Weekly Shonen: Bleach 558, One Piece 729

Yalo. No Naruto this week.

One Piece Franky Tears


I like the colors.

I like the colors.

Poor Sajin. ;-;

It looks like Bambini was totally defeated after all. I am happy. This battle was not dragged on. Will Bambini be eaten alive or consumed or turned into a puppet or something? Judging from her face, her life as she knew and wanted it is now over. She was the strongest amongst the five but I guess that is going to change now.

I did not think her fellow girls would be so delighted in her defeat. I thought they genuinely liked her. I guess that just goes to show you how cutthroat and cruel this Quincy folk her. Really, the only somewhat not crazy Quincys we have seen are the fire pillar guy and the 2nd in command person.

I expected Sajin to suffer some consequence but I did not think he would turn into a fox. That seems almost unfair to be honest.

If I understood correctly, as long as Sajin has a quest for Vengeance, he will remain in this fox form. Eventually, he will lose reason and turn into a pure monster of some sort. Should he lose his desire for Vengeance, he will die. Sajin’s grandfather finally lost his desire for Vengeance, found peace and subsequently passed away.

I wonder if there is going to be a workaround for this or if this fox form is how the Saga of the 7th Captain will end.

This chapter featured Bleach philosophy. Bleach philosophy is great because it is so silly it never makes sense. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense so it makes no sense to actually try and decipher it. Does that make sense? Who knows. Bleach probably does but us ordinary humans don’t.

It looks like Rukia and Renji will be the first ones to land and help out. I wonder if Rukia is actually “strong” now. Traditionally she has been pretty weak but she is a Lieutenant now and she probably received a power up of some sort in the King’s Lair.

Oh and the irrelevant color opening spread was kind of cool to.

It is good to have a cool Lieutenant.

It is good to have a cool Lieutenant.

One Piece

One Piece Law

Poor Law. ;-;

It looks like Bellamy was going to attack Luffy but now he knows Don Flamingo no longer cares about him. I guess he will team up with Luffy now or something? That is of course assuming he doesn’t get killed by this Dellinger fellow (boy wearing short shorts….kind of disturbing character design to be honest).

It looks like the criminal the Vice Admiral was here to arrest has already been turned into a toy. To add to that, it would appear that even though people forget about the existence of those turned into toys, things like wanted posters don’t change. So, the fruit only wipes memories, it doesn’t wipe out their existence (kind of already stated since their kids are still alive).

Franky’s mini speech was touching and as expected, Luffy changed his mind. Even though Law expected them to do something else, in the end, the StrawHats will do what they feel is necessary and right. Ah, I love em. I also liked how Sanji pretty much knew what Luffy was going to say before Luffy even said it.

One Piece 729 page 13

I wonder who Kora san is? An old mentor of Law, perhaps? I really hope Law does not die. I like him a lot and it would be a significant loss to the StrawHats if one of their best allies dies right now.


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