Almost monthly Shonen: Bleach 554-556, Naruto 652-654, One Piece 726-727

Oh dear. I am so sorry this post is this late.

Bleach what


Bleach dankai joue

Where do I begin? The last three chapters of Bleach have varied greatly in quality. Scenes ranged everywhere from HOLY FUCKING AWESOME BALLS to CRAP, THAT SUCKED.

Liked: When my main man Shinji entered the fray and had Bambietta temporarily cornered with his cool shikai.
Disliked: When my main man Shinji got beaten by a random Bambi powerup in a very typical Bleach “I OUTDO YOUR COOL MOVE WITH MY COOLER MOVE” move.

Liked: Bambi’s character design. She is cute.
Liked: Bambi’s conversations with Komamura. I like how she calls him doggy.
Slight Dislike: Bambi’s selfish/attention demanding personality (not a big deal and nothing particularly against the manga for this).

Liked: Ichigo’s little goodbye in the Soul King’s realm.
Meh: No explicit or implicit mention of the others who went up there. Some folk suggested that while Ichigo is taking the stairs, the others will take the elevator thingy.
Ichigo New Look
Liked: Ichigo’s new look.
Side Comment: He often looks cool but then he loses his power and the cycle starts once more. Hopefully this is the last “powerup” he will receive. Hopefully, he is 100% kickass now.

Liked: Ichigo’s “please tell them to hold on.”
Bleach Urahara Gentle Smile
Loved: Urahara Kisuke’s, smile. It is so gentle, compassionate, full of trust and yet it is melancholy to. I like to think that it is the smile of a teacher who is proud of his student.
Side Note: I hate to admit it, but sometimes Bleach has a moment that gets to me. That smile is one of those moments.

Liked: Sajin Komamura’s new armor.
Liked: Sajin Komamura’s new look.
Liked: Sajin Komamura’s backstory.
Liked: Sajin Komamura’s bankai.

Okay, I think that sums it up. I was really quite disappointed when the Quincy activated their “trump card” after the bankai’s returned to their owners. It was such an UGHHH, typical Bleach “I ARE TEH POWERUP IN RESPONSE TO YOUR POWERUP” moment.

This comment (that for the sake of availability I quoted below) sums it up perfectly.

“Look at my overwhelming power!”
*overwhelms with power*
“My, that was overwhelming…if I didn’t have MY own overwhelming power!”
*shock face*
“You were overwhelmed by your capacity to overwhelm. Farewell!”
*gets surprised overwhelmed in an overwhelming way*

Oh well. I really liked Ichigo’s new look and his new resolve/determination. He looks cool but you know, he looked cool back when he achieved his final bankai thing to (the conclusion to the fight with Aizen).

Why does this manga insist on breaking his powers only to reconstruct him? I don’t know. But well, given that this is the last arc, this is probably the last upgrade he will receive. And you know, even though that does make me slightly happy, it makes me quite sad to. I guess my relationship with Ichigo is rather bittersweet.

I was absolutely blown away by this week’s chapter (556). Komamura has traditionally been the real weak captain. Even though he is actually pretty strong, he always gets beaten up and almost always acts as nothing more than fodder for the enemy. (I can’t remember but I guess his fight with Tosen was decent.)

In this chapter, his appearance, intellect and kickass new bankai did more to develop his image than all the chapters that came before. His backstory, as simple as it might have been, went a long way to add some spine to one of Bleach’es most lacking characters.

I really hope he totally kicks Bambini’s bum bum next chapter. Actually, I really hope Shinji plays a role to.

I love Shinji. I want the former leader of the Visored and Aizen’s former captain to live up to his legacy a little. That one moment in the Fake Karakura town arc when Shinji actually cut Aizen was one of this manga’s best moments. I want him to pull off something cool like that here.


Naruto Cover
Naruto won over Obito with his talk-no-jutsu. This winning over process took the last 3 chapters and arguably quite a few chapters prior to them.

It was quite cheesy and somewhat boring to.

Gara was cool like usual.

Gara was cool like usual.

Two things could happen to Obito now. He will either turn himself in and suffer jail time or w/e on his path to redemption or Madara will kill him.

That’s it. That is really all I have to say for the three last chapters. I am sure some other things happened but for the most part that is all that happened. I will admit that I did like how some of the flashbacks blended in with reality.

One Piece

One Piece 726 Cover

The chapter 726 cover is incredible. It has to be one of my favorite One Piece cover pages. I love how the kids have numbers corresponding to their join dates.

As for the Caribou side story, it is good to see X-Drake again. He looks much cooler now. I wonder if he is working for or with Kaidou or if he is still solo.

Shockingly enough, I don’t have much to say about One Piece. We learned that Ricky is Rebecca’s grandfather and the toy soldier is her father. This wasn’t really much of a twist and had been predicted by a good number of people.

The fact that Don Flamingo turns losers of the tournament into toys wasn’t too unexpected either. We got to see the face of the person responsible for it all.

We still don’t know about the relationship between Rebecca and Viola. Maybe they are cousins? Or Sisters? Or just childhood friends?

The dwarf backstory revealed in 726 was great. The tie in with the whole fairies legend was excellent. It was a great way to right the wrongs done and in turn, the fairies also contributed back by transforming the country into a land of flowers.

One Piece Bartolomeo

One Piece Franky Tears

I really hope the dwarf princess ends up being someone very interesting and that she in turn joins the StrawHats.

Up until now, I have been defending DonFlamingo. I thought that even though he is kind of cruel, he isn’t pure evil and is just very, very ambitious. I wonder if that is actually the case though. His plan to overthrow the previous king was incredibly cruel and heartless.

It is one thing to take over by force, but it is another all together to get the people to hate the previous king so that DonFlamingo can swoop in, pretend to save the day and thus be respected as a hero.

He is crafty, very crafty and judging by how everyone loves him, his plan worked. I wonder if the previous king will ever be able to regain his position.


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