Weekly Shonen: Naruto 643, One Piece 718


I am sorry this post is so late but that seems to be the norm these days, unfortunately.



Hmmm. This week’s chapter was not a bad chapter or anything, but when you think about it, nothing terribly consequential happened.

We got to see the 4th comforted by the other half of the 9-Tails. Then we got to see Naruto and his dad do a fist bump and transform into a supposedly more capable form.

During all of this, Obito was doing shit like always and Madara was overly confident about his edo tensei body. I mean, yeah the bijou bombs would likely do no damage, but Obito is able to cancel out the edo tensei chakra and thus he could in turn destroy Madara for once and for all.

I am kind of happy that we still get to see the fist bump now and then. It was a small gesture first introduced by Killer Bee but it has turned into a neat form of communication/synchronization between jinchuuriki.

Sasuke seems impressed. I wonder how he will help out with this whole ‘save the world business’.

One Piece


For the most part, OP arcs follow a rather standardized formula. The crew arrives on the island. They get split apart. They eventually get back together and then they finish off the final fights. Sometimes they have their individual final fights while split and other times they re-split and fight.

Anyway, this arc is at the point where the crew is slowly getting back together. The parallel strings are slowly converging back into a knot. Zoro and Franky have already met back up and they should be meeting up with Usopp/Robin soon enough.

Sanji and Luffy will likely join the others in the factory.

On the other end, the weak trio are now tasked with rescuing Law but they are being kind of useless at the moment. I hope they are able to rescue the ship by themselves though I have no idea how they will do that.

On the bright side, we did learn that the lady turning them into ‘art’ is not the same person that turns people into toys. We also got to see Law acting all demanding just like Luffy.


This is cool because it either shows that Law are not that different after all or that Luffy has had an influence on Law. I am quite cool with either interpretation.

Getting back to what I said earlier, this arc is no different from previous arcs in that the crew split up and are slowly getting back together, but its scale is much, much larger.

The characters involved are much more influential than the characters involved in past arcs.

On this island, we have got Don Flamingo, several Marine V.Admirals, a Marine Admiral, Law, a Blackbeard crew member, a former enemy of Garp and probably other, very influential people.

This means that things that happen on this island will have a global impact and while it will likely not be as great as the global impact caused by the Whitebeard war, it will still not be negligible.

Most importantly though perhaps is that things are only going to get more intense from here on. As the SH move from island to island, they will meet other incredibly influential people and the global impact of their actions will only become more and more profound.

No longer will be able to see that each arc is almost self contained though to be fair, we haven’t been able to say that since the Thriller Park arc.

Do I like this direction OP is heading in?

Yes, yes I do. It is very exciting and the suspense of I want to see everything from the Void Century to the great weapons to emperors to the marines, everything come together.

Does this change scare me?

Yes, yes it does. Change is always scary. In many Shonen, when you reach this point where all of the individual storylines begin to converge, you often end up with an incredibly generic, boring set of final fights and there is no real fun in that!

But this is Oda and this is OP, so I have faith!

Not really sure where I was going there, but this was a good chapter. I am looking forward to seeing how this arc wraps up and the global consequences that come about because of it.

p.s. I love the bug designs and Usopp’s general glee at having encountered them. I really like how he wants to show them off to Luffy. The two are so close. 🙂

I love how they immediately recognized that this is an Usopp lie. Gotta love the little bits of humor here and there.

I love how they immediately recognized that this is an Usopp lie. Gotta love the little bits of humor here and there.


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