How Kyoukai no Kanata came to be an anime.

Kyoukai no Kanata_2

A secret meeting room, undisclosed location, circa 2012

A group of haggard, worn down editors, executives and world leaders sit around a meeting table. They sit with their brows furrowed and hands clasped in front.

In the dim light, a bead of sweat slides down a worn down face and makes a loud drip as it hits the marble floor. And then silence once more.

A single script lies undisturbed in the center of this table. It’s existence is the cause of much trouble for the agency’s constituents and its future is the primary focus of this meeting.

Written in red, the script’s title shines, forever taunting the room’s inhabitants.

The title reads Kyoukai no Kanata in Japanese or Beyond the Boundary when translated.

This script must be published as an anime.

Perhaps the author died or disappeared and publishing this is a last favor for a friend or perhaps the Queen of England herself asked them to publish it. Having spent the past 30 hours locked in this room, the inhabitants no longer remember why it must be published. All they know is that it must be published.

This script in its current form or a form very similar to it must be turned into an anime, but quality concerns have halted progress and caused much grief for the inhabitants. The inhabitants built their careers and reputations around quality thus it is important that they get this right.

“Kuriyama Mirai” is the one character the inhabitants want to stop thinking about but it is the one they must think about.

Her existence in the story is the cause of all the current quality issues.

Opinions on this character ranged from “She is incredibly flawed in many incredible ways” to “she simply sucks”. One kind, empathetic individual had suggested that her character is not all bad, she just isn’t the ‘right fit’ for this story.

It had only taken a small amount of discussion, but the result was uncontested. Kuriyama Mirai, in her current form, was detrimental to the story.

Her clumsy nature takes away from everything else that could happen. Any suspense or interest in the story that might have built up gets immediately destroyed when she slips and smacks her head.

Her past, while certainly adding to her depth as a character, becomes the focus far too often and detracts from the script’s other more interesting things.

Her character is simply not interesting. She is boring, uninspired and unoriginal. This has a very obvious affect on quality because not only is she the main character but because all of the other characters are much better.

The contrast only makes her flaws more obvious and depresses the reader/viewer because not only do they have to deal with a lame character but the reality of “what could have been” is more obvious then ever.

To top it off, this is a romantic story. If the main character is bland and boring then no one will ship her. The inhabitants knew that more so than anything this spelled doom for the anime.

An anime where no one ships the MC is destined to fail.

The silence drags on as the inhabitants continue to ponder. How can they fix Kuriyama’s character without fundamentally changing everything about her. How can they make her likable and not distracting?

Tired and at wits end, one of the inhabitants takes off his glasses and wipes the sweat from his face. This simple, routine mannerism goes unnoticed by all but one.

With a vigor and passion that has not been shown since the meeting’s beginning, he slams the table. “I KNOW THE ANSWER.”

Everyone turns to look at him. Their faces weary, but their eyes glistening with hope. Is it finally over? Will they finally be allowed to go home back to a warm dinner and good night’s rest?

“We give her glasses.”

An artist's rendition of the final product.

An artist’s rendition of the final product.

The room is silent for a good minute or so and then it erupts with joy and energy to spare.

That is it. They can fix everything by giving her glasses. Her clumsy, annoying nature; her overly dramatic, cliché background and all of her other problems will be masked by the inclusion of glasses.

She would become a megane and that alone would set everything right.

A few of the conservative inhabitants think about objecting. “That doesn’t really change her core character. She is still kind of lame.” But the thought of freedom suppresses these rebellious thoughts and come vote time, everyone votes yes to the change.

And thus, the Kyoukai no Kanata script was turned into an anime. The original script was unmodified with but the single, all important addition of glasses to the main character.

Post Script

The above story was quite obviously fiction and badly written fiction at that. That said, it did correctly reflect my thoughts on Kyoukai no Kanata. In my opinion, it really would be a better anime if Kuriyama was discarded and they focused on everything else.

I really like Kanbara and I like the childhood friend (Mitsuki) to. I would have much more hype for episode 2 if this was an anime about just those two.

Having said that I probably over exaggerated a little. I don’t think this anime will be bad but I do prefer the rest of the cast to Kuriyama. So, like that empathetic inhabitant said “Not the right fit”.

Kyoukai no Kanata_3

I will admit some of the faces were kind of cute.

Why did I go through the trouble of writing a story when I could have just stated the above opinion? I do not know. Strange things happen in the blogosphere.

p.p.s: Yes, I know KnK is just an adaptation of a Light Novel. We can pretend the aforementioned script is based on the LN which somehow magically omitted the glasses and somehow, magically that was exactly what was required.


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