Weekly Shonen: Bleach 557, Naruto 655, One Piece 728

Hello. I am not too late this week, right?


Bleach Sajin Komamura

Captain Komamura continued to be a badass this chapter. I don’t quite get all of the details of this bankai but from what I have understood, it is made entirely out of spiritual pressure (reiatsu).

It is important to note that it has no spiritual particles. Bambini’s ability allows her to blow up any spirit particle by imbuing it with her Reiatsu. Since Sajin’s bankai is made of Reiatsu, she can’t blow it up and it simple regenerates.

Any damage caused to the bankai is reflected in Sajin to (this has always been the case) but he is immortal in his human form.

It is not totally clear what he had to give up when he gave away his heart. I think this new “human form” is a temporary thing but what’s not clear is whether he will be alive after he loses it.

Will he die or simple revert back to his animal form? Or will he die only if he stays in this for a long time? Or will he die if his heart which is no longer part of his body is destroyed or damaged?

All of that is unclear, but I am definitely enjoying this fight. I just hope Bambini will be defeated soon (ending on a cliffhanger like that means she is probably still fine). I don’t like it when Bleach drags out fights.


I like this image. It is well made and probably symbolic and stuff.

I like this image. It is well made and probably symbolic and stuff.

This was another cliché, cheesy, talking chapter. It wasn’t too bad though. I will even admit to being slightly touched.

Andt well, just like it always does, Minato’s presence made it better.

I don’t know why, but flashbacks and things involving the 4th are always better than things that don’t involve him.

I don’t really like Sasuke’s behavior to be honest. He still seems to be hiding something and he kind of acts a bit cruel at times. I don’t know if he is going to go back to being a proper good guy just yet.

We will see. I hope he does though. Unnecessary drama is unnecessary.

So, what will happen to Obito now? Will the good guys beat Madara? Will the tree somehow magically reactivate and the good guys will be sort of screwed for a short while once more?

I don’t know and we will have to wait till next year to find out. I am okay with that. I think Kishi probably needs a nice, long vacation.

I also like this because it means I don’t have to blog Naruto for a while. Hurray!

One Piece

One Piece Forgotten Grandchildren

I missed it the first time, but then I reread it and I understood and then I felt a bit sad. He doesn’t even know he has grandchildren. 😦

Once more, One Piece shows everyone how important flashbacks should be done. It lasted less than a chapter and a half.

This is especially surprising because this was something that could have been potentially dragged into an entire mini-arc.

Anyway, the flashback was pretty much all expected. I thought Viole and Rebecca were sisters but it looks like they were actually aunt and niece. I think?

So, Monet used to be a servant there but then for one reason or another, she joined Don Flamingo? Or what is perhaps more likely is that she was a spy sent in by Don Flamingo.

The toys branding together to form an army seems like something Don Flamingo missed. This oversight will bit him real hard. It is kind of sad to hear that not only are the original people turned into toys forgotten but some of the toys have also forgotten who they were.

As is often the case in One Piece, the most memorable bits of this chapter were the facial expression. Given the sad backstory, Franky naturally had his flowing tears. Usopp and the fairies also had good faces but really there is only one face we will never forget…

One Piece shocked

Robin was shocked….this is a massive shock to me and I am sure it was a massive shock to any One Piece reader. How could something like this happen? Well, it needed a great setup and a great conclusion.

I love how One Piece did this Don Flamingo temporarily retired thing. I did not see that act as being a reason for the fairies to act but more importantly, I did not see it being used in a joke like this so far on.

That was great.

It looks like Bellamy is going to meet Luffy next chapter. 3 different things could happen:

  • Bellamy attacks Luffy until he is totally knocked out. His loyalty to Don Flamingo knows no bounds and his new found respect for Luffy will not change that.
  • Bellamy attacks Luffy but changes his mind shortly after.
  • Bellamy simply talks to Luffy and informs him of Don’s plans.

It is hard to gauge which way the encounter will go next time. It could be either of the above but I am leaning towards one of the latter two, perhaps the middle one (that is the most cliché option anyway).

It is quite obvious that Bellamy won’t be able to hurt Luffy especially since Zoro and the other samurai dude are right there. I laughed at Bellamy foaming at the mouth. He really is Luffy obsessed.


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