Great Little Moments: “Will you not grieve for him?”

GLM is a series of posts I plan to make to catalog little moments in anime/manga (mostly manga) that made me go “ah, that was great”. This first of these occurs in the Inu x Boku SS MANGA. If you have not read the manga to at least chapter 25, then don’t read this post!

I started reading Inu x Boku without realizing it was Inu x Boku. That is to say, I had planned on watching the anime sometime, but after I had read an entire chapter of the manga, my brother pointed out that he had seen the anime. Then I realized that I was actually reading Inu x Boku SS (the manga was uploaded with the Youko x Boku SS title so yeah I missed that detail!).

From what I hear and from what little I have seen, the anime is quite cute. The manga at first is quite cute to but it towards the second half, it got scary, dark, brutal and very, very sad.



I could envision bad things happening in this manga, but I never thought that they actually would happen.

After the characters all die and reincarnate,  Ririchiyo doesn’t regain her memories right away and instead locks them up because they were too painful. All of the residents decided to not help her regain them since it was taboo to do so.

All, except for one.

Up until this point, Kagerō had been a goof who was mostly there for comic relief. Even though he was involved in the plot to an extent (e.g. telling Sōshi to write mail to Chiyo), he was never the one moving things forward, but that changed in chapter 25.

He defied customs and whatever else and told Chiyo to stop running. He scolded her and basically told her to stop being weak.



Normally when a 2D boy tells a girl that her current relationship sucks and is forced, he follows it up with “that’s why you should leave him and go for me”, but Kagerō didn’t do that (though I think he definitely likes her quite a bit).

No, he said “Will you not grieve for him?”.



Kagerō wanted some respect shown for his former employee who was more importantly, also a good friend.

That was a powerful line made even more powerful because we never got to see such serious things from Kagerō before AND on top of that, he wasn’t wearing his trademark mask when he said it.

It was a truly great, little moment.


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