Weekly Shonen: Bleach 536, Naruto 536,One Piece 708


Sorry I have been somewhat inactive for the past bit. School restarted and I got busy. To be honest, I should be working on other stuff right now, but oh well!


Uryu's mother identified. BEGIN SHIPPING PROCESS.

Uryu’s mother identified. BEGIN SHIPPING PROCESS.

Ah, Bleach.

Chapters like this remind me why I still love this manga despite all of its numerous flaws.

That is not to say that this chapter was exceptionally brilliant or anything, it was just…just Bleach! It had that nice compassionate feeling to it that made Bleach so good at the beginning.  It is hard to explain but I guess you could say that the bond between and the actions of Masaki and Isshin felt right.

There was a nice bit of humor thrown in there and their feelings for one another came through the manga, or well Isshin’s feelings for Masaki anyway. It was quite obvious from the first time Masaki was mentioned more than 500 chapters ago that Isshin really, really loved her and it has become even more apparent now.

I have said it before and I will say it again, but I like learning about the Bleach cast, I really do.

Before, I was quite upset that Kubo had made Ichigo a Shinigami/Hollow/Quincy hybrid and I was under the impression that nothing could gracefully explain that hybrid status. I am glad I was wrong. Kubo’s explanation for how Ichigo came to be is rather silly (but so is everything in this manga), but it works and it works quite well, so I am pleased.

It looks like the next chapter will resolve the plot hole that came up as soon as Masaki’s identity as a Quincy was revealed. “Why was she not able to defeat Grand Fisher?”

I am going to guess that it wasn’t Aizen this time and it probably had something to do with the rogue Quincy folk. I actually really hope it wasn’t Aizen, that seems quite contradictory to something Aizen would do. To be honest, I don’t want it to be the rogue Quincy either because they are quite boring and annoying.

Oh well, you gotta go forward somehow…it is just such a shame that that is the case.

Oh and we got to see totally bare boobies this chapter. Hurrah!



Pretty badass pose if I do say so.

Pretty badass pose if I do say so.

Sigh, I don’t know why I still bother reading this weekly. I should just let it pile up for a while and marathon it all at once.

I guess I have to give props to Naruto for keeping everyone alive for so long. The little, once super dependent on others, ninja has really grown up. It has gotten to the point where people are willing to help him not because they pity for him or like him but because they believe in him and are grateful to him.

And well, continuing on wit the bright side, at least this chapter wasn’t as much of a cheeze fest as last time, though Obito and Kakashi’s conversation was quite the snooze.

There was a moment, a small moment though where I felt a bit sad at Obito’s story. For the longest time, this manga has been about the suffering of these poor ninja and while most of Obito’s story is nonsense, it does occasionally resonate.

I kind of felt sad here. I do like how he is telling Kakashi not to feel guilty because Obito doesn’t think Obito is worth caring about.

“Poor guy, this world must really suck for him to have turned out this way” is a thought I had for like a second before his stupidity made me sigh. I agree your world is messed up, but putting everyone to sleep is like the absolute dummest way to fix things.

At least back when Orochimaru was a villain, his motivations (as mysterious as they were) made more sense than this nonsense. Even Akatsuki with their initial plan to get all the tailed beasts and then use them to get money was much better than this.

It just goes to show you how important villains and their motivations really are. Even in Shonen, where the primary draw is battles and a badass hero, a good villain can make all the difference in the world.

As much as I like complex villains, I’d have honestly preferred it if both Obito and Madara were just pure evil and did not have these complex “save the world through dummification” ideologies.

One Piece


I find Caribou’s cover story to be quite interesting. Who was this Gabull and why did everyone like him? The grandma is so sweet. I hope Caribou takes good care of her.

I don’t have much to say about this chapter.

I had no idea that the old man once had a bounty of 500 Million. This guy is a true legend. Judging from what he said, he had the chance to kill Dragon. I kind of want to see their past and well I want to see what this guy and his “adorable” grandchildren are up to in this competition.

Only in One Piece will you see a sword blocking a headbutt....

Only in One Piece will you see a sword blocking a headbutt….

I am glad that Cavendish lived up to his reputation. He is definitely no pushover.

I also found Luffy’s constant denial of being himself while at the same time admitting to being Luffy hilarious.

What I found most amusing though was Bortolomeo’s pissing action. This guy, this guy is incredible. I can’t believe he pulled out little Bortolomeo (loved the way the commenter phrased that) and pissed in front of everyone else.

Bartolomeo pissing

Bartolomeo pissing

It looks like he has some shield power or something. He will probably win this round.


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