Horrifying Little Moments: Karuta and the Pig

The “Horrifying Little Moments” part of the title should be self-explanatory. Forgive the vague wording of the second part (had to avoid spoilers), but this HLM is something that happens in the Inu x Boku SS manga.

So, if you haven’t read the manga, you should probably not click this post.

In chapter 15 (roughly halfway through the current collection of translated chapters), Karuta gets attacked.

This attack is a very important turning point in the manga.

Even though the cast had been attacked by demons before, this attack was different not only because it was an attack by fellow Ayakashi (half-human, half-yokai), but also because of its scale. Never before had a main character suffered such dangerous wounds.

The attack then set up the deaths of every character save one. All of the problems in the current time (23 years in the future) are still linked to the attackers. It also set up a great conversation between Karuta and Watanuki. That conversation to ended in tragedy as Karuta lost all control and became a complete puppet that had to be killed off.

Up until this point, this manga had been mostly romcom, but this attack changed EVERYTHING. After the time skip, there were some romcom sections, but a lot of it felt like an illusion. This manga was no longer nice or cute, it was brutal, sad and quite convoluted.

But, it isn’t so much the after effects of the attack or the moments leading up to it that I will remember most vividly; it is the attack itself that will stick with me.

myouko-x-boku-ss-inu x boku-bite-karuta

The girl getting attacked in the above image is Karuta Roromiya.

Inu x Boku SS has a pretty good cast (well, except for the two MCs) but Karuta is the absolute best character.

She is absolutely adorable, super cute and sexy to (especially her reincarnation). She is also one of the strongest characters in the series.

I absolutely adore her.

So seeing our food loving best girl getting attacked like this with no prior warning whatsoever is horrifying, but it gets worse.

The pig isn’t using a sword to slash her, or talons to claw her, or his head to ram her. No, he’s using his teeth to bite her.

B    I    T    E


Take a look at that page. Read it several times. The mental image gets worse with every reading of those sound effects.

That crunch? It is the sound of poor Karuta’s ribs getting crushed. The pig didn’t just bite her hard enough to cut skin or draw blood, it bit an entire chunk right off.

This is the kind of bite you or I would use on an apricot except instead of hearing soft fruit flesh getting torn, we get to hear human bones crushed.

She is missing a large chunk of her lower, left abdomen....

She is missing a large chunk of her lower, left abdomen….god….



This scene makes me shiver and turns my blood cold.

Why did it have to be poor Karuta? I would have been horrified had it been anyone, but why did it have to be her, why…WHY!?

I might never be able to see her without thinking of this scene.

God, this scene is absolutely horrifying.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to watch Inu x Boku SS episode 6 to hopefully get these painful Karuta thoughts replaced by DAWWWW Karuta thoughts.


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