Tri-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 561-563, Naruto 658-660, One Piece 731-733


It would appear that I have not made one of these posts for the past 3 weeks. Can you believe that? I certainly can.

On the bright side, nothing important happened (in the manga I mean).

One Piece Franky


I was a bit disappointed with Kensei losing so easily but I was far more upset with Rose’s loss. Rose got off to such a great start.

He brutally slashed James in half (because in battles like this, mercy means death), trapped SUPERSTAR in some cool, illusion bankai thing AND THEN TOLD THE ENEMY THE SECRET OF HOW ROSE’S BANKAI WORKED.

bleach idiot rose

I mean, really, really, REALLY!? Telling the enemy how your power works is a common (somewhat annoying) trope in Shonen, but something this brazen is …. well something else entirely. It was a hilariously bad move with hilariously bad consequences.

As much as I like Rose, I think if a captain makes such a dumb mistake, they kind of deserve to be beaten up.

Bleach Rose

Renji’s entrance and subsequent fight back against SuperStar was kind of cool. SuperStar keeps on impressing me with his hilarious transformations and his over the top “HERO” antics.

Renji's reaction is priceless.

Renji’s reaction is priceless.

Lots of Muscle

bleach logo change

I can’t believe SuperStar blew James up in that final attack.

Renji’s new bankai looks interesting. I look forward to seeing how it has changed.

That said, I am still a tad bit upset that two captain could not take down one enemy and now, a lieutenant has to do the job. But, I guess these Quincy folk are supposed to be quite tough.

Before I move on, I want to make a quick note on ruthlessness in Bleach.

Bleach has never really been a manga for the faint of heart. You often have people cut up, slashed, stabbed and smashed. But, it has never felt as ruthless as it has this arc.

Back in the Shinigami arc, the Shinigami were perfectly content with just fighting honorable fights and winning fair and square (relatively speaking). Things got a bit more gruesome in the Arrancar arc when the arrancar started hacking, slashing and finger stabbing the good guys but that is all was, more gruesome not more ruthless.

The bad guys rarely attacked from the back and even Aizen, a supposedly super evil being, would often let his foes attack first and then take his time destroying the good guys.

This arc isn’t like that.

Neither the Shinigami nor the Quincy don’t hold back. They take advantage of every opening and every weakness to destroy the enemy. Both Rose and Renji demonstrated the Shinigami side of this by cutting up James with no hesitation.

On the Quincy end, not only was SuperStar willing to destroy his eardrums but he took advantage of every opening to cause as much damage as possible.

When Kensei was throwing him around, SuperStar purposefully broke Kensei’s arm so Kensei couldn’t fight back. Then when Kensei was lying on the floor, writhing in pain, he was crushed.

bleach, smash

In a normal fight, SuperStar would have simply overpowered the captain and gloated when seeing him in pain but here, he took advantage of an opening to break Kensei’s arm and then took advantage once more when Kensei was on the floor.

Similarly, SuperStar took advantage of Rose’s shock to blow a hole in Rose’s belly.

This ruthlessness is even more shocking because SuperStar is a self-declared hero and hero’es don’t traditionally fight like this.

I guess in the end, this new ruthlessness just demonstrates the difference between the different factions. The Shinigami were traditionally just upholders of peace, the Arrancar, as vicious as they were, really just enjoyed fighting and the Wandenreich want total annihilation of the Shinigami (for likely no good reason, I might add).


Naruto hands

Something, something, wise old man.

In the intro to this post, I said that nothing important happened but for Naruto, it might be more accurate to say nothing at all happened.

We got to see Madara kick up more dirt and beat up everyone else. We have been seeing pretty much this same scene for quite some time so…..

Madara is quite ridiculously overpowered and while I normally don’t mind overpowered characters, I do mind the fact that his eventual defeat is going to be incredibly ridiculous.

In the newest chapter, Kurumi got pulled out of Naruto but this is probably all part of the fox’es plan…somehow.

Oh and Shukaku’s back story with the old man was sort of touching but it kind of makes you wonder why he was so mean to poor, young Gara.

One Piece

One Piece coverpage 001_002

I thought the Bartolomeo x Bellamy conversation was pretty great and Bellamy offering to help Luffy but only so far as not to betray Don Flamingo was also great.

It looks like Sabo is in fact and indeed, still alive. I say “looks” because it wasn’t confirmed 100% but I think there is little doubt that it is him.

Some folk noticed that Sugar is the most suspicious member of Don’s group because she doesn’t seem to have aged. They were right, she is the one that made the toys.

The plan which involves scaring Sugar enough to make her faint and release the spell is quite funny. I wonder if this means she can’t sleep or just that she can’t become unconscious.

We got a breakdown of Don’s top brass and that is probably good to know.

One Piece 14-15

There were naturally a few touching, a few sad and a lot of funny moments but I don’t really feel like covering them in any significant detail.

One Piece 07 One Piece Usopp

Mr.Soldier is quite the badass and his flashbacks with Rebecca were quite touching.

Sniff, sniff.

Sniff, sniff.

That said, I think the “tragedy of Dressrosa” is starting to feel a bit overdone (namely seeing the grueling condition the factory toys live in). I kind of want to see this whole mess wrapped up soon now.

Oh and I wonder what happened in the colloseum. Who was it that was capable of taking out everyone so quickly? It looks like Sabo recognized that person or at least the phenomenon.

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