Haganai 11: I am not pleased with Kodaka

I apologize for making this post now. I understand that episode 12 is already out, but I watched 11 pretty recently and felt I had to make a short post (mostly a rant though).

Haganai Rika Sad

Some Notes on Haganai episode 11:

Rika is still the best

Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_NEXT_11 Haganai Rika DAWWWW

My love for Rika is no secret and that love only got stronger thanks to episode 10 and 11.

In these two episodes, Rika had some incredibly moving conversations with Kodaka. She had some wonderful facial expressions and her lewdness was as high as it has always been.


I particularly liked the conversation between Rika and Kodaka in the infirmary. It was sweet, intimate and involved Yaoi holes. I can’t complain about any of that.

I am just going to say this now in case I don’t make another post on Haganai, but Rika is one of my favorite characters this season and maybe even one my favorite characters of all time. She of all people definitely deserves one of my “Saviors of Winter 13” posts.

Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_NEXT_-_11 Haganai Rika

I was touched by this little bit.

I was touched by this little bit.

I don’t hate Yozura as much now.

Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_NEXT_-_11 Yozura President

I know I have been a bit harsh on Yozura lately, but I actually liked her this episode. I like to think that Yozura has two different modes of operation.

  1. Childhood friend mode
  2. President Mode

When Yozura is in her “Childhood friend mode”, then she is really quite annoying. I don’t like how she gets fussy over her childhood memories. I don’t like how she gets really jealous over Kodaka and well in general, I don’t like her.

I like her a lot more in her “President Mode”. This is the mode she is in when she is leading the club and coming up with interesting activities. This is the mode she is in when she is ruthlessly defending the club from outside interference (e.g. The Student Council). I like Yozura a heck of a lot more when she is in this mode.

I agree

I agree

I really like these two when they work together. They make a good pair. This scene also demonstrated a good deal of character relation development.

I really like these two when they work together. They make a good pair. This scene also demonstrated a good deal of character relation development.

Sena had an excellent confession

Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sakunai Sena confession 1 Boku wa Tomodachi Sena Confession 2

I haven’t watched much anime this season, but from what I have seen, Winter 13 seems to have been oddly lacking in the “love confession” area.
Sena’s confession made up for it.

I am not sure if I can brainstorm and categorize exactly what kind of anime confessions I like right now, but in general, there are two types that I do like:

  • Super Sweet Confessions (e.g. The Taiga under blanket kiss scene in Tora Dora. Well, that’s post confession, but w/e)
  • Confessions that come out of nowhere.

Sena’s confession in episode 11 was definitely not expected. It is not that her feelings weren’t obvious, but to confess them during an erotic video game that Sena is playing with dildo-lookalike controller?

Oh my.

I love how Sena led up to it.

“Oh by the way Kodaka, you know the whole marriage thing? Yeah, let’s go through with it.”

“Why, you say? Well, cause I love you of course.”

It was spontaneous, sweet in its own way and most excellent. Her embarrassed reaction afterwords was also great.

I absolutely adore her smile.

I absolutely adore her smile.

I have always been a big fan of the Sena x Kodaka pair (because I know Rika x Kodaka will just not happen 😦 ), so I was glad to see some progress on that front. I was glad that Sena expressed some love for a guy who had supposedly never been complimented before.

It is just such a shame that Kodaka was an embarrassing buffoon.

(Oh and I did not like how EVERYONE ELSE had such a negative reaction to the confession. I can understand Yozura, but why did Kobato and Maria react like that? Why did Yukimura react so strongly? Once again, I do not like how everyone is obsessed with monopolizing MC-kun.)

Don't worry, Sena, you won't lose in the long run...I think.

Don’t worry, Sena, you won’t lose in the long run…I hope.

I am not pleased with Kodaka

Yes, I am not happy with your actions Kodaka.

Yes, I am not happy with your actions Kodaka.

And now, we finally get to the actual title of the post.

Let me compliment this rant with a personal anecdote.

I am normally pretty decent at day to day communication. Small talk, big talk, I can generally handle it quite well. Sometimes though if I am asked to make a split second decision or to reveal a potentially upsetting decision, then my brain comes to a grinding halt and I turn into a stuttering mess.

An example would be when a coworker at my internship asks if I am going to come back after graduation.

I start stumbling because even though I have already made a likely decision (probably won’t come back), I don’t really want to take responsibility for it and end up offending anyone.

In that regard, I think I am similar to Kodaka. Sure, his hesitation might not be because he doesn’t want to offend people, he just doesn’t want to go some place he doesn’t understand, but both of us try to hide from social responsibility.

That is why, I can point my finger at Kodaka and call him an idiot.

I can understand Kodaka getting frozen in shock when Sena confesses. I can understand him stuttering or stumbling with what to say. I can understand asking for more time. I can even understand rejecting her (though I don’t approve of it).

Now, while I can understand why Kodaka did what he did (because he is a dumb, dumb poop face), I certainly can not tolerate it!

You don’t just do that when someone confesses their heart felt feelings.


Boku wa Tomodachi Kodaka RUDE Haganai

And I guess that’s all I have to say.

I have episode 12 downloaded but I don’t know if I can convince myself to watch it. Kodaka is going to grumble and mumble. Yozura will initiate childhood drama again. Sena will be hurt and poor Rika will be helpless. Then the series will end on some pseudo contrived, happy note and promise a season 3 a year down the line. Grumble, Grumble…


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  1. #1 by Highway on March 29, 2013 - 2:26 pm

    I thought Sena’s confession was perfectly in character. Distracted, maybe not quite on top of what she’s saying, she just blurts out what she’s thinking because that’s the way she is. And the chain of logic is pure Sena: “I love you, and you marry the person you love, so let’s just go ahead and get married.” Done and dusted.

    I’ve been defending Kodaka a bit in this episode, not because I don’t think he was a jerk, but because I think I can see a reason for him being a jerk. It doesn’t excuse it, but I think it mitigates it. And that reason is that I thought perhaps he was trying to think of the Rinjin-bu, and the damage that pairing up with any of them would do. I don’t know how consciously he was thinking of that (likely none at all), but to me it seems a plausible subconscious idea.

    But I also have to say that that’s not the best way to get a guy like Kodaka to start dating you or even marry you.

    • #2 by Reiseng on March 31, 2013 - 1:04 am

      Ooopsy. sorry for the late response.

      Yeah, I can understand why Kodaka did what he did, though I don’t really think he was thinking that far ahead. If he was, then kudos to him because that is pretty nifty.

      And yeah, I am not really sure how you are supposed to ask a guy like Kodaka out, but coming out with it upfront like that probably won’t work. At least not in a public setting.

      Don’t worry, I will watch the episode….:)

  2. #3 by Highway on March 29, 2013 - 2:27 pm

    Oh, and you should watch Ep 12. It’s not really what you think.

  3. #4 by Marow on April 1, 2013 - 6:08 pm

    Eh? Nandatte?

    • #5 by Reiseng on April 1, 2013 - 6:30 pm

      I was not happy with Kodaka. 😦 😛

      • #6 by Marow on April 1, 2013 - 6:59 pm

        I never get tired of this one.

    • #7 by Reiseng on April 1, 2013 - 7:19 pm

      Haha, lol. That was excellent. 😛

  4. #8 by iamtanmay on September 1, 2014 - 11:31 am

    Believe me, the things you point out are actually a major plot point. The show drops off at the cliffhanger, but in the LNs, exactly your point is a big deal.
    Just like you and RIka said, Kodaka can’t do something like that and pretend lalalallala it doesn’t exist. He really has to pay a price for that. And he does.
    Throughout the series he has been doing this, and we the viewers take it as a “Oh its just harem anime”. But the characters do notice, and it seriously bites him in the ass.
    How the whole thing resolves is actually fairly realistic. You should read light novel, 9, right after the Rika fight.
    This thing *is* covered by the authors. It is important. Kodaka is a selfish jerk, and the characters confront him and he acknowledges it in a very brutal honest fashion.
    The story gets much more interesting and well developed from here on.

    • #9 by Reiseng on September 18, 2014 - 12:46 am

      Really sorry about the late response.

      Good to hear that things get even more interesting and well developed from here on in. I am hoping for another season soon, but if they don’t announce it and I have time, I might look at the LN though my LN backlog is probably quite big actually (mostly cause I almost never read Light Novels. 😛 )

  5. #10 by shad on June 21, 2015 - 8:41 am

    that fool kodaka….i wanna kill him!!! and after she confessed her love!!! how could he??!

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