Weekly Shonen: Naruto 641-642, One Piece 716-717


I have delayed this post far, far more than I should have.

The delay was partly because of exams, partly because of laziness and also because I have been addicted to Fire Emblem Awakening.

I am sorry. :(

I am sorry. 😦



I did not like the Shikamaru speech. This is why it probably wasn’t a good idea for this manga to transition away from ninjas to super-ninjas. Now everyone who is not a monster is forced to simply stand on the sideline and bide their time.

I am expecting something silly at the end where we see Obito/Madara in a weakened state so they all charge together. That would be incredibly silly as well as being incredibly corny.


I have actually been enjoying the Obito fight.

I liked how the second and the fourth hokage teamed up together. Their teamwork was wonderful.

I liked how Naruto and Sasuke teamed up together. Their teamwork was wonderful

I liked how the four of them teamed up together. Their teamwork was wonderful.

I am quite impressed with the 2nd hokage actually. He always seems to have been overshadowed by his super overpowered older brother. His techniques are no longer considered to be that shiny anymore because the 4th improved them.

And yet, he is a tactical genius. What he lacks in raw firepower, he makes up for in genius, wit and a rather harsh sense of humor.

As a sort of aside, I really like how all of the hokage made fatal mistakes. At the beginning of the manga, they were thought to be almost god like, but they have become more and more human in terms of their decisions and choices.

I really like this entire page:


We get to see that even the 4th hokage, as legendary a man as he was, makes mistakes and his mistakes come with great consequence. We also got to see some respect for Naruto courtesy of the 2nd. That was nice.

It looks like Obito’s weakness has been discovered. He is weak to SAGE chakra. Hurray! Now, hurry up and kill him so we can move on to bigger and better things.

It also looks like the two halves of the 9-Tails are going to join up sometime soon.

One Piece


I didn’t really enjoy chapter 716 very much because for the most part it featured fighters that I had never heard about before. So, naturally I did not care about them. That said, the fights were quite exciting and very creative. I have no idea how Oda keeps coming up with all of these devil fruit powers.

The Luffy helmet snatching bit was hilarious.

I enjoyed 717 quite a bit. Luffy and old man Chinjao really had a go at it. I am quite curious about just how much harm Garp did to the poor guy.

The rest of the plot is slowly unfolding in typical One Piece manner.

The marines have the colosseum surrounded so Luffy and sanji/Samurai dude are going to have a hard time meeting up with one another.

On the other end, we now have confirmation that the toys were indeed human once upon a time.

I am not sure whose devil fruit power is responsible for turning these humans into toys. I don’t know if it is that lady who attacked Nami and the others or someone else.

What I also find interesting is how the existence of the former humans –now toys– is totally erased. I mean, in theory you can recall having never slept with anyone and yet for some reason, you have a child.

How can their memories be altered to such an extent? Regardless of the fruit user, that is one incredibly powerful power.

Damn, that fight between Law, Don and the Admiral is intense. These guys are beasts. The admiral is incredibly strong, though I suppose that was to be expected given his rank.

On the other end of the spectrum, poor Usopp has been roped into leading an army of dwarfs. These guys continue to amuse me with their funny antics and touch me with their comradery.


I love these small touches of humor here and there.


Dawwwwwww. Wait, a dwarf princess!? I smell a potential Straw Hat crew member here! Please let her be awesome.


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