Weekly Shonen: Bleach 551-552, Naruto 649-650, One Piece 723-724

Lord Reiseng uses apology.

It has no effect.

Lord Reiseng runs away.

Unfortunately, Lord Reiseng won’t be receiving Pokemon till later this week (likely the 16th of October).


Bleach Asthetic

The art in Bleach continues to impress me.

Poor Hitsugaya. He is everyone’s favorite punch-bag. Need to show just how strong the enemy is? Get Hitsugaya involved and before you know it, he will be impaled and lying hurt on the floor. HURRAY. The same is true for Matsumoto.

Urahara Kisuke continues to showcase just how downright awesome he is.

Bleach Shinji

His banter with Mayuri at the start of chapter 552 was hilarious. For a good second or two, I thought that Mayuri was going to cut him off and the poor Shinigami would be stranded. Then Urahara appeared and all was well once more.

Bleach Daww TeamMates

Daww, they make such a good team.

I thought that the Quincy are allergic to hollow reiatsu was pretty damn good (by Bleach standards). It made sense and that is somewhat of a rare occurrence in this manga.

I don’t really have much more to say on that. I wonder if Hitsugaya’s enemy is going to collapse or simply be weakened now. If it is the latter then someone will still need to beat him unless of course Toushirou gets up all healthy once his bankai returns.



I have almost nothing to say about 649. It was a complete snooze fest full of cheese and unnecessary delay. I will admit that I liked Shikamaru admitting to wanting to be Naruto’s Right Hand man.

Chapter 650 was quite a bit better. I liked Tsunada/Sakura’s summon and through it we learned that Tsunade had never been summoning all of Katsuyu in the first place.

As much as I have been hating on Obito’s feelings, it was kind of nice to see him somewhat hesitant. I hope he gets convinced soon and this battle comes to a close. I am quite weary of all this now.

One Piece

Don Flamingo has leg hair.

Don Flamingo has leg hair.

I was a bit upset that Sanji did not hold up all that well against Don Flamingo. I think that is more a testament to Don Flamingo’s strength though and less of an indication of Sanji’s weakness.

Don is insanely strong. Did you see that whip? I did and it scared me.

What is perhaps most interesting though is how Law can actually hold a candle against Don. Law is obviously weaker but the fact that not only is he able to escape from Don but hold him off for a while is astounding.

Some folk have predicted that Law will go to jail or get captured and Luffy will have to free him (against Law’s best intentions of course).

I don’t know if Trafalgar Law will end up captured or killed but he is one badass motherfucker. I love him so much. I really hope he sticks around and continues to be a valuable ally for the StrawHats.

As always, the humor scattered throughout the chapters was hilarious. I can’t think of many manga of the top of my head that manage to integrate humor in serious fights as well as One Piece does.

One Piece Same Boat


One Piece Straw hats One Piece Spiral hatsI am really looking forward to seeing what happens next.


Once more, I do apologize for not only combining two posts together but publishing on Monday instead of earlier in the weekend. And of top of that, this post is very short for a double edition. I guess I have been a bit demotivated, I or maybe I was just plain lazy. Thanks for putting up with me and my foolishness. I appreciate it.


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