Weekly Shonen: Bleach 540, Naruto 633, One Piece 710

Sorry this post is late.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t actually going to make a post since it is midterm season and all that, but I figured I will make one last post before I enter hibernation for 2 weeks or so.

And well, having just read Bleach chapter 540, I can’t help but make a post.


I love their reaction so much.

I love their reaction so much.


I can’t help but laugh at this chapter.

Everything in it was so utterly ridiculous.

To begin with, we had those assistants pull off some weird ass moves just to make a hammer that the dude then used to forge a sword.

Did they need to show that silly sequence?

No, of course not.

Was the sequence totally over the top and fitting with the Bleach story style?

Hell yeah, it was.

I can't help but smile when I see this image.

I can’t help but smile when I see this image.

Was it cool to watch Ichigo be all stoic as his sword was being made?

Hell yeah, it was. Ichigo has seen so much ridiculousness in his life, an elaborate sequence like that is nothing to him!

But really, whether you liked the elaborate sword forging sequence or not, you have to admit the whole “TWIST” with Zangetsu was absolutely hilarious.

“Zangetsu is Juha Bach from a thousand years ago?”


If I wasn’t too lazy, I’d be on the floor rolling right now.

God dammit, I love you Kubo.

On a more serious note, I am glad that Ichigo’s powers got a bit of clarification.

I still don’t know if Tensa Zangetsu == Regular Zangetsu though. (Some have suggested that Tensa Zangetsu is an even younger Bach. That sounds reasonable to me.)

So, Ichigo’s hollow powers and Shinigami powers were one all along? That makes sense, but at the same time it doesn’t. Like what about all the stuff Whity said back when Ichigo was a noob in Soul Society?

I distinctly remember him telling Zangetsu something along the lines of:

“Look after him for his power will be mine someday.”

What does that even mean? I know he tried to take Ichigo over but it still seems like a nonsensical thing to say given the context we were presented this week.

Then again, Whitey always was incredibly proficient at using Ichigo’s sword (himself).

So, then what is Zangetsu?

Is Zangetsu just a fake name?

Or is that the name of Ichigo’s actual sword (aka Whitey?) that Zangetsu just pretended to be. Or perhaps is the sword we used to know as Ichigo’s Shinigami powers actually just a manifestation of his Quincy powers? (This last option is probably not likely.)

Still, you have to wonder why it was Bach was the one that thought Ichigo Shikai and Bankai. Why wasn’t it Whitey? It is not like it was immediately apparent to Ichigo that the white dude who looked like him was actually his hollow part.

Here is the MangaShare post that has quite a bit of discussion on this topic right now.

But you know what, I don’t care if I am confused.

People might wonder why I still read Bleach and this chapter is pretty much exactly why.

It is not even the ridiculousness of it all that enthralls me.

There is a certain Chunibyou part in all Shonen fans that glees with extreme joy when the prospect of badass powerups and mysterious inner powers lies on the horizon. It is this inner Chunibyou that compels us (or at least me) to keep reading Bleach.

God Dammit, I love you Kubo.

It doesn't matter who or what he is, Old Man Zangetsu will always be an eternal badass in my eyes.

It doesn’t matter who or what he is, Old Man Zangetsu will always be an eternal badass in my eyes.


Poor Sai. He ended up being kind of useless, though I guess he gave good advice.

It was nice to see the trio summon their Sanin summons. This was something that I wanted to see for a long, long time. Unfortunately, it felt kind of weak. I blame the fact that for most of the chapter, I was kind of bored.

The Frog is apparently Gamagichi and not Gamabunta. I am cool with this especially since Sasuke also no longer has access to the big snake (he died against Deidara, I believe).

The Frog is apparently Gamagichi and not Gamabunta. I am cool with this especially since Sasuke also no longer has access to the big snake (he died against Deidara, I believe).

I don’t really care much about the powers of everyone else, though the Ino-Chouji-Shikamura combo was pretty cool as was Hinata’s determination (NARUTO X HINATA ALL THE WAY!!!).

I have nothing else to say.

Bleach did a far better job of appealing to my inner chuunibyou. 😛

One Piece

It is great to see Oda-sensei back.

I hope he remains in good health from now on.

Right when I started reading this chapter, I tweeted

What a great cover this is.

What a great cover this is.

Now, the chapter wasn’t terribly exciting, but these transitional chapters are quite important in their own way, so I don’t mind.

I really like the new Bellamy. Him and Luffy are all buddy buddy now. It is cute.


I also liked how Bartolomeow got scared at the mention of Luffy’s name. He knows that he is no match for Luffy’s haki! Hurrah!

Robin and Law continue to be cool as fudge.


Haha, SPANK!

It was nice seeing Caesar get a chance to fight.

Are these dwarves the same as the fairies mentioned before or a different species all together? And I assume it was the dwarves that captured the fish monster thing earlier.

This is relevant:




Robin is so cool.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now.

Good Night.

I probably won’t get to post next weekend due to looming midterms.


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