Weekly Shonen: Naruto 624, One Piece 702

Hello, sorry this is a bit late.

There is not much to talk about this week, even more so because there is no Bleach this week.



What a demanding guy….

Even though this was supposed to be a ‘pivotal’ chapter, it felt nothing much happened.

It is kind of sad how quickly Madara declared Hashirama as his enemy based on nothing but blood whereas Hashirama was still willing to give Madara a chance.

I guess it ties in well to the whole “Senju/Uzumaki don’t believe in fate/destiny while the Uchiha do” theme. And when you think about it, that to makes some sense. Clans like the Hyuuga and the Uchiha have members who inherit the clans genetic jutsu, but they also have people who didn’t inherit those genetic jutsus or inherited them to a lesser degree.

When you live in a community where status and combat strength is determined by genetic jutsu and the presence or strength of those jutsu is in turn determined by nothing more than luck, then of course you will be a strict believer in destiny and all that.

Well, I am probably stretching things a little, but I think my interpretation isn’t too out there.

Anyway, back to the chapter.

I was surprised that the 2nd used a Thunder God technique. I thought that was something the 4th invented. If it comes out that the 4th only mastered or modified something made by the 2nd, I will be quite sad as that would be a loss of badassness for Minato. 😦 Having said that, as strong as Hashirama was, it is the 2nd Hokage who is truly impressive when it comes to Jutsus. He invented Edo Tensei and he might have invented Dimension Warping techniques like the Thuder God jutsu.

I guess when your older brother is always dwarfing you with his immense power, you become creative.

As others have pointed out, Madara’s fall into ‘evil-dome’ was a bit too sudden and lacked development. Oh well.

I have no idea what will happen next chapter. It is quite obvious that all 3 of them survived this encounter so I am not sure how Hashirama convinced Madara to join up and make a village.

One Piece


I am not really sure what is going on with Caribou. Is he leading a revolutionary army? Did he make the army in the first place, or is it a case of mistaken identity. I am leaning with the latter, but it could be either.

This was a bit of a transitionary chapter, so not much happened, but it was still great.

I am still not sure who the blind old man is. He could still be the marine Fujitora, but I personally don’t think a marine would try to hide his identity like that. Most marines are pretty open about being marines. Having said that, it is still quite likely that he is Fujitora, but we will have to wait some more to find out.

Those fairies are fickle things! Zoro looked pretty mad, heck I would be to if a Great Grade Sword. I owned got stolen. I am surprised he was able to sense the thief though. That was pretty cool.

It looks like Luffy now knows about the contest and the prize. I wonder what he is going to do. I am pretty sure he is at least going to check out the Colosseum though he will end up participating in it as well.

I look forward to the fights that will happen in this arc. I wonder if it will be Zoro or Luffy who will Mister Diamant or will it just be someone else.

Oh and the old man was at the Colosseum, I wonder if he will participate somehow. 🙂




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