Beauty in Cars’ Demise.

The JoJo finale, which aired a week or two ago, showcased the most excellent demise of Cars.

The defeat was silly, over the top, totally crazy and exactly what I’d expect from JoJo.

I mean, Cars gets flung into space courtesy of a volcanic eruption. How silly, crazy and awesome is that?

But, I would argue that there was more to this death than what might be immediately apparent.


Cars is pretty beautiful. (Though I think Wham is hotter~)

The first and most apparent thing about this death was just how ironic (I think that is the right word…) it actually was.

Cars started on his path down villain hood by seeking immortality and while he definitely achieved it a long time back, the idea of being an eternal, all powerful life form never left his mind. His life long ambition was to become a peerless being that looked down upon all others.

And he achieved that ambition, but he likely never thought that he would be literally looking down on everyone.


Cars is rock hard [for JoJo of course].

And more importantly, he never thought that his immortality would mean that he would forever be in a suspended state. His mind would always be working, but he could no longer move his body. If that is the price for immortality, then I don’t think anyone, human or otherwise, would ever sign up for it.

The other rather striking thing about Cars’ death was just how futile and pointless it was for him to try and conquer Mother Nature/The Earth.

Humans sometimes like to believe that we are an existence separated from nature. We like to think that our concrete jungles, our fiber optic communication lines and our penchant for wrecking the environment every chance we get makes us separate from nature and that for all sakes and purposes, we have conquered the Earth.

Of course, most folk know that this is not really true. We still lose millions to pathogens and natural disasters ever year. I think some folk believe that even the construction of large cities, a complicated process as that may be, might simply be a part of human nature.


Like human kind, Cars wanted to conquer the Earth, but unlike us, in the end he actually did so. Even a volcano with its super hot magma could not kill him.


And yet it wasn’t until the planet ejected him, like a parent would an unruly child, that he realized something important.


He might have conquered the planet and become capable of doing whatever he wanted, but he could not live without the planet. As powerful and mighty as he had become, he still needed the planet to survive.

I found that to be rather beautiful. It was made even more beautiful because all along, Cars had wanted to conquer the Sun and when he finally did so, moving into the shade left him in a state worse than death.

As powerful and independent as Cars wanted to be, in the end there was only so far he could get before reality reminded him that he could never be an omnipotent god and would forever be stuck as a super powered human.

How wicked is that?


JoJo Cars Space

I’d like to think that this GIF (generously created by someone called satanniel ) from episode 24 was somehow related to Cars ending up in space. Maybe he always wanted to shoot for the stars, but ended up failing miserably?

p.s. I will admit that I am slightly confused by one thing. If Cars is orbiting the Earth, then wouldn’t the Sun shine upon him now and then? And if it did, wouldn’t he thaw and be able to move again?


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