Poor Celes-san

I don’t really know why I am still watching Danganronpa the Animation. I mean the mysteries are quite nice and the characters are lovely, but lovely characters mean little when they keep dying.

I mean, yeah that is sort of the point of the whole show, but to be perfectly honest, I’d rather just watch a slice of life anime staring these guys or heck, you could still do the whole ‘trapped in a school thing’.

This show could have kept the initial ‘trapped in a school’ scenario, but changed the escape condition to something less barbaric like ‘find the golden key’ or steal your peer’s card or something.

You could still have the occasional murder or two if you really desired and then you could punish the criminal by imprisonment or perhaps a quick execution. But just no more of these forced killings and exceptionally sadistic punishments.

Like seriously, Monobear…

I’d tell you to eat a bag of dicks but given your delight at eating human peanut butter, I don’t think you’d mind that one bit.

I liked most of the characters that have been killed off so far, but out of the dead, Celes-san was my favorite.

I know she had it coming since she did kill two people (well one person and made him kill the other), it was still sad to see her forced into doing that.

Her death was just as sadistic and cruel as all the previous ones if not more so.

The initial witch burning was cruel not only because poor Celes got really uncomfortable, but also because it was a showcase of the dark side of the medieval era. Celes had just confessed to wanting to live in a medieval castle so what better way to bring her down to reality by making her experience the true horrors of medieval life?

Then out of pure spite, monobear drove over a fucking firetruck only to use it to ram straight into poor Celes. Like, how much irony do you wish to infuse in an execution you sadistic bear?

Too much irony! But damn, Celes was majestic till the very end.

Too much irony! But damn, Celes was majestic till the very end.


Now that my rant is over, I did like just how dignified and noble Celes was in her death. Okay, she revealed a very ugly side of herself and while that was unexpected (and not totally welcome), it did not detract from how she turned herself in and held her head high as she faced her death.

Danganronpa the Animation, Celes Danganronpa the Animation, Celes

Sniff, sniff. I will miss you and your great goth dress. 😦

p.s. If Kirigiri dies anytime soon, I will be very, very, very angry. SHE IS BEST GIRl.

p.p.s Oogami is also the best. Okay, I just watched episode 8. Oogami is dead. F.U.C.K THIS SHOW.


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  1. #1 by Highway on August 25, 2013 - 1:25 pm

    I quit this show back after the first trial, so episode 3 I guess. I decided I was completely uninterested in watching Monokuma’s sick sadistic murder fantasy. Like you say, some of the characters are interesting (well, potentially, since they eschewed most character development in favor of murdering people) and although the art up to that point wasn’t very good, it could have been an interesting show without that barbaric condition. I think what pushed me over the edge was Monokuma saying “I want to prevent unnecessary deaths”. WTF bear? You intend to have every person here dead, maybe save one, and if we believe your little ‘motivational’ videos, you’re not afraid to have umpteen other people killed.

    I try not to judge people who are interested in such a show, but I really don’t like even the existence of shows like that (or Btooooooooooom!, which I dropped with similar prejudice).

    • #2 by Reiseng on August 25, 2013 - 5:33 pm

      I don’t really mind shows like Danganronpa too much though the sadism is a bit over the top.

      It reminds me a bit of traditional western slasher films (you know where everyone save one character dies at the hand of a monster) except Danganronpa is a bit more fun than that. 😛

      As for Btoooooooom!, I never tried it but it generated a fair amount of hate over its brutality, so yeah it probably sucks.

      And yeah, monokuma is quite grating. I am hoping that by the end the characters will be able to punch him real good!

      • #3 by Highway on August 26, 2013 - 12:36 am

        Actually, that’s exactly what I called it early in the season, before I dropped it. It’s a teen slasher pic, where instead of a cabin by the lake, they’re all locked in a high school. The difference, to me, is the twisted morality of it. In those, there’s someone who is definitely not ‘human’ (even if they are not a literal monster, they are someone who the audience is not supposed to identify with, nor feel sorry for). So it’s the ‘other’ attacking the ‘humans’.

        In Danganronpa, it’s literally dehumanizing people, by encouraging them to murder each other. Btoooom! was similar, but in that case, most of the people sent to the island were pretty far down the ‘humanity’ scale anyway, and the great majority of them ‘needed killin’. And for me, there’s no fun in that.

    • #4 by Reiseng on September 6, 2013 - 7:16 pm

      So it’s the ‘other’ attacking the ‘humans’.

      That is actually a pretty great observation. Sorry that is all I have left to say. 😀

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