuke is so scared of that he can’t fly anymore.

The fact that Law gave Nami a Vivre card is probably foreshadowing that they will get separated from him. I am not sure if the Straw Hats will separated from Law or if the Straw Hats themselves will be separated.

It is also possible that Oda is being tricky and the Vivre Cards will only come into play much, much later in a totally unexpected fashion.  Or…as at least one person on MangaShare has suggested…the card could burn and that would signal the end of Law.

Eiichiro Oda is a tricky, tricky guy!

The chapter had some pretty funny bits what with some of the crew magically going of to chase food and women. I especially like how unlike usual, Sanji actually ran of with them.

We normally see the Straw Hats power trio split up, but in this case, the three strongest are travelling together and Franky is with them to, not to mention the Samurai as well. That is a lot of firepower. I wonder if they are going to run into lots of strong enemies. This will be cool.

The island has attractive food, attractive, but very zealous women and toys everywhere. It is quite interesting.


Some of the facial expressions were also great. This reminds me of something…oh yes!

Square Jaw Tamako Market

I like how Luffy was immediately able to judge the old man’s strength. He has always been good at that sort of thing and it looks like he is only getting better. I also like how he decided to help the old man despite it having nothing to do with him. Luffy may be a pirate, but he doesn’t like scammers.

The old man himself is very interesting. I have a massive soft spot for blind, super strong characters, so I will probably end up really liking this old man. Who is he? Is he a former pirate? (like a member of Gol D. Roger’s crew?) A former marine? A current marine? (Some people have good reason to believe he might be Fujitora.)  We have no idea, but we will hopefully find out someday.

I still can’t tell if he beat those thugs with a devil fruit or a special sword of some sort.

Tough old man, eh.

Tough old man, eh.

(As you can expect, the moment this old man was introduced, people started talking about the possibility of him joining the Straw Hats.)


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  1. #1 by foshizzel on March 9, 2013 - 2:28 am

    Bleach: was cool because we saw some flashback/time stuff with Ichigo’s dad and his comment about Matsimoto’s boobs was so freaking hilarious xD

    One Piece: Hilarious chapter as well thanks to Luffy being crazy with the dragon and I had no idea that little kid was the dragon…I guess I missed that part or wasn’t paying attention? Oh and the beards were also nice, but who is the blind samurai!? I guess we are going to see more sword themed characters popping up soon which is cool ❤

    • #2 by Reiseng on March 10, 2013 - 12:17 am

      Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, the boob comment was quite funny.

      i can’t believe you missed the fact that the kid was also the dragon. -_-‘

      I totally forgot to mention the beards. You are correct, they were an excellent disguise!

      Yeah, sword themed characters seem to be the upcoming trend in OP.

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