Weekly Shonen: Naruto 644, One Piece 719


Reading weekly shonen without Bleach just doesn’t feel right, eh? Well, hopefully Bleach will be starting back up soon. Hopefully, I will do more fanboying and less ranting but it should be fun either way!


I didn’t mind the chapter for some reason, but the trend of nothing significant happening continues. I mean yeah, everyone survived a 4-way bijou bomb thing, but that seems trivial to the fight as a whole.

The Minato x Naruto moments were kind of touching but quite cheesy to.

Minato and Naruto’s fusion allowed everyone to be whisked away and I guess that was cool? The “chakra donated to everyone before can suddenly increase” bit wasn’t too contrived, it still felt kind of meh.

Really, the best part of the chapter was the art. Most of it was draw quite normally, but there were one or two panels featuring the chakra mix that I thought were quite mythical and nice.


One Piece


Oda-sensei is a genius. I love him so much.

Of all the things Garp could have done to Chinjao, he just had to go and FLATTEN his spiky head. Like seriously. Really? Wow.

And this was a problem because it meant Chinjao could no longer access his treasure!

In atypical One Piece fashion, Luffy ended the fight by elongating Chinjao’s previously flat skull!

This is exactly why some people don’t like One Piece and why I love it to death.

It is hard to explain, but OP is so childish, goofy and yet so well put together.

You could take Chinjao’s story and turn it into a children’s poem/story.

Old Chinjao was once so strong and fierce

His pointy head could always pierce

until he met his old foe, Garp

who broke what was once so sharp

Having lost his magnificent drill

Old Chinjao lost life’s thrill

gone was his massive treasure

and with it life’s pleasure

till one day he met Monkey. D. Luffy

the grandson of Garp, the gruffy

who gave a punch so strong

it regrew a peak gone so long

Now Old Chinjao can sail

and can reach his treasure without fail.

Okay, I am not the best at poetry, BUT YOU GET THE POINT.

Current conjecture would suggest that now Chinjao will become a friend of Luffy’s and might even help him out with the whole Don Flamingo thing!

On the other end of the spectrum, it looks like Blackbeard’s minion has figured out Luffy’s identity. The finals will definitely be interesting. I am expecting Cavendish (the wonderful bishie that he is) to win. (i.e. the finals will have Burgess, Bartolomeo, Luffy and Cavendish.) I guess everyone will be targeting Luffy though I bet something will interrupt the match before it ends.


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