[FAL] Lord Reiseng takes on MAL – Fall Edition

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is that time again. You know, when everyone picks some anime and goes head to head in MyAnimeList Fantasy Anime League. Last time, I FELL and got 169/230. I find that funny because it was Spring and not FALL. Get it! Hahaha.

Anyway, here is the official FAL Rules page and here Scamp’s post (go there and make a comment if you haven’t already). If you haven’t registered yet, you should hurry. The entry time ends today at 19:00 UTC.

This time around, I skipped the research and did my picks at random. I did this mostly because I was lazy and partly because I wanted to see what would happen if I did it this way.

So, without further ado, here are my picks:



Mal Link

Three High School Girls handling radiation waste? Well, that sounds like a successful anime. The 3 High School Girls part of that description should ensure some interest and the radiation part of the equation should help set it apart from other anime.

This is also a manga adaptation. The manga has a 7.45 on MAL. I have limited understanding of MAL’s rating values, but I don’t think that is too bad.

I predict that this anime will get somewhere between a 6.8 and a 7.5 on MAL.

Kuroko no Basket 2

Kuroko no Basket 2

Mal Link

I really should try watching Kuroko no Basket season 1 someday. It has a pretty dedicated fanbase. I am not the biggest fan of sports anime though.

The first season has a MAL rating of 8.66. That is very good. Unfortunately, as research done by FAL experts (namely Scamp and Kadian) has proven, sequels are normally not a good bet.

Last time I included Railgun S2 and that probably wasn’t the best choice but I am pretty sure it was my other choices that did most of the damage.

Anyway, I don’t think including Basket 2 is a bad idea. It has a dedicated fanbase that is composed of fujoshi, basketball fans and fujoshi basketball fans. Fans like that are quite dedicated and fond of sequels (I think, I hope..).

White Album 2

White Album 2

Mal Link

It might be too early to tell if Basket is a risky sequel, but this one most certainly is.

Okay, forget risky. This is probably a horrible choice. The first season has a rating of 6.86. Fortunately, the second part of that season (which aired as White Album Season 2) has a rating of 7.15.

I can only hope that this trend of rising ratings is somehow exponential and White Album 2 gets something above 8. Then again, I don’t think this is a sequel. It seems to actually be a spinoff or something.

If it is a spinoff and no prior knowledge of the franchise is required, then I have some hope for success. The promotion picture is at least somewhat pretty and reminiscent of popular anime like Clannad and Kanon, right?

Kyousou Giga (TV)

Kyousou Giga (TV)Mal Link

I actually watched and somewhat liked the first Original Net Anime (the one episode one and not the 2012 5 episode one). A lot of other folk did not like it as much.

The original ONA has a rating of 6.91 and the sequel ONA has a rating of 7.11. I am hoping that most of the new TV series watchers have not seen either of those and that the TV series will appeal to them and make them happy.

……that probably won’t happen though……..

Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

Mal Link

Oh dear. I am not sure what to make of this. The original Novel has a rating of 7.5.

I am hoping that this will somehow be the more likable “self-referential otaku suck” anime. Hopefully, it won’t be one of the sucky ones. Unfortunately, there really aren’t many good “otaku humor” anime out there so….so…..YEAH.

That said, the character personalities seem quite varied so this could be quite funny if it is done well.

Oh, woops. I was looking at this anime from my perspective and not MAL’s. I am still not sure what the MAL user base looks for in anime.

Bench Warmers

Having a good bench comes with many benefits. One such benefit is the ability to sit on a bench. This is more comfortable than standing. – Lord Reiseng

Last time, I picked anime that I thought would keep a decent enough following going forward so if one of the initial heavy hitters tanked then I could replace it.

I didn’t do that this time. Well, my script generated the anime list so I didn’t pick any per say, but out of the 7, I chose the ones airing later to be my benchwarmers.

One of the biggest mistakes I made last time was including late airing anime in my main list. That cost me a lot.

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ars Nova

Mal Link

This series has cute girls and submarines. It is the closest we will ever get to a FullMetal Panic sequel. How on Earth could anyone not enjoy this?

The original manga has a MAL rating of 7.81. That is not too bad.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd SeasonMal Link

The savior of anime returns once more.

If Valvrave season 2 does not save MAL, then nothing will.

The previous season only has a rating of 7.41, so clearly the MAL userbase does not yet realize that it requires saving. But it will someday and Valvrave will be the one to do so.

Other Thoughts

I was surprised by the anime that my script picked out for me. They are not bad at all. I have a passing interest in most of the above and I am hopeful that MAL has at least some interest in them.

I think going by random picks was a pretty good idea this time around. I forgot to do my research and to be frank, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about this upcoming season anyway.

My script also had a bug at first and it picked 8 anime instead of 7. Instead of rerunning it and possibly getting worse anime, I just dropped one from the list. The anime I dropped was Non Non Biyori. It might have been a better idea to drop White Album 2…I think I made a blunder. Oh well.

The only other non-random thing I did was force the inclusion of one of the special “one only sequels” (Basket, Magi or Infinite Stratos). Yeah, I kind of cheated there, but hey it was still random.

If you want to play the random game like I did, then you can use my very ugly Python script. Copy Paste that into a site like this and press the execute script button.


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