Weekly Shonen: Bleach 549-550, Naruto 647-648, One Piece 722

Hello, I am sorry I didn’t put up a post last week. Last week’s chapters were kind of boring and short anyway, so I am sure none of you are too upset about it!



This girl. I love her.

This girl. I love her.

My biggest problem with these two chapters, or rather my biggest problem with the last couple of weeks is just how much praise Naruto gets.

I mean, yes, I love it when the main character is recognized as being cool. I really do, but he isn’t being recognized for his badass ninja techniques. No, he is being recognized for his COURAGE AND HEART AND OTHER CHEESY THINGS.

Sure, those are arguably more important values, but that doesn’t make it any less boring.

What makes it worse to is that we say those compliments again, again and again.

Moving on to the chapters themselves, chapter 647 was dismal and terrible.

The 1st told the ninja not to give up? Well, that is such a corny, Shonen thing to say.

Oh, everyone will get to see a flashback of Naruto’s past? Ain’t that lovely.


As Shonen manga reach their conclusion, they often begin to fall deeper and deeper into cliche territory.

I have seen this happen to many manga as I marathoned through them and now I am seeing it happen to Naruto week by week.


I will admit that some of the flashbacks (the third, Asuma, Itachi, etc) were kind of touching. I just don’t like this whole “put down and then brought back up by HOPE AND GOOD MEMORIES vibe.”

It was also nice to to see Sasuke be cool again.

Chapter 648 was a significant improvement.

This chapter was better because Sasuke received some praise. Yeah, that sounds contradictory to what I said earlier, but there are two reasons why this was better than Naruto being endless praised.

  1. He was praised for his battle prowess and not some cheesy, feel good thing.
  2. He was praised by OROCHIMARU.

I have grown to really like Orochimaru. He is definitely one of the most interesting characters in this manga. That is why I am quite content with any screen time that he gets.

We have already seen a good deal of the 1st Hokage’s past but it was nice to see just how passionate he was and still is, about peace.

His dream will come true for sure. I only hope Obito suffers greatly before it does.

Also, where the hell is Kakashi? I predict that he will be the one to land the final blow on Obito, though it would be cooler if it was Kakashi + Minato. I want to see the two of them put down their rogue teammate. That is totally against the spirit of the current arc, but I want to see it anyway.



I am a bit sad that both the fire dude and the robot dude are still alive and not defeated. Yeah, it is to be expected, but I want these fights to end quickly!

I like the robot dudes personality. Cold and mechanical. He is kind of cool. By contrast, I have never really like Soi-Fong but I don’t really hate her either. At least she has spunk.

I am enjoying the conversation between Kurotsuchi and that other Quincy dude. They have a nice bit of chemistry going on and their conversations are a good way to explain whatever is happening.

I don’t know how Hitsugaya or Soi-Fong are going to win. The fire dude is capable of cancelling out the flames of the former Captain Commander. He is insanely strong.
The robot dude to is incredibly strong. Given that both Fong and Hitsugaya are now gravely injured, I expect backup of some sort though I really do wish they could finish this on their own.

One Piece

Let’s quickly go over what happened this chapter.

  • Cavendish helped out Rebecca
  • We learned a little about Don Flamingo’s top 3 minions.
  • Zoro met up with Sanji and Samurai dude.
  • Brook pretended to be interested in Jora’s art only to betray her.
  • Law got defeated.
  • The Celestial Dragons (or rather their ancesters) made the world government 800 years ago.
  • After the creators gave up their thrones, other royal families took over.
  • The Riku family took over Dressrosa but the original rulers were the donquixote family.

Ah, I love Cavendish. He is so gallant and righteous. I was not expecting him to be a horse rider. That made just made his pro-Rebecca speech all that much cooler.


I also really liked that unlike Sanji, Cavendish didn’t make that speech just because Rebecca is a girl, but rather because he thought the comments of everyone else were distasteful and unnecessary.

Don Flamingo has  3 top minions, but is a boss character himself. It is obvious that Zoro will face one minion, Sanji another, but who will face the third? If Luffy faces him, then who will face Don? Unless I guess Law gets involved again somehow or Luffy faces both a minion and Don or Don escapes and doesn’t fight at all.

I liked how the weak 4 are fighting back. I hope they will be able to escape and revert their curses on their own. I really liked Brook’s acting (though I was a bit upset that Chopper assumed full on betrayal).

I wasn’t sure at first, but upon closer inspection it would appear that the spell put on Brook has reverse, so everyone is safe now!

Brook’s fighting style is very different from Zoro’s isn’t it? It is hard to describe, but his sword draw and movements are more alike a samurai’s (think Kenshin with his quick draw) than Zoro’s. Zoro in turn is a bit more rough.

I like this bit of variety.

Poor Law got beaten. 😦 Hurry up save him, Luffy!

I was not expecting Don to be a Celestial Dragon. I didn’t expect it because I thought all the Celestial Dragons were in Mariejois. In retrospect, this is such an obvious reveal but Oda framed it so well, the details were never quite obvious.

Don’s family used to be king, but they left the country and now they have come to take it back.

It is such a simple plot development and yet, it makes total and utter sense.

As always, Oda-sensei is a genius.

I still don’t think Don is evil for the sake of being evil. He is cruel (or rather very cruel given how he treats Law and his other subordinates) and vicious, but he definitely has an agenda of some sort.


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