Weekly Shonen: Bleach 534, One Piece 706

There is no Naruto this week. That is kind of unfortunate because last week had quite the cliffhanger.



It was a very short chapter this week. Or well, it felt incredibly short anyway.

Things are progressing a lot faster than I expected. I was expecting this whole “infected by a hollow thing” to be an over time thing that would only make itself apparent down the line.

It looks like Masaki is being turned into a hollow. No doubt Urahara has a magical fix (like always!), but it will probably come at some cost. Some folk have suggested that the fix will cost Masaki her Quincy powers and will lead to Isshin getting kicked out of Soul Society. I can see that happening.

You know, despite all his claims that their future marriage is just an arranged one, Ryuu actually really likes Masaki. I feel sorry for the guy because he won’t end up with her, but the two are quite shippable.

I also felt sympathetic towords Ryuu’s mom. She is quite mean to Masaki, but she actually cares about her son a lot. I wonder where she got that injury on her leg from?


I do wonder what Ryuu’s dad ( Soken Ishida ) was doing at this time. I have a feeling that he probably felt guilty about not being here for his son and Masaki. He was also a pretty interesting Quincy because unlike his wife, he wanted a good relation between Quincy and Shinigami.

It is kind of interesting how in chapter 533, Ryuu told Masaki that the Quincy only interfere when the Shinigami are dead and the Shinigami only interfered with Soken’s battle after he was dead. Well, that was due to the captain of the 11th Division, but still, I find that parallel interesting.

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you go read the wiki entry on Ryuu. Reading that reveals just how complex his character really is. He used to be all for the Quincy way of doing things, but now (in the present time), he absolutely hates the Quincy.

He also hates Shinigami which might be because he still blames Isshin for what happened to Masaki or he knows that Aizen was at fault and he hates Aizen. His dad also died thanks to Shinigami negligence, so even though he didn’t like his dad, that might have also contributed to his dislike for Shinigami.

This is all quite fascinating. It is a bit of a shame really that side characters in this manga are often significantly more complex than the main character, but then again, that’s just the way Shonen works. (With side characters, you can show past events to show the progression to their current character. This is not as important for primary characters because their personality at the beginning of the manga isn’t as important as the personality they end up with so present events take centre stage.)

I am looking forward to the conclusion of this flashback.

Damn, Urahara takes action fast.

Damn, Urahara takes action fast.

One Piece

One Piece Cover

I hope Caribou can save the old lady. He actually seems to care for her!

I will be honest, I was expecting Bartolomeo to be a quite, attractive bishie akin to Law. That is to say, a pirate with a decent enough heart. What I got was an ugly pig thing who is an incredible ass!


I am not upset or anything though, Oda just really surprised me there. His booger toss was hilarious. I love how everyone panicked for nothing and the subsequent reaction was excellent.

I was also expecting Bellamy to still be a major ass, but he seems much better now. I think I like him quite a bit more now. I do hope he didn’t do anything horrible to those Skypeia people. I get the feeling that he didn’t, but he still got that gold (likely the gold pillar they had reserved for the Straw Hats) somehow.

I will admit that he looks pretty cool now. He also has an impressive bounty.

I will admit that he looks pretty cool (SUPER BUFF) now. He also has an impressive bounty.

I am glad that Bellamy no longer holds a grudge. His declaration of no longer laughing at Luffy was excellent. It was a great tie in to their previous encounter where he laughed at Luffy’s dreams. He now knows that there is power in dreams. I love that.


Caven Dish is such a bishie. I had forgotten about his existence and asked “who is this girl talking to Luffy? I think I want to ship these two…” when I first read the chapter. If he was a girl, I’d ship him and Luffy!


Actually, it is kind of upsetting that outside of a few exceptions, Oda’s female character designs are really all the same. I really wish we had a new girl character who looked a bit less like Rebecca who in turn looks like every other girl in this manga. Basically a slightly androgynous girl character design would be really appreciated Oda!

(Asking Oda to draw women without massive boobs is like asking Hiro Mashima to draw a girl on girl fight without ripped clothes. It just won’t happen! )

Bellamy’s talk about his adoration for Don Flamingo and the enthusiasm the crowd showed for him made me realize just how much Flamingo is liked here in Dressrosa. To most outsiders, he is a cruel, cruel villain, but over here, he is a beloved king. I can’t help but feel that all of the shady things Flamingo does are done for the sake of his people and his own ambition (of being a pirate king).

He isn’t evil just for the sake of being evil. I am not 100% sure about that, but that is the impression I get and it is a rather nice impression.

The tactic employed by the folk in group B makes sense. Dagama and the others all seem to be civil servants of the same country, so it would make sense that they’d band together and fight as a team, though I have no idea how they are going to try and make use of their connections in the next round.

Oh and I love how in his roster, Luffy is listed as “Swordsman Luffy”. As if he is anything of the sort!


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