Weekly Shonen: Bleach 539, Naruto 632

Yalo, sorry I am late.
This should hopefully be a pretty short post.



There is not much to say about this chapter. It was cool to see more of the captains take on their secret training.

Mayuri seems to be up to no good again. I am going to guess that he is making some kind of modification to his bankai or he is making another Shinigami-like thing (similar to his lieutenant). I have probably said this before, but the third seat dude is pretty cool.

Soi Fon’s lieutenant should be doing training of his own instead of moping about being left behind.

Sajin’s background seems quite interesting. It looks like he plans on powering up by fighting his great grand father. I don’t know if we will get to see it, but some more info on Sajin’s background might be nice.  Maybe, we will get a flashback sometime down the line.

As for Ichigo, well I don’t really know what is going on with him and his training anymore.

“Say goodbye to Zangetsu?”

Sheesh, talk about silliness.

I do hope that this ‘goodbye’ is only a ‘goodbye’ to like some version of Zangetsu or something (i.e. Zangetsu gets replaced with Zangetsu v.1.1). Old man Zangetsu has always been close to my heart and I really like Tensa Zangetsu to.

It would be a shame to say goodbye now despite having seen neither (especially old man Zangetsu) for a long, long time.


I prefer Sasuke's reaction.

I prefer Sasuke’s reaction.

The 1st Hokage continues to show us why he is considered the strongest ninja of all time. He was willing to challenge Madara with a clone. I was glad to see Madara just shrug it off and chose to wait until the 1st is properly ready.

It would appear that Madara no longer really cares about the 1o tails. He only wants to fight the 1st. I prefer this side of him to the “I WILL BRING PEACE FORCEFULLY TO YOU PLEBS” side of him.

I want Sakura to be strong, but this “sudden powerup” feels cheap. She was weak for so long and now, I am expected to believe that it was because she was just “storing chakra”.


Oh well. I don’t really care much.

Sakura getting saved by Naruto and Sasuke at the end though kind of set her back a little.

Also, why does Naruto keep making that “Sakura-chan is scary! I must not anger her!” joke. It feels quite overused.

Having said all of that, I really did like Sakura’s sassy attitude at the end.



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