Weekly Shonen: Naruto 640

Howdy folk.

Out of the big 3, Naruto is the only that got released today. There is still no Bleach next week, but you can expect One Piece to come back.


<Something, something > priorities


As usual I don’t have much to say on the developments in Naruto. This is obviously because not only are there few developments to speak of but also Obito sucks almost as much as rotten tomatoes.

Somehow, Naruto and Sasuke mentioned to escape being killed. That was pretty fast thinking on Naruto’s part. By extending his arm and making physical contact with his dad, his dad could teleport them away.

I actually thought the Obito transformation sequence was done quite well.

As Obito’s mind was being overpowered by the 10 Tails, he was slowly forgetting and erasing away his past. But as this manga has implied before, you can’t just forget the past, you need to come to terms with it and accept it as part of who you once were.

Obito almost failed to do that (I don’t blame him. He was was wrestling with the 10 Tails after all) but his love for Rin somehow pushed him to try a bit harder.

He did not want to forget her.


I really like that dedication for the memory of someone he once love.

As the picture came together, Obito gained control and took on a new, end-game boss form.

When I first saw his form, I couldn’t help but think “Damn, I hate Obito but he looks pretty cool here.”

In retrospect, it is actually not that cool. The horns really do mess it up quite a bit. The floating black circles, the black spiral like things and the Sage’s staff are pretty damn cool though.


The single horn on the head and the 4 hords on his collar are tacky as fudge.

So, we have another supposed cliffhanger this week what with Obito attaching that black ball to Minato.



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