Saviors of Winter 13: Hosaka

This is a series I have been meaning to start for a while. The gist of it is that I want to cover characters that I feel make some particular season of anime worth sitting through.

Naturally, the first character to get a post is Minami-ke’s juggernaut Hosaka.


There is a staggering amount of comedic genius thrown into Hosaka’s character. The unbuttoning of his shirt, his bishie sparkle, his intense passion for cooking, his laugh, everything he does is comedic gold (in my eyes).

I love how over exaggerated all of his movements are. I love how his sweat glistens in the morning sun. I love how out of nowhere he will enter a fantasy and enact it for all to see. I love how he just stands there, constantly reapplying his bishie sparkle until Maki or Atsuko walk over and get pulled in into one of his Haruka-related schemes.


I love how he so casually takes of his shirt right in the middle of a conversation. I love how he wants nothing more than to have Haruka wipe his sweat. I love how passionate he gets for cooking.

I love how he dispels ‘wisdom’ to Natsuki whenever he gets the chance.

I love everything about Hosaka and I find him absolutely hilarious.


And yet, there is more to Hosaka than a rock solid comic interior. He is more than Minami-ke’s trademark Jester. There is much warmth hidden right below his sweat covered skin.

Take for example his affection towards Haruka. His fantasies might be rather strange and for creepy for some (though they are no where near as erotic as the fantasies of most boys his age), but his deeds speak louder than his thoughts.


I remember a few Minami-ke seasons back, there was an episode where Haruka forgot her lunch. Naturally, Hosaka had brought a spare lunch just for such emergencies. Upon hearing of Haruka’s troubles, he rushed over only to find Haruka satiated by someone’s Onigiri.

Hosaka could have forced his bento on her anyway or he could have cursed his own luck, but he didn’t.

He got a sad look for a second and then left happy because to him, the only important thing was making sure Haruka was well fed.

It was a melancholy but beautiful demonstration of Hosaka’s gentleness.

Heck, his kindness extends further than just Haruka. His treatment of Natsuki is especially kind and gentle.



Nicest guy ever.

I had forgotten this, but according to Wiki, Natsuki used to be a delinquet until Hosaka took him into the volleyball club. Even though it might not be good advice per say, every piece of advice that Hosaka gives to Natsuki, comes from the heart and is well meant.

There is a reason why Natsuki looks up to Hosaka and respects him. Their relationship is very sweet and if there weren’t already better ships for both of them, they would make an excellent ship. Yet despite the confidence he creates in Natsuki, Hosaka himself is quite lacking in it.

It might seem like all of his attempts to win over Haruka fail because of bad luck, external interference (e.g. Maki) or his own silliness, but I would argue that given this much time and this much scheming, something should have happened already. The only reason why Hosaka has yet to talk to Haruka is because he is too shy to do so.

Despite his eccentricities, his brash (occasionally narcissistic) behaviour and the confidence he instils in others, deep down Hosaka is just another teenage boy struggling with his feelings. That is what makes him a great character in my eyes, but you know what makes him excellent? His total lack of compliance with social norms.


As hilarious and and inspiring as Hosaka’s eccentricities are, far more inspiring is the fact that he acts the way he does in open public. Hosaka doesn’t care about what others think. (Well, except for what Haruka thinks.) He lives a free life, restricted only by his own fantasies and delusions.

His constant shirt unbuttoning and mid air cooking might indicate a mental illness to some, but for me, it is the sign of a person who truly doesn’t give a fuck. I love that. I love that so much.

Unlike other folk, I have not had a bad winter and I’d have enjoyed the anime on display even if Hosaka was not here. But, his existence this season has made it all that much better.

p.s. If you are wondering about whom I ship Hosaka with, my official ship is Hosaka x Atsuko. I think the two are pretty cute together and contrast well. If Hosaka does somehow end up with Haruka, I wouldn’t mind because I want him to happy. 🙂


I ship these two.


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  1. #1 by AngryJellyfish on March 24, 2013 - 2:54 pm

    He is a fantastic character, definitely my favourite in the series, and of this anime season as a whole. I especially like his songs – the vegetable duet with Chiaki was spectacular.

  2. #3 by Highway on March 24, 2013 - 4:28 pm

    And here I find Hosaka to be the boat anchor that absolutely kills my interest in a segment. I dislike how his segments are mostly about Hosaka, and not multiple people interacting. Even when Hosaka interacts with others, it’s interacting *about* Hosaka.

    Really, the only parts with Hosaka that I like are when Hayami trolls him. I’m firmly with Maki in my opinion of Hosaka: “kimochi warui”.

    • #4 by Reiseng on March 24, 2013 - 4:53 pm

      Haha, you are the second person I know who dislikes Hosaka. Though I disagree with you, I can see where you are coming from.

      While I like it when characters interact, I also have a soft spot for stand alone, over the top, flamboyant characters, even more so if they are somewhat narcissistic. 😛

  3. #5 by Robin Mayer on December 14, 2016 - 4:42 pm

    what anime plz ?

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