Weekly Shonen: Bleach 560, Naruto 657, One Piece 730

Hello, hello.



I liked what I read though. The wrestling dude is surprisingly quite amusing. I thought he’d just be a forgettable bad guy but he has a decent amount of character. I was a bit upset that Shuuhei got beaten so easily but the opponent is actually quite tough. It would appear that he gets tougher when the “little guy” cheers him on. What an interesting power.

Kensei’s bankai is quite cool. I am a bit confuzzled though. Back when Ichigo’s bankai was first revealed, Byakuya refused to accept it because bankais were meant to be large scale things.

Ichigo’s bankai was very different from previous bankai’s because it was so small and yet here we are with these super small bankais. I would claim that Byakuya didn’t know what he was talking about but it is probably more that Kubo just forgot. 😛

I wonder if Kensei is going to get back up or if Rose (who also got hurt) will try to solo Mucho Wrestler kun.


Madara has great hair

Madara has great hair

I actually thought Madara had totally taken over Obito’s body but I guess that wasn’t true. He simply absorbed his energy. Black Zetsu is a tricky thing. It is kind of funny just how long he has been around. I think he was one of the first Akatsuki characters introduced (probably third?).

Madara is quite powerful. He seems even more powerful now. I guess he is going to take back the Rinnegan from Obito’s body and maybe take Sasuke’s sharingan. I guess Madara is looking to recapture and absorb the tailed beasts now. I don’t know how they are going to stop him especially since he sucked up the first but well they will figure out some plot jutsu to do it.

That’s all I have to say I guess. It is easy to get caught up and come up with theories about Madara’s current and future abilities as well as his downfall but well, I am too lazy to do that.

One Piece

One Piece 12-13

Holy Fuck Balls

Forgive the vulgarity but holy shit. This is why I love One Piece so much.

Let us quickly go over the important things:

  • Zoro was a badass and almost stood his ground against an Admiral
  • A Big Mom ship showed up.
  • Nami carefully analyzed everything and figured that escape was the best action (for her group).
  • Sanji asked for permission to fight back against Big Mom.
  • Luffy acted like a captain and sent out orders.

Do not be deceived by the short length of the above list. This was a packed chapter.

I did not expect Big Mom to enter the fray. That was very, very unexpected and her entrance (by proxy or otherwise) just increased the stakes.

This arc started out as a simple “hinder Don Flamingo” thing but it has escalated far beyond that.

In addition to the increase in the “epicness” of this arc, this chapter was also exceptionally badass.

Zoro’s fight back against Fujitora was cool and it was even cooler when he complimented him for it. Nami’s reasoning was as expected, calm and reasonable.

Sanji’s request to fight back was also badass. I guess Sanji is currently in command of the ship. I think he is a pretty good Captain substitute given the circumstances and Nami’s presence also means that a smart head is on the ship.

The stakes have never felt higher and the this arc is beginning to feel more and more epic (forgive the abuse of this word) with each chapter. I am really looking forward to everything playing out.


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