Weekly Shonen: Bleach 547, Naruto 645, One Piece 720

Bleach is back. 🙂

Also, I accidentally published this when it wasn’t finished. It was only up for a few seconds, but hopefully, your RSS feed didn’t go crazy.


I love the comments of the three in the back.

I love the comments of the three in the back.

All of these father-son moments are kind of getting a bit overdone now. Oh well, it wasn’t too bad. But really, the best part of this chapter was the humor mixed in here and there.

From Naruto’s initial foolhardy charge to his cute little conversations with Kurama. I rather liked the banter between Naruto and Kurama quite a bit. It helped patch up some of Kurama’s ‘bad deeds’ in the past.


As for the attacks themselves, well they were quite fun.

So, what sucked this chapter?

The ending with the activation of the infinite tsukuyomi. – I honestly could not care less about these destroy the world plans. The fight was decent by itself and really seeing the malformed 10-Tails at the end just killed my mood.

Such a buzkill.

I was also not too happy with Sasuke’s useless/jealousy. This kid is meant to be pretty tough. It is kind of sad. Even though Sasuke was built up to be this super important character, he has been totally cast aside.

Oh and where is Sakura. She is totally useless to.



I really like this color page. Do note that the Supreme Quincy King isn’t in the picture. I think that is relevant somehow.

It is nice to see Bleach back.

I think everyone kind of expected a little bit more from the first chapter in more than a month, but oh well. It wasn’t that bad. The color opening pages in particular were wonderful.

The one really important thing we learned this chapter was how the Quincy were able to invade so easily.

They were there in Soul Society all along but were slightly phase shifted into a different dimension. That is why they were so easily able to invade both times and why Soul Society kind of merged with the Quincy castle.

It is kind of ridiculous, but the good, BLEACH CERTIFIED kind of ridiculous. I should really get used to expecting such contrived, hilarious explanations from Bleach, but I never do! It continues to surprise me.

Mayuri is as expected, one step ahead of the game. He already predicted this and put in counter measures. That was smart of him though he should have probably consulted with the Captain Commander and shared his theories.

I hope Shunsui Kyōraku kicks some major butt. Even though he is probably the strongest captain (non-vaizard one anyway), he always seems to have a hard time in his fights. This will be his hardest fight yet, but I AM EXPECTING GREAT THINGS. You show those damn humans who is boss, Shunsui!

It is good to see that Hitsugaya still capable of using his ice powers. I am not sure if that is because that is just the way his reiatsu works or because he got to keep his shikai or for some other reason entirely.


Hopefully we will get to see Ichigo kick some butt very soon but I do hope that his return isn’t drama plagued. Ishida is on the enemy side now so this could spell trouble for our easily confused protagonist.

One Piece

I love this little bit of rivalry between two pirates.

Goddammit Rebecca. Why are you such a weak crybaby?

I really wish that One Piece had more slightly less weak, side female characters. I mean, the main female cast is lovely and we see some other strong privateers around but Rebecca is not one of them. She not only wears a horribly unpractical costume, but is weak crybaby sauce as well.

That said, I did think that Luffy’s counter against Rebecca was magnificent. He was just casually eating the whole time!

Luffy is such a dolt. Every time someone offers to help him, he runs away thinking they mean harm! This has become a running gag now. I do think Luffy will end up using the Happou navy though it will probably only be a temporary thing.

Luffy does want to be the Pirate King but I don’t think he is the sort of person who relies on people outside his crew. He might need the navy here though to win against Don Flamingo.

It is as Mihawk predicted. Strawhat Luffy is picking up allies everywhere he goes. All of these friendships he forms will come back to help him. This is about as Shonen as you can get, but OP does such a great job of building these relationships, it doesn’t feel generic at all.

Another interesting thing we learned is that BlackBeard is in contact with Aoikiji. I do not know what mutual interests the two of them could possible have but I am interested in finding out.

It looks like this arc is about to hit the climax point. Everything has been coming together for a while and now Luffy is entering the SAVE THE GLADIATORS AND TOYS AND DWARFS from Don Flamingo game.

All of these folk that need rescuing paint a very sinister picture for Don but I still can’t shake the feeling that something else is afoot to. Like some other fans, I don’t think Don is as obviously evil as he is sometimes presented to be.

I think I have forgotten something…OH RIGHT



I did not expect that little change in Bartolomeo’s personality. I did not expect it at all. It is hilarious. This guy is obsessed with Luffy. He even calls Luffy, Luffy-senpai! This could provide Luffy additional help this arc.

Some folk suggested that Luffy will do something to upset Bart and Bart in turn will hate/try to kill Luffy. I am hoping that won’t happen but we shall see.


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