12 Days of Anime #6: Eccentric Family

Eccentric Family was an anime about an eccentric family. It was a great show about family and stuff.

Eccentric Family

Eccentric Family (Uchōten Kazoku) was filled with touching, sweet and funny moments. It was a great show and one of my favorites from 2013. Here are a few, memorable moments that I can recall (I am sure there were more that I have simply forgotten about).

Our mother is great too

Eccentric Family started out as one of those relatively smart shows. You know it had symbols, supposedly deep dialogue and various other things. I was scared that this would end up as one of those slightly pretentious shows which are interesting to watch and discuss but don’t leave much of a lasting impression.

In episode 2, their mother made an appearance and shortly after, got in trouble because of the rain. She was saved thanks to Kaisei. The concern the brothers showed for their mother’s well being moved me but I was most moved the conversation at the end of the episode.

At the end of episode 2, we were told about what happened to the dad and more importantly, we were treated to a dialogue between Yasaburou and his mother. Yasaburou claimed that the three of them (plus their frog brother) were useless.

Eccentric Family 6 Eccentric Family 7 Eccentric Family 8

Their mother responded by telling them that wasn’t really the case and she was happy with just having them.

Then we were treated to this:


The entire thing and that final little internal comment moved me. It let me cast aside my initial doubt and concerns about this show’s direction. Just as the title suggested, Eccentric Family was a show about family. That is it. Nothing more and nothing else.

Father on the train

Eccentric Family 18

After a serious talk between Souichirou about Yajirou about Yajirou’s feelings for Kaisei, Yajirou transformed into the False Eizen Electric Railway and drove his dad around town. This was a thing the two did quite often.

This was a great scene because not only did it show a great bond between father and son but it demonstrated Tanuki Idiocy at its finest. An old man riding a false train through town and frightening everyone in the process?


it was a great demonstration of living in the moment, of discarding all of life’s troubles and just having fun. Afterall, as the wise Souichirou said

Eccentric Family 63

Kaisei x Yasaburou

Eccentric Family 34

Kaisei was a great character. She would always help out Yasaburou from the shadows without ever revealing herself to him. Even though her engagement to Yasaburou was an arranged one, I’d like to think that she sort of liked him anyway and he in turn, liked her as well. (I am going to pretend his crush on Benten was just that, a crush.)

It was all always cute when the two talked to one another.

Eccentric Family 30

A drink in heaven

Eccentric Family 29

Professor Akadama was normally a very withdrawn person. He never really bothered to show affection for someone (other than too much of it for Benten). And yet, when Souichirou came to him for a final goodbye, we got to see a slightly softer side of the Professor and well, we got see a great goodbye.

Eccentric Family 36

Eccentric Family 37

I understand him; that’s why it hurts.

Seeing Yaichirou cry over his brother’s feelings was well, rather touching.

Eccentric Family 52 Eccentric Family 53 Eccentric Family 54


The characters in Eccentric Family were goofballs. The show was at its best when they did goofy things (alone or otherwise). This was often self-described as the “idiocy” of the Tanuki. Tanuki, for whatever reason, enjoyed simple things like drinking, riding on trains, laughing and pulling pranks .


Watching our characters bite others in the butt, or launch full on war against a rival family (in mid-air no doubt) was incredible. Eccentric Family was proof that life’s greatest pleasures were not to be found in money or power but rather in the dumb things you do in the company of friends.

Good stuff.


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  1. #1 by Highway on December 21, 2013 - 9:00 pm

    Keep writing posts about great shows (and ones I blogged) and I’ll keep commenting.

    I loved blogging this show. Absolutely loved it, and it might have been the best summer show, even though I put Rozen Maiden Zuruckspelen above it personally. Uchouten Kazoku was just a lovely series of dinner parties that you got invited to, and just got to be part of the family conversation. And man was it a fun conversation. People you wanted to know, stories you wanted to hear, and always filling them in.

    My opinion of the relationships was that Kaisei was actually interested in Yasaburou, to the point of loving him, and that was a lot of why she’d never let him see her: Because Yasaburou had a crush on Benten, and Kaisei couldn’t really measure up. And Yasaburou knew he shouldn’t have a crush on Benten, but he was captivated by her, as was just about everyone else. Maybe in the future, if Yasaburou grows out of his crush on Benten, he’ll see how much he cares for Kaisei, and how much she cares for him.

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 23, 2013 - 11:41 pm

      I watched a few episodes of Rozen Maiden. It was doing some things really well. Maybe someday, I will finish it though I hear it got convoluted later on.

      Anyway, yeah Eccentric Family was wonderful. I agree with your opinion on the relationships.

      I’d add that Kaisei might also have been shy because she felt guilty about not being to help Soichirou (Yasaburou’s dad) avoid his death.

      I really hope that sometime in the future Yasaburou grows out of his crush and hooks up with Kaisei. That would be wonderful.

      • #3 by Highway on December 23, 2013 - 11:50 pm

        I didn’t think Rozen Maiden got that convoluted, really. It had a wonderful slow pace and pensiveness to it. And for me, Shinku really made the show great. I know she’s not everyone’s favorite doll, but I thoroughly enjoyed her performance.

        I don’t know how much guilt Kaisei had about not being able to do anything. That’s asking an awful lot of someone her age, especially with her father there.

    • #4 by Reiseng on December 24, 2013 - 12:25 am

      Shinku is wonderful. I didn’t see much of it (and very little of the previous season), but the other dolls seemed boring compared to her.

      As for Kaisei, yeah you are probably right.

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