Weekly Shonen: Bleach 537, Naruto 630, One Piece 709


I don’t have much to say this week.



This was a somewhat confusing chapter. Even though it was kind of made clear that Misaka died because of that Quincy bad guy person, her death wasn’t actually shown. I think what happened was that he took her powers and thus made her too weak to take on Grand Fisher.

(I also thought that Isshin could no longer feel Hollow reiatsu in that form. Maybe he could sort of feel it?)

Everyone was right about Uryuu’s mother, but I don’t think anyone was really expected Quincy bad guy to also be Quincy father of all. I was confused when he called Ichigo his son, but now it is clear! Ichigo is just his descendant. The same is true for Uryuu.

This whole bad guy is Quincy father thing was a pretty smart addition to the plot actually. It kind of makes his overpoweredness, his age, his hate for Shinigami and his holier than thou nature make sense.

I still think he is a boring villain though. Captain Aizen was more entertaining.

I don’t know why Uryuu has gone to meet up with him, but I really, really, really hope it isn’t to join forces. Please don’t betray everyone’s expectations Uryuu. I know that if he does join forces, he will switch sides eventually, but I don’t want to have to go through the drama that that path of execution entails.

Oh and I am glad Ichigo is back to being his resolved self. I hope he can regain Zangetsu and be all boss again.



I think I should just copy paste what I said for last chapter.

There were one or two moments where I was sort of touched (a bit more than last chapter) but the rest of it was just a boring cheese fest.

Dear Obito,

You suck.


Kakashi’s whole speech to Obito was pretty good. It was the same speech that we heard right at the beginning of the manga and it was something Obito originally said. Kakashi though modified it and added the “And those who don’t even have the decency to respect their comrades memories are the worst”. That was a nice addition and one that caught Obito-suck-face off guard.

I honestly don’t care about the Jyuubi and its silly as fudge appearance. It is such an ugly thing, but it is not even ugly in a “euuu, so interesting” way. It is ugly in a “yawn, what a boring design” kind of way.

The Fourth’s appearance right at the end saved this chapter though. It flowed quite well with what Kakashi was saying about comrade’s memories and stuff, but the general unexpectedness of it made it all that much cooler.

I am glad that Naruto was expecting him and their little exchange right at the end was quite awesome to.

As much as I like to rant about this manga, you know you have done something right when the appearance of a single character right at the end of a chapter is enough to change your impression of the chapter.

I predict that the other Hokages are right behind the 4th. Things are finally going to get good.


One Piece


I was under the impression that the old lady knew Caribou wasn’t her grandson, but he looked like him, so she looked after him. I guess I was wrong and she actually had a case of mistaken identity.

As for the chapter itself, well, I am not a big fan of fighting in manga. I am even less of a fan when it involves multiple parties, none of whom belong to the main cast.

So, it should come as no surprise that I did not enjoy most of this chapter as much as I should have. Having said that, it was still a pretty good, quite enjoyable chapter (even more so on the second read).

I was surprised to see Rickey lose this easily, but as others have pointed out, time really does have quite the drastic effect on characters in this manga. It is nice to see a manga that actually acknowledges disadvantages that come with old age.

The betrayal around Dagama was quite funny. Everyone turned on one another like petty little criminals. It was especially hilarious how Dagama eventually decided to turn on Blue Gill only to be defeated and in the process accuse Blue Gill of being a traitor.

You don’t call someone a traitor right before you betray them! That is hilarious.

I wasn’t expecting Bellamy to get overwhelmed so easily. I thought it was really touching that Luffy actually tried to cheer on for Bellamy. Luffy does not hold grudges and he forgives people quite easily to. I love that part of his personality.


The King’s punch was quite badass.

There were a lot of little things that happened leading up and during the punch so it was quite confusing to make out who got hit and keep track of everyone on the field.

None of it really matters though because everyone except for Bartolomeo got knocked out. Bartomolomeo’s barrier (he ate the barrier fruit as I suspected) is really quite strong.

We will get Luffy’s block fighting next and that should be fun.

First though, we might get a little bit of back story and I am always up for some back story in One Piece.

onepiece secret plan


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