Weekly Shonen: Bleach 530

Sorry Kiddos, there is no Naruto or One Piece this week.

On the bright side, this means that this post gets to be pretty damn small. HURRAY! (Well, not really actually.)

Oh and no Bleach next week.


Le sigh.

This was a very short chapter and nothing much happened.

I guess I was sort of surprised to see that Ichigo’s mother was in an arranged marriage to Ryūken Ishida. Though to be honest, we knew she was a Quincy so it was quite expected that she would be related to Ishida somehow.

I don’t care much for her personality though. It is just the standard naive, over bubbly girl that Kubo seems really fond of for some reason. Orihime used to be naive and bubbly, but she was kind of likable. Kurosaki isn’t boring or detestable, just nothing worth mentioning.


Though I did like this ‘teasing’. (I also like it when Kubo uses those polka dot backgrounds. They add a casual feel to the panel.)

Ishin’s blatant Reiatsu reveal was obviously only done to tell the audience that Ishin is strong. I appreciate the sentiment, but it could have been done better.

As for the super surprising ‘twist’ at the end…..
well…we knew that Aizen was making stuff, so he probably had something to do with that hollow at the end. Having said that, the hollow does not appear to be an Arrancar (since the mask seems intact), so I am not actually sure how Aizen is involved.

If the hollow actually is just a hollow, then it is probably a Vasto Lorde given its human like appearance. I guess that would be cool since the only confirmed Vasto Lorde is apparently Harribel ( I am not sure but that might be anime only) and she is quite boring .

So, what is my biggest problem with this bloodthirsty hollow thing?

My biggest problem is that it looks just like Ichigo’s hollow transformation (back when he fought Ulquiorra ).


So, this means that somehow, by some miracle granted to us by the great Aizen, the hollow will find itself in Masaki’s belly and be passed onto Ichigo. (Okay, well, the whole Executioners thing was somehow related to this as well, but still!)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kubo basically came out and said that Masaki got pregnant just by being in near vicinity to the hollow. That is to say it was a virgin conception and Ichigo is Orange Head Jesus.

In my eyes, Ichigo’s inner hollow, like Zangetsu, was supposed to be a manifestation of Ichigo’s soul. It wasn’t supposed to be something that existed before the kid was even conceived. I don’t like that! It just feels bad for some reason.

It feels like Ichigo isn’t really a person of his own, but is instead a Frankenstein built from parts donated by others. He even has (or had) a Zanpaktou with the same attacks as his dad.

(Actually, a story based around a character with that kind of Frankenstein composition could have been a great manga in its own right. It could have revolved around a character trying to find his own identity or something. It is a bit late to turn Bleach into that kind of manga though since we have already grown quite attached to the supposedly unique Kurosaki Ichigo.)

Oh and I hope we get to see Zangetsu (in old man form or the bankai version) someday. It actually would be kind of sad if the final Getsuga was really the end for Zangetsu as we knew it.


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