Weekly Shonen: Bleach 535, Naruto 628, One Piece 706

I am a bit late with this post. Sorry about that. Oh and I published a post on Maou-Sama, but WordPress ate it….I am not happy about that. Expect it back up soon-ish.


I am always fascinated by the kind of BS Kubo pulls out of his ass.

“Oh, when Shinigami turn into hollow, you need to inject the opposite soul type into their soul to reverse the process. That is to say, you need to inject Quincy arrows + human souls to stop the process.”

“For a Quincy turning into a hollow, you need to inject Shinigami soul. If you wish to turn the Quincy back into a human, you must perpetually donate ‘soul’/reiatsu/thing.”

bleach_balance bleach_more_nonsense


This is Bleach logic at its finest. It is so ridiculous and yet it makes total sense.

I am not insulting the chapter or anything, I love Bleach when it gets this silly!

This kind of makes the present make sense. Isshin had his powers sealed because of that doll thing he was occupying and because he was tied to the “hollow soul”, he could only leave the doll when Ichigo’s hollow powers manifested.

I don’t know if Masaki got to keep her Quincy powers after this. I am guessing from her death to a weak hollow that she did not get to keep them or they were limited in some significant way.

I am guessing that Isshin’s decision to help Masaki is what led to the downfall of the Shiba clan. When he doesn’t return for a while, he will probably get marked as a traitor and this in turn will destroy the reputation of the clan. That is my guess anyway.

I do feel sorry for Tōshirō and Matsumoto. They never even got to say goodbye to their captain. I do think Isshin should have taken the time to sent back one last form of communication, though if Soul Society knew exactly what he was about to do, they would have been quite appalled. Maybe a ‘beware of spies’ message to Tōshirō or Matsumoto would have been nice.



is really the only word I can use to describe this chapter.

After the hypefest that was chapter 627 and a one week break, we come back to this??

I don’t care one bit about Naruto right now. His cheesy attitude and friendship loving morals are all annoying. Obito and his blather is just as annoying if not more so. I don’t care if Obito still holds a crush on Kakashi and thus wants to be alone in another dimension with him.

How boring. Really, the only sort of entertaining bit this chapter was Madara’s reaction to Hashirama but he shouldn’t have had that reaction in the first place!


It might be weird of me to point this out now, but this whole chakra sensing business is quite ridiculous. They are ninjas…they should be stealthy. To begin with, chakra was always meant to be an internal thing. The only times other folk could ever sense someone’s chakra was when they were dealing with abnormalities like the 9 Tails.

Then again, I guess the 1st Hokage is an abnormality, but still! I’d rather have the 1st pop up out of nowhere and shock Madara.

Regardless, this chapter was boring.

But man am I hyped to see the 4 Hokage kick some major ass.

One Piece

Dem Legs

Dem Legs

I am not even going to bother talking about the new characters introduced. There are just too many at this point.

Not that that’s a bad thing mind you. This is the way One Piece has always been. In a chapter or two, most of these characters will be defeated and forgotten but some will actually become important down the line. So, we just need to wait a bit for the current chaos to calm down.

That Ricky guy seems interesting thing. Some folk suspect he is Kratos, but we will just have to wait and see. I am pretty sure he is going to end up being important though.

The really surprising thing this chapter was seeing Luffy’s identity revealed in such a nonchalant manner.


I love Luffy’s face and Caven’s eccentric hatred for such a shallow reason.


I feel sorry for Caven Dish. The guy he was talking to all along turned out to be his worst enemy. I hope the two can still be friends somehow. I wonder if Luffy’s identity will be revealed for everyone now. I doubt that will be the case. If anything, I hope that isn’t the case.

I bet Luffy and this old man (Don Chin Jao) won’t even get to fight. That will be such a classic Oda thing to do. Or, you know, revealing Luffy’s identity was the form of revenge he was talking about.

I do hope we get to see a bit more of what is happening with everyone else soon, though it might be better to finish one or two stories first. There is way too much going on right now to keep track of.


One Piece always has great covers.


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