Weekly Shonen: Bleach 538, Naruto 631

I broke tradition and read Shonen early this week (on Wednesday!) because I am going to Anime North. If you are going to and would like to meet up, leave me a reply or talk to me on Twitter. I have data on my phone so I should still be accessible.

There is no One Piece this week because Oda sensei got sick. I hope he gets better soon.

This is a short post because it is currently 3 am and I won’t get time later on, so yeah!



I liked how all the swords bowed down to Ichigo. This scene actually was kind of badass.

A good number of folk seem disappoint with the recent Bleach chapters. I am not one of them.

I am enjoying the silliness that is the current Bleach.

I liked how fast Ichigo regained finished his training . Training arc? Psst no need!

Hitsugaya’s decision to improve his swordsmanship was an interesting, humble decision.

I don’t understand why the vaizard dude didn’t just train Hisagi himself. I didn’t expect Hisagi to get angry, but whatever.



Great chapter.

The 4th Hokage was a badass. I will be honest, compared to the other Kages during their reunion, he felt kind of weak, but he totally proved himself here.

The 4th did use the 2nd’s technique but he is much better at it.

I guess he was able to quite easily use the Kyuubi’s chakra (he stored half of it in himself). I don’t think it undermines from Naruto because he likely didn’t need to fight off a personality (it is just pure chakra). That is my guess anyway.

Having said that, I didn’t think using it just to show how cool he is was necessary, but w/e.

I love how nonchalant the 1st still is and how he was so casual with Madara despite Madara’s seriousness.

I absolutely loved Sasuke’s declaration.

Is it stupid as hell that he who used to hate the village now wants to save it by becoming Hokage?


Do I care?



I don’t know if Sasuke and Naruto will still fight. Some people think Kishi made Sasuke do that declaration so the two would eventually fight but I doubt that is the case. A fight to decide who gets to become Hokage would totally go against the whole “the person everyone acknowledges becomes Hokage” thing.

I will admit that Sasuke becoming Hokage would be a fitting conclusion though as it contrasts with Madara/Hashirama.

The ending was quite badass. I am looking forward to seeing Team Seven do some butt kicking.naruto_team_seven


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