Weekly Shonen: Bleach 548, Naruto 646, One Piece 721


Sorry I am late. I have been a bit occupied I suppose.


Bleach Marechiyo Ōmaeda

Awww, this guy rarely acts cool, but is cool when he does.

I will admit, the bit in the beginning with Marechiyo Ōmaeda was pretty great.

Hitsugaya’s fight was pretty cool to. It looks like folk who have lost their bankai get to keep their shikai.

It was nice to see Hitsugaya and Rangiku act as a team. They are one of the better Captain – Lieutenant pairs when it comes to how well they get along with one another so it was good to see their partnership well utilized.

I hope the bad guy is defeated, but this is Bleach so I don’t know if he is or not.

Bleach Hitsugaya Sassy

He may have lost his bankai, but Hitsugaya is still pretty sassy.



The Sage made good fashion choices.

Naruto as a story has always alluded Japanese mythology. The 9 Tails beast, the sages, a lot of it has its roots in Japanese folklore.

I am not sure if the Forbidden Fruit thing that was showcased this chapter has a place in Japanese mythology or not (it is q pretty common story though – think Adam and Eve) but it didn’t feel like it belonged in this manga.

I mean, “a woman ate a fruit and then her son shared chakra with everyone” or something like that sounds quite stupid.

As others have pointed out, we were lead to believe that chakra was something you got from your own spirit. It wasn’t some magical gift by a human-deity. It was something you worked hard to obtain though naturally there were some with greater chakra than others, but still! It was not a stolen given gift for humanity but something humanity worked hard to achieve and understand.

Even if I set the chakra mishap aside, this manga has been far too closely tied to fate and destiny as of late. It was supposed to be a manga about a knucklehead who outclassed everyone through hard work and guts. But now, it is about mystical events that were set in motion many centuries ago.


Madara’s reasoning about how it was bad for humans to get chakra is stupid. Heck, everything that comes out of Madara’s Obito’s mouth is stupid.

In the interest of time, I think I am going to stop my rant there.

(I am not actually angry or upset. I just have nothing better to say!)

One Piece


There is some really nice contrast going on here. While Don is leading a revolution, the poor soldier-san is slaving away. This is often what happens in revolutions but we often miss the suffering of those not in the spotlight.

I kind of feel bad because I was mean to poor Rebecca last week. I still don’t want her to join the crew as some folk do, but I will concede that her back story was genuinely touching.

This entire chapter was spent showcasing her back story so I don’t have much to talk about, but it did raise some important questions.

The main question that is bugging most people is: “What is the relationship between Rebecca, Ricky the Gladiator, Toy Soldier-San and Kyros?”. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say that Kyros and Ricky are one and the same and they are an old bodyguard of the previous royal family. Toy Soldier-san is probably her dad or something.

I have no real evidence to support that and you can see how those roles could be very easily switched around.

The other important thing to question is “Why did Don Flamingo do everything he did?” He framed the old royal family and took over but for what reason? And what is the connection between his family and the Dwarfs that dates back many centuries?

There are a lot of questions but we are slowly getting the answers and this arc as a whole is turning into one very well knit storyline.


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