Weekly Shonen: Bleach 543-545, Naruto 636-638, One Piece 712 -714

Given how often I pull of these late shenanigans, there really is no point in apologizing, but I will do it anyway.

Sorry, this post is so late and sorry it does not feature this weeks chapters.

I haven’t been posting much at all and while it is partly out of laziness/a lack of motivation, it is mostly because I have been swamped with work and other real life stuff.

With that in mind, I hope it is okay if this post is short (also read as not having that many pictures).


In the past, I expressed my concern about Ichida joining up with what’s his face. I am still not fond of this arrangement, but Juha or w/e his name is did this little acquisition of Uryuu in an interesting manner.

He blackmailed Ichida.By announcing Ichida as his successor, he has put him in the spotlight. If Ichida does anything wrong, everyone else will kill him and thus he needs to make sure that he obeys everything the current Quincy king demands.

It is an interesting form of blackmail and some of the characters are onto their leaders schemes, but the wisdom of a few will be useless when the many hate Ichida with a passion.

The second in command dude seems badass as fuck. I am looking forward to him doing stuff. (He already owned every Shinigami that came at him back in Soul Society and he was the one that shattered Ichigo’s bankai, right?).

The Quincy girl is HOT BUT SUPER SCARY.

She lures handsome guys with the prospect of sex and then kills them .

She had her shirt unbuttoned and everything! What a horrifying trap. Poor guy. :( This sends so many shivers down my spine.

She had her shirt unbuttoned and everything! What a horrifying trap. Poor guy. 😦 This sends so many shivers down my spine.

As an aside, I do like Kishi’s female character designs. They have always been quite good (although many of them look like one another).

I like some of the Shinigami stuff we saw after words. It looks like Byakuya will meet up with Ichigo. I wonder if he will get a new sword? I don’t want that. To me anyway, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi is awesome sauce and should not be replaced trivially.


Obito is still a piece of poop.

So, he got away from Kakashi just so he could turn into a 10-tails Jinchurikyou.

How did he master his powers so fast and gain some control of his beast so quickly? I do not know and frankly, I doubt anyone actually cares.

If you were marathon a good amount of completed Shonen, you will observe a trend. Many series kind of fall apart at the end. The plot becomes convoluted and more importantly, the characters pull of the dumbest of things just to raise the peak of the climax.

Normally this is only noticeable when you race through a series, but in Naruto, it is becoming noticeable as I am reading it. In my unqualified opinion, this is a bad thing.

Having said all that, some of the interaction/flashbacks between Obito and the 4th were great and quite touching. Kind of interesting how even Obito becomes better when he is near the 4th Hokage. (I think Obito failed to recognize his sensei when he attacked Konoha. I don’t understand why he failed to do that though…)

Oh and Obito’s sword things are pretty cool. I wonder if Naruto will ever get something similar.

tl:dr: Stuff happened. Most of it was yawn worthy.


One Piece

Side Note: Caribou abandoned the nice old lady. 😦 It would be nice if he goes back and saves her. I’d also like this little saga as a single episode in the anime. That would be cool.


Great Scene

Way too much stuff happened in these 3 chapters to keep track of, but uhh, let us see.

There are so many things happening in parallel and so many questions that come about in how everything is related together!

  • For once, Sanji’s love for women had a net positive effect. I don’t like Violet enough for her to be a Straw hat, but she could grow on me and we could be in for another Vivi like arc.
  • So, apparently Joker is somehow related to the Celestial Dragons. I get the impression that in general, he doesn’t really abuse his heritage much. I can respect that.
  • I was happy to see Law did not just pretend the Straw Hats were his subordinates for the sake of saving his life. He knows Luffy and respects the fact that Luffy would never accept that even if it was a lie.
  • Fujitora is scary as hell. A FREAKING METEOR. I wonder if his ability is just some form of attraction?
  • Even Don Flamingo is scared of Fujitora. This is likely the first time we have seen him squirm. Being referred to as Joker was not a good thing for Don and I am glad the Admiral caught on it.
  • You don’t mess with this admiral. He will pound justice into your head.
  • It looks like everyone will meet up at the factory or this toy house place.
  • Usopp and his lies are absolutely hilarious in their consequences. I can’t believe Montblanc Norland was referred to. That is so cool.
  • Poor Usopp has gotten himself in quite the situation thanks to his lies!
  • Nami and the others abandoned ship and turned into weird things. Is that lady who did this to them responsible for turning other humans into toys, or is it just a coincidence that Chopper looks like one?
  • I don’t like the lady that modified the Sunny Go. How dare she do that to the Straw Hat ship! I hope Nami, Brook and Chopper manage to get it back. It would be nice if they were self-reliant and didn’t need help from Sanji or the others.
  • What is the other relationship between Ricky and that Rebecca lady.
  • Luffy’s battle with the OX was wonderful. So much funny butt kicking and then that stupid giant had to ruin it all!
  • I am glad Luffy demolished the giant and he did so with only relying on a bit of gear 2 (he didn’t even stretch or anything). That was so badass.

Oh and it is really cool how far ahead Oda had planned the dwarfs/fairies thing.


Anyway, that is all I have to say. I ended up writing more than I expected, but oh well. Take care everyone. Hopefully the next post will be published on time. No promises though. 😛


And the face of the month goes to....USOLAND!

And the face of the month goes to….USOLAND!


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