Weekly Shonen: Bleach 546, Naruto 639, One Piece 715

A bit late on this post as well…woops.

Bleach is going on a 5 week break and One Piece is going on a 1 week break, so next week, you will only see Naruto.


Pretty Picture

Pretty Picture

I was a bit concerned last chapter (forgot to mention it though) about what the Captain Commander said. My concern was slightly unfounded though. I am glad that Ichigo will only not be allowed back into the human realm BECAUSE HE MIGHT BE SUPER OVERPOWERED AND LEET and not because Soul Society is a dick.

It is also nice that Ichigo’s human friends/family got the “visit Ichigo” passes. I thought Shunsui’s decision to inform was a great one because:

  • SS would have never even considered something like this in the past.
  • The fact that the Captain Commander himself came even though there was no mandatory need to release this info and more importantly because someone else could have done it shows just how humble and great Shunsui really is. I love him.

So, Kubo could chose to end this manga with Ichigo becoming a permanent resident of SS, or it could end like it began (with him living on Earth) or even something in between. It will be interesting to see how it actually ends.

Poor Orihime, she just wanted some peace and quite. 😦

I am still not sure what happened to Soul Society, but I guess we are in for one long, painful war.

I think it is good Kubo took a long break. This should hopefully ensure we get an excellent final arc.


Lots of chaotic fighting and well, I have never been a fan of that.

The Hokage are pretty smart in taking advantage of their Edo Tensei to get information. I was hoping for more from the 3rd, but since he was only testing Obito’s abilities, it is fine. The 2nd’s BOOM BOOM technique was nifty.

As expected, Obito isn’t quite in full control of his powers yet.

I wonder what Madara is planning. The ol geezer is one tricky nub cake.

Sasuke’s little rescue of Naruto was pretty cool, but he only claimed to do it because HE WANTS TO KILL NARUTO.

What a tsundere.

It looks like Sasuke still has some evil plans up his little bitch sleeve. Stupid Sasuke. OH WELL, I guess it makes sense and it sets up what will likely be the final conflict in this manga.

I assume Minato will save Naruto and Sasuke or else we are going to have to change the Manga’s name shortly before its conclusion (what a twist that would be!).

One Piece


As I said earlier, I am not a big fan of chaotic battles and this chapter was ALL CHAOTIC battle. It is even worse in OP because we don’t know most of the characters that are doing the fighting. I wonder what plans on doing with all of these fighters whose abilities he has actually spent some time fleshing out. Does he plan on just throwing them away once this arc is done or are they going to come back later on?

And if they do come back, who is it that is going to come back?

The Happou navy folk seem quite strong! I wonder if the Straw Hats will have an adventure on their island someday. That might happen, but likely only if Don Chinjaoi (who is insanely strong and has the conqueror’s haki) forgives Luffy.

Jean Ango is hilarious with his stealing skills. Poor Luffy, errr, Lucy lost his helmet!

The Funk brothers have the tried and true “Aggressive jerk brother + overly shy/nice brother” formula. This feels like a pretty common Shonen trope and heck, it is not even reserved for villains (see FULL METAL ALCHEMIST). Actually, the whole Shrimp comment was almost certainly a reference to FMA. Well, I think it was!



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